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During a postmodernism era the world is perceived precisely the text written by all who ever wrote something - and today it is impossible to avoid the place which raciness from this point of view just reads off scale. The speech about university library. It is necessary to visit her at all not only in a hurry to take textbooks there, plus something for the paper, plus something to read for itself. No. The library is the powerful center of knowledge requiring respect and attention. It is an interesting phenomenon, and it should be studied. At last, it is one of criteria of the choice of higher education institution.

Library collections deny momentary fashion on these or those professions. On each specialty so many data are collected that just like that not to get rid of all this information - it is necessary to investigate it and to adapt to the present. Let`s tell, both in Russia, and in other countries the opinion from above is propagandized that to study as the lawyer it is already irrelevant. Meanwhile university libraries of Bratislava (Slovakia), Wroclaw (Poland) and Reykjavik (Iceland) prove as partners of the Manuscriptorium system where for jurists the digitized texts of the documents published in Europe till 1800 are collected. For some reason it is necessary!


Choosing higher education institution, specify how its search library engine works. So, computer library programs of the Berlin university allow to look for books and in the higher education institution, and in all scientific libraries of Berlin and Germany.

It is fine if the educational institution interesting to you signs contracts with libraries and other companies on access to these or those electronic texts from time to time. Most often it is publications in foreign scientific magazines - namely on scientific magazines and future serious professional has to be guided. But happen also light - cooperation options. So, Sankt - to the St. Petersburg state university of information technologies, mechanics and optics the Digital Distribution Center company provided access to an electronic full text collection of certain textbooks, and students of the Yaroslavl university, thanks to GALE library, till June 20 could rummage in electronic archive “The Times“ (1785 - 1985). not to avoid Work with textbooks, and work with sources is always important for independently conceiving researcher.

the Library of higher education institution optional has to sign the contract on access to articles and monographs with someone foreign. She is able to take information “controlling stake“ in hand and to dispose of it on the discretion. For example, the university library of the American Cornell supports so-called arXiv - collection of scientific articles on physics and mathematics in electronic form.

The more in library of higher education institution of brand new computers, the better. Let there will be the whole computer park! And it is absolutely good when the library has a website or at least a page on the website of higher education institution. It is model the website of library of the well-known Yale university - library is interesting in this sense. yale. edu/digitallibrary. There information on selections of the rare illustrations which are of historical value is updated. Online - MGTU library of N. E. Bauman is not worse at all (bmstu. ru): there is an access to all necessary catalogs and an opportunity to order necessary scientific work.

Should not put richness of book funds into dependence on prestigiousness of higher education institution. In Kazakhstan there is the Kyzylorda university, seemingly provincial. From disbanded in fatal 1937. Far East Korean teacher training college this Kazakh higher education institution inherited a collection of books on rice paper, sberegayemy the sent Koreans. And in war evacuated one higher education institution from Moscow and two here - from Ukraine, together with libraries too. Then people left, and books - including bright rare books - remained. So if you go to the university, say, where - nibud in the Urals which was one of places of evacuation then, perhaps, there are funds from several libraries which remained even from war.

It is absolutely normal when in higher education institution several libraries - at each faculty on one. You watch only that they represented system. It means for you that if was not in library of one of faculties of the book necessary to you, let other faculty lends a hand. Be guided by library of Harvard university (USA). It is system from 94 establishments. Even a century ago they were “only“ 37.

Monitor actions of the Oxford fund! In Oxford are a good judge of book collections. If you learn that the Oxford fund presented to this or that Russian higher education institution of the book, it means that the English experts gave appreciation to library of higher education institution. So, recently the fund gave such gifts to the Voronezh and Kazan universities.

the Administration of university of Perdyyu in the American state of Indiana decided to collect by

in university library a collection of materials on a space subject. The American astronaut Neil Armstrong, at the end 60 - x visited the Moon, agreed to report to native university personal archive. It is the good course from higher education institution - cooperation with graduates who have valuable archives. And the second good course - the decision to collect materials on an interesting subject. Nobody can limit library of higher education institution in such initiatives. If similar does not happen in higher education institution, and you were already going to arrive there, do not weaken the activity - both in acquisition of a profession in general, and in student`s library work in particular.

Well working library holds exhibitions and informs on them students - libraries of the Siberian state technological university and the Novgorod state university are that, for example. However, there is nothing shameful in telling people about library daily occurrence as that is done by bloggers - the staff of libraries Pennsylvanian and some other universities; and in university library of the State of Illinois (USA) even conduct library twitter - the blog!

the Mathematician N. I. Lobachevsky combined a post of the rector of the Kazan university and the director of university library. Choosing higher education institution today, find out what scientists are involved in work of its library. It can turn out that scientists - separately, and library - separately. And still you remember Lobachevsky`s example. The librarian is an important mission.


to Hebrew University of Jerusalem entrusted not just educational library, but National library of Israel - the largest library in the countries of the Middle East. There over 5 million books, microfilms, incunabulums (it the editions which appeared till 1501) ; manuscripts in Hebrew, Russian, Arab, Persian, Armenian and other languages; film archive; 400 personal archives - including G. Heine, F. Kafka, A. Einstein`s archives. There information on the Jewish people collected worldwide by enthusiasts - bibliophiles is concentrated. Development of this treasury is supported with the law of the Knesset, but the law only fixes the events. And it is an example of the ideal active relation to library. If you and your friends ever asked to fill up school library, this appeal only an occasion to get rid of unnecessary books was for someone? However both to school, and to high school libraries can belong not consumer and not devil-may-carely, and it is active. You will study, you will begin to work, you will get on feet - appear suddenly all course to bibliopoles and make happy library of the Alma - a mater with rare volumes! Or acquire brand new academic publications and present them to native library.

you Want adventures? Please! Go to university library. Among book shelves unusual incidents are quite possible. For example, in cellars of hostels of the Voronezh university books XVI-XIX of centuries, withdrawn from nazi Germany and the countries - satellites were found. When the find was moved to library, the local book collection doubled.

you Wish to become

the scientist? You should cross a threshold of library of foreign university. If you the philologist, then it is possible to look at Knut Hamsun`s manuscripts in university library Oslo, and for this purpose it is necessary to visit Norway.

you go to be the translator? Once the student Samuil Marshak could feel the English poetry in library of the London university, looking in the window “to efficient, teeming with barges and steamships the Thames“. And later, remembering it, translated the British classics into Russian.

Library of technical university in. Delft (Netherlands) it is similar to the hill. On a roof the grass grows, there it is possible to sunbathe. And still from there it is possible to roll down by bicycle (summer) and on the sledge (naturally, in the winter). If you the esthete, appearance of a book-depository of the higher education institution chosen by you to you is important. There it is ugly? Arrive in MARKHA and you learn to design libraries personally.

Bill Clinton met by

Hillary, the future spouse, in library of Yale university. So in libraries very interesting and useful acquaintances are possible!

Nothing human is alien to

not only A. P. Chekhov, but also libraries. So, delay of the 15th century is stored in Triniti`s library - college of the Dublin university.

“In socially - economic department of university library was heard nothing about Hobbes`s “Leviathan““, - some blogger complains in the RuNet. What to do in similar situations? To join scientific public libraries outside higher education institution - the earlier, the better: the student ID card it will allow. For those who want to become sometime a graduate student and just to write the good thesis, visit of scientific libraries is obligatory. If you seek to become the modern professional, you should spend time in world electronic libraries in the Network and to read literature including in foreign languages. And acquire the fallen most in love books in serious bookstores in private use.