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Year of the red General plan

the General plan of development of Moscow till 2025 is almost accepted. Disputes behind. And whether it was worth arguing?

In fact, this document does not set any binding purposes before the authorities of the capital. It only duplicated the known restrictions on altitude and density of building especially actual for the downtown. The rest - dreams, a coquetry and small cunnings of free artists.

of What is costed by only one prechristmas statement of the director of NI and PI of the General plan Sergey Tkachenko that Moscow is the most green megalopolis in the world, and in the General plan of the wood occupy 2/3 territories of the city.“ The most valuable natural territories will be shortly completely protected. Business even not that defenders of the nature stage demonstrations the city itself understands that it needs it“, - the architect added. Improbable prospect. If of course, flowerpots on balconies are not ranked as natural territories.

a limit of dreams of authorities of the capital three years ago. According to the first deputy the head of that time department of environmental management and environmental protection of Moscow of Natalya Brinz, till 2020 in the capital there will be 254 new especially protected natural territories therefore their total area will increase from 17,4 thousand to 24,8 thousand hectares (from 16 to 23% of the territory of the city).

Even the total area of “the planted trees and shrubs territories“, including roadside strips and the yards, according to the Moscow City Architecture Committee for 2007 makes only 34,3 thousand. hectare, 32% or less than 1/3 territory of the city. How the g - Tkachenko`s N assumes to increase this figure more than twice - a big and interesting question.

the Question especially interesting, considering grandiose housing projects. But at first about what has to be demolished. It is “song“.

“An order of 34 million square meters of living spaces are five-floor, three - and four-storeyed houses which wear of the majority is rather big today, and by 2025 almost all) (!) such houses will be in a shabby state“, - the chief architect of the capital Alexander Kuzmin in June of last year declared. According to him, if not to deal with an issue of reconstruction and demolition of such houses now, then “in 2025 suddenly we will not cope with this problem“.“ At the same time it is not always possible to make overhaul for many shabby houses like five-storey buildings with superstructures therefore one of the most right decisions is demolition of such housing and construction on its place of new comfortable rooms“, - Kuzmin told.

A at the end of September the first deputy mayor in the government of Moscow, the head of a capital building complex Vladimir Resin specified:“ In total in the capital more than 32 million square meters of uncomfortable housing, to demolition intend 22 million“. V. Resin called the remained 10 million square meters of housing “good, strong houses“ which “will be capitally repaired“.

In the end of the year it turned out p that to demolition the General plan intended only 19 mln sq.m. Total, the quantity of shabby housing for half a year was reduced from “nearly 34 million sq.m“ to 19 million. If “hrushcheba“ continue to look younger such rates, then in half a year - at all anything it is not necessary to take down year.

A now about that how many it is necessary to construct. By data General plan NI and PI housing stock of the capital last year made 208 mln sq.m. According to the General plan, by 2025 the housing stock of the capital has to increase to of 280 - 290 million quarter meters. What follows from that, taking into account demolition, in 15 years it is necessary to construct an order 90 - 100 million quarter housing m.

we Will remind

, in the best years - in 2006 - m and 2007 - m - in Moscow about 4,8 million sq.m of housing were under construction. In 2008 - the m were handed over 3,9 million, during 2009 - go the most optimistical forecast. According to the December statement of V. Resin, 3 mln sq.m are handed over. According to some information, no more than 60% of this figure.

can Absolutely precisely claim

that in 2010 - the m will not put enough objects, for input even of former 4,8 million sq.m in 2011 - m (if the declared “demolition of administrative barriers“ reduces a construction cycle till one year), in 2012 - m And it in turn means that to construct declared of 90 - 100 million sq.m by 2025, should build not 6,5 million sq.m in the remained years, and on 8 million and more. Respectively, when it will be possible to reach a level in 8 million sq.m, it will appear too little too.

at the end of December of g - Tkachenko`s N explained that is meant by 100 million sq.m (this figure) of housing declared by the General plan by 2025. Literally so: “It is city capacity. It can be constructed so much, and can not be“. Sorry, it is the Master plan? It is the law?

Sergey Tkachenko:“ The master plan is not the model where there are lodges, it is the law of Moscow. The city authorities have to work on it to provide needs of the city for all directions of its development - social, cultural, transport and so on“. All this same General plan?

By the way, about transport. According to the head of scientific research institute of transport and road economy Mikhail Blinkin, today in Moscow about 350 cars on 1000 inhabitants. In other megalopolises of the world - 500 - 800 on 1000. In the last 15 years the number of cars grew in Moscow on average for 10 - 15% a year, and there are no bases to assume that Muscovites will stop before reach at least Central European level. By calculations of the automobile expert of Ekho Moskvy radio station Alexander Pikulenko, only by 2020 automobilization level in the capital will reach 500 - 550 cars on 1000 inhabitants. M. Blinkin`s assessment is slightly more modest:“ Not less than 500 cars on 1000 citizens by 2025“. Not less.

according to authors of the General plan, in 2025 in Moscow, i.e. the number of “iron horses“ will increase by only 8%.

Cunning of focus is obvious to

: you cannot perform work - convince that it is necessary to nobody. And PI of the General plan of Moscow actually undersigned that no General plan is able to solve a transport problem of the capital by those methods which are set by city authorities.

of the Power are loved by highways. They are ready to build them expensively and in a big way. So expensively and with such scope that money is enough for construction of several tens kilometers a year. And it is rather even not construction, but reconstruction of the available routes. And thousands of kilometers of really new roads are necessary. But they are not possible to be constructed in Moscow in any way. Therefore roads are constructed where it turns out. Expensively and in a big way. Especially rings and tunnels are pleasant. Pride of authorities of the capital - the new and unique driving board - should not stand idle. It does not suit for subway tunnels, and therefore the Moscow officials are ready “to hammer tanks“ to Evrotonnel and verbally already practise in construction plans of through automobile tunnels through all city, commensurable on length with the fact that under La - Mansh.

It is possible, “free artists“ hope that motorists “will break“ and will change by the subway. What subway? Alas, here the General plan also provides mainly new rings.

“The system of the subway is supplemented with two rings. One in a middle zone and a big ring on a contour of Moscow. It will be essentially new lines. The subway with higher speeds will go here. That is Moscow will develop on radially - ring system“, - the chief engineer of NI and PI of the General plan Mikhail Krestmeyn reported.

“With greater speed“ - it is good. Perhaps, it will be rather big to convince someone to go to round. But, seemingly, those who develop these rings did not go down in the subway long ago. For those who daily storm cars at stations of dormitory areas, the only ring line - not a nightmare, but desired “scope“. That life did not seem to them sugar, to old radial lines new and new stations will be strung.

I, at last, revival of a historical kernel of Moscow, is as if ridiculous it sounded. Also such purpose was sounded once. Yes, were late with construction Moscow - City for about 10 years. Invited developers, promised, reconsidered, pressurized. Were fond. Yes, with entrances and parkings too badly it turned out. And historic center was built up and “reconstructed“ meanwhile by ugly office buildings. Here such “strong managing“ turned out. Actually, all. The general plan of development of Moscow till 2025 of regeneration of a historical kernel as complete program, does not offer. The problem is removed.

Thus, opponents of that document which will be signed the other day by the mayor of the capital it is possible to calm: in Moscow is not present, and the Master Plan of Development is not expected.