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The road to a pot of

Watching the child, comparing it to other children, communicating with friends - girlfriends, the normal loving parents constantly look for proofs of that fact that “ours is not worse than others“. And for this reason life of the normal loving parents consists of a huge number of experiences.

of the Problem and reasons for disorders step by step replace each other. Whether will hold a head? Whether teeth will get out? Whether the fontanel will be closed? When, at last, he sits down, will get up, will spread, will go? Really it and will push away a spoon? Really he will not start talking - already year was executed, and except “mother“ and “give“ any intelligent sounds it is not observed?

Basic feature of our way of life is continuous discussion of the concerning problems not only in the bosom of the family, but also carrying out of their (problems) on a public inspection in the course of communication with friends, girlfriends, neighbors and colleagues.


As soon as on some birthday you is proud declare that, say, “our Petya in 10 months itself went“ as prenepremenno among attendees more “successful“ parent whose Vasya went in 9,5 will be found. Detailed studying of a question for certain will lead to extension of the list of the discussed relatives and acquaintances. The statement of the neigbour of the aunt Klava which is not raising doubts concerning the fact that her grandnephew Arturchik went independently in 8 months will become the main outcome of evening.

Having remained

alone with itself, you involuntarily are surprised to transformation of own thoughts. Within some hour your the most favourite, the most talented and most developed boy Petya from object of unshakable parental pride was transformed to the most ordinary and absolutely undistinguished child. What a difference Arturchik!

Next morning, having calmed down, you will understand that the eight-months nephew of the aunt Klava wetted the bed independently, mainly... And it is a subject of separate conversation.

the Subject “circulation under itself“ to which we came in “the simple logical way“ in all range of children`s problems costs


Ability independently, without the aid of relatives to celebrate need is so obvious attribute of “maturity“ that the desire somewhat quicker to see the child is proud sitting on a pot and is not less proud pulling after that absolutely dry pants becomes just intolerable.

will add

of Oil to fire again - street information. It will be simple to learn about outstanding achievements of young mother Oksana from the third entrance: her daughter since three months urinates at the command of “pis-pis“. It is unlikely will report to you that Oksana says the phrase “pis-pis“ on 30 - 40 minutes in a row, but it`s done. Grain of doubt sank down in vulnerable parental soul. And, removing a heavy morning diaper from dry and cheerful Petya, you resolve: stop being small! From this point the road of your child to a pot will begin (option to a toilet bowl). But, going to a way, it is necessary to understand accurately: the kid will come to the planned purpose not soon. You surely should be near it. Whether you are ready to this travel?

Therefore give

before the road we will sit down and we will think. And, first of all, here about what. Whether much you know children who went to school, without being able to celebrate need at the same time independently? The answer is unambiguous - a little and if more precisely, you do not know. At least, if it is about the child who went to usual high school.

you firmly have to realize that if the child has no heavy congenital or acquired pathology, then sooner or later he will learn to control the requirements and will become the full member of society.

But what in this context means the phrase “sooner or later“?

Early, it when - in half a year or in a year? Late, it when - in three years or in four?

is not present

I of a definite answer here and cannot be.

Because everything is defined by

, at least, has to will be defined, your personal ideas of timeliness and expediency. Once again I emphasize - personally with yours! Not opinion of the great-grandmother who unambiguously declares that all her five children from one-year-old age wiped to themselves a bottom and were not spoiled harmful and to nobody by the necessary pampers; not statements of the persistent neigbour Oksana who counted that for the last half a year she managed to save the sum equal to 20 packings of laundry detergent on pampers; not categorical statements of large “experts“ that diapers are harmful and “it has to be a shame to you and in general it is already time“.

you accurately have to decide by

on the immutable rule: this is your child, you spend money for his clothes and diapers, it you has to arrange or not suit something in your child. When and how your child will celebrate need, is an internal affair of your family.

From the provided rule the obvious exception is. Processes of an opravleniye of physiological requirements are an internal affair of your family only on condition that it does not affect existence of other families. The situation at which the child urinates under a door at neighbors normal is not. But the mentioned exception only confirms the general rule.

So, you decided that really it is time.

