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Lolita`s faces. The clothes of preschool children

Probably, are magic of a name. Lo - whether - that! It is rolled in language as though lollipop. The escaping image of the Nabokov`s nymphet arose on podiums as a mirror antipode of power revived by recession - women.

It is changeable
, it is whimsical, it is angular, she is full of tart grace of the quick teenager. It is intolerably attractive from head to foot... - since a ready bow and hairpins in hair and finishing a small scar on the lower part of harmonous caviar... just over the level of a white woolen sock. A paper dress in a cage with a wide skirt. Breasts, apparently, were already well issued. As you hurry, my charm! (V. Nabokov “Lolita“)

to define the most popular model on autumn fashion weeks, it was not necessary to make calculations. Ebbi Li`s face of Kersho became familiar so that she is called by a season tendency. Australian Ebbi looks much more young than 22 years thanks to gentle, slightly pripukhly and indistinct features. It seems, by it it was executed fifteen only yesterday.


- a top

“I looked for innocence, investigated youth“, - for Miu Miu Miucia Prada so commented on the collection. Perhaps, scientific interest of the designer went too far. On gentle dresses - from light matter, with prints of kitties, doggies and birdies, with turn-down collars and shuttlecocks - the area of a bust is ruthlessly accented. In fact it is the Nabokov`s Dolores Geyz`s image prepared in doctor Frankenstein`s manner: maiden clothes, from - under whom inconsistent puberty sticks out.

Lolita of Christopher Kane carries things of the adult friend.“ I looked at a movie remake, - Kane explains, - I liked the fitted Jeremy Irons`s vests, from here elements of a business suit in a collection“. Except vests the designer borrowed the artless section which became a keynote and a short sundress with a close bodice.

Karl Lagerfeld sent to

the nymphet to the village, on a mow, to trample down rough heels of klog poppy and cornflower-blue fields. Everything that does not age, will make us younger: pass - skirts of pastel flowers, from zefirno - pink to ekryu, ribbons and ruches, naive, as in the childhood, a macrame. If Karl happened to notice Yana Poplavskaya as the Little Red Riding Hood, she skipping would open this fashion show of Chanel under everything known: “And - and - and! Crocodiles are hippopotamuses!“

But the Soviet movies monsieur Lagerfeld did not watch, but probably not one hour carried out behind looking at dresses of the Japanese schoolgirls. Ridiculous hats - saucers in a winter collection, as well as the doll look overloaded with details - and, send not so much to Bo Brammel`s dandyism how many to street style to a harayuk if more precisely - to its versions Gothic Lolita and Ouji (or Kodona that “prince“ means and means small thefts from clothes of an opposite sex).


From the short-sighted point of view of the big white person, to Japanese do not need additional tricks it seems pass - skirts and golfs to seem nymphets: they are low, tiny and are capable to have fun as if children, at any age.

They sincerely love animated cartoons and the Disneyland, carry things from children`s collections and charms with Hello Kitty (in time, free from adult duties). The Japanese dandy from 16 is also more senior it is not a shame to dress up in the cream thingies and white socks inherent in Sweet Lolitas style. If a skirt - a liqueur glass long, and in a dress natural colors prevail, it is already Lolita Classic, in is black - white execution the dress can be carried to Gothic Lolita style, bandage and plasters will indicate Guro (the perversivny version decorated with scars), is still “White“, “Black“, Lolly in sailor suits also is a lot of others.


- the summer Chanel collection, by the way, is a mix of images of Country Lolita (a cheerful section, rural footwear and a floristic decor) and Hime Lolita - attributes of printsessinsky style of all most sweet shades pink.

For a white rabbit

In general, Japanese, owing to even not geographical remoteness from the Western world, and just other cultural background, are frightened comparisons with Nabokov`s Dolley. No, they say, our girls not such at all, they derive inspiration from an era rococo and the Victorian style of old kind England. They do not carry pass and do not tempt silly old Gumbertov. However still there is no distinct explanation why the order of the day which arose in Osaka of the end 90 - x, is called “Lolita“, but