First that you have to know: something is not obligatory to know to you at all. If you never got acquainted with rules of schooling to a pot if you never opened books with wise instructions if without theory you at once decided to become a practician - the success will come to you prenepremenno. Yes, there will be problems, disappointments in themselves and in the child, several scandals and the hysteric, but the end result is predetermined.

it is possible to Limit to

the number of practical failures and misunderstanding by means of the obtained theoretical information in time.

we will also be engaged in This

, perhaps.

from the moment of the birth - and it is the obvious fact - processes of an urination and defekation by the child are not controlled. I.e. these processes submit to unconditioned reflexes - the actions which are not demanding participation of a cerebral cortex. The elementary problem of schooling to a pot in transfer to clever terminology consists in that to make this by nature unconditioned reflex conditional - to subordinate his ox a concrete young individual.

Success of a reeducation is defined by three factors:

  1. the Condition (development) of the bodies which are directly involved in processes of an urination and defekation: bladder, urethra, rectum, muscles of an abdominal tension, sphincters of a rectum and bladder (the sphincter is the special circular muscle squeezing hollow body or closing an exit from it).
  2. Condition (development) of nervous system, first of all, cerebral cortex.
  3. Intensity of external influences or, in other words, pedagogical activity of relatives.
Three listed components are closely interconnected by

, but already at this stage it is possible to draw very essential conclusions which, however, are quite obvious:

What earlier you will begin with

process of schooling to a pot, that it will demand big efforts from you.

Schooling to a pot of subjects is more successful than

, more without serious consequences and more simply, than the level of physiological development of the child is higher.

Practical experience confirms to

the aforesaid: the road to a pot is full of tears, children`s cries, work and disappointments, but only when you went to a way too early.

to Very many patient and active parents manages to achieve fine results on the first year of life. Proud statements that the child in 10, 9, 8 even in 7 months empties a bladder at the command of “pi-pi“ are pretty often said, and goes on big only later “and - and“. And in it there is nothing surprising at all. A repeated pipikanye and an aakanye it is simple to achieve emergence of a conditioned reflex, only this reflex not absolutely what is required to us.

Why? Yes because it is communication between process of depletion of a bladder and a sound “pi - pi“. And if this sound is said often and long and if all the same are not unhooked, will not urinate yet, so this connection will be established sooner or later. But a chain another has to be p>: not “pi - pi“ - filling of a bubble - an urination, and filling of a bubble - a pot - an urination. I.e. physiological process (filling of a bubble), but not a sound irritant (“pi - pi“) has to become incentive motive to a pot.

Payment for early progress comes on the second year of life. Allegedly capable and developed child with 9 - ti months sitting on a pot, suddenly, for some “unclear“ reasons, ceases to do it, and actively is at war for the freedom with the anxious relatives. And reasons very much even clear - there comes time of formation of that normal, natural control over allocations about which we already spoke. A bladder empty, and they climb with the “pi here - pi“...


of “amazing progress“ you achieved, but till 1,5 years this progress will be temporary, and episodes of misses - frequent. And to it it is necessary belongs very philosophically. There is nothing bad at all that you will manage to save unlimited quantity of diapers and to acquaint the child with such interesting piece as a pot. But acquaintance it, at least, from the point of view of medical science, will be superficial, and the developed skills not resistant.

However, terms of formation of reflexes are individual, conscious communication with a pot can take place and at one-year-old age, but a situation when to 3 - x years “well nothing is impossible“ - too not a rarity at all.

B it is that and the serious problem is covered. The parents anxious with the fact that it is impossible try to influence process actively. Possible influences by all means include violence elements - to force to sit down, not to allow to rise, punish for a pool in a corridor. A consequence - hysterics, antipathy of the child to process in general, to a pot and relatives in particular.

From here important rule: if it is impossible - wait. Close a subject on of 1 - 2 month, return to diapers, habitual for all family, do not disturb in vain the and children`s mentality.

the physiological norms established by experts Exist.

Natural transition to control over allocations begins
  1. after a year and actively “ripens“ within the second year of life.
  2. Average age of development of more or less steady “pottery“ skills fluctuates in the range from 22 - x to 30 - ti months.
  3. Resistant conditioned reflexes are formed by
  4. to three-year age.

All above - the theory preceding the subsequent practical recommendations. But before passing to concrete councils, there is a wish to emphasize once again: attempts of schooling to the child`s pot aged about one year can lead only to economy of diapers (that is important), but these attempts have no relation to formation of conscious control over secretory functions.

Thus, the recommended time of schooling of the child to a pot fluctuates in rather wide age interval - from 1 year to 3 years.

In order that process took place

most smoothly, it is necessary to know some signs indicating mental and physiological readiness of an organism of the child for knowledge of toilet science.

treat such signs:

I, at last, the most reliable sign: ability in any way - the word, an aping, concrete sounds, gestures - “I want“ to ask to parents to speak.

So, all preliminary conditions are present. The desire is. We begin.

  1. Besides readiness of the child also. It is obvious that at a transition stage from a diaper to a pot of expense of time for direct communication with the kid considerably increase. It is impossible to develop toilet skills only on Sundays or only those days when official visit of the grandmother is expected.
  2. the Child as, however, and any adult, is inclined to changes in mood. It is better to carry out an early stage of toilet training when all family members are healthy and cheerful.
  3. the Best time - summer. It is easier to be exempted from clothes, the quantity of the objects which are subject to washing in case of miss are less. And everything dries much quicker.
  4. we Get acquainted with a pot. We offer it to the child when the probability of “process“ is maximum - after a dream, after food when on behavior understood - it is time.
  5. - very much - very much we praise
  6. in case of success. In case of failure - very much we try not to be upset and if we are upset - we do not show chagrin.
  7. we Fix attention not only on the pot, but also on the actions which are directly preceding communication with a pot and parting with it: as a pot to get as to open it how to take off pants how to put on pants, as well as where to pour out contents of a pot how to wash a pot how to close a pot and to put it into place. Realization of everything listed with ease turns into interesting game. Remarkably, if after each successfully carried out action parents are not sparing with praise - all process positive emotions, and it in that case accompany, perhaps, the main thing at a transitional stage.
  8. Gradually we organize meetings with a pot not only when it is time for the child and when it is demanded by a daily routine. For example, without fail we take seat before going to bed, before walk.
  9. to Leave diapers finally and irrevocably does not follow. Will quite be useful for trips in transport, at night, on walk in a cool season, first and during a day dream. But every time when woke up dry and fast took seat on a pot - we pay attention to what we are good fellows, and in confirmation of this obvious fact we show a dry diaper.
  10. the pot Form, its color and quantity of “gadgets“ (music, the turning-off parts, the drawn eyes and the acting ears) have no basic value. Important everything - that the pot was perceived not as a toy, and as a subject of absolutely certain appointment. And in this regard you should not encourage just games with a pot.“ This chair. On it sit“ - and, by analogy, - “It is a pot, on it pisat and crap“. It is desirable, nevertheless, that the pot was made of environmentally friendly plastic, was convenient - the sizes corresponded to a bottom, was not cold. Existence of a back (a pot in the form of a chair) will not prevent at all.
  11. Neprintsipialno`s
  12. : a pot or a toilet bowl (existence of a special children`s seat is meant). Here as it is more convenient to you. Taking into account that, especially at the beginning, process can be dragged out, the pot is more handy as it is more pleasant to communicate in the room, than in close toilet space. To combine a pot with a toilet bowl - quite acceptable option, especially for boys. The special taburetochka in a toilet, and from it to urinate - it just pleasure and conscious familiarizing with the world of adults. And if still the father finds time to show how it becomes...

Total supervision from practice.

the Word of honor, in two decades of work as the pediatrician I never came up against a situation when parents of the normal four-year-old child see a doctor on the fact that the child is not able to use a pot.

But sobbings of mother whose two-year-old offspring pisat in trousers, - the phenomenon quite typical. At this hlavny occasion to chagrin not that fact that ours wetted trousers, and the fact that all others go to a pot long ago.

- And from what you took what all others go?

- So speak!


about it remember a remarkable joke how the pensioner Ivan Ivanovich complains to the sexopathologist: “To the neighbor Pyotr Petrovich, as well as me, 70, he says that 3 times can, and I cannot at all!“. And the doctor advises: “And you speak“... I hope, the analogy is clear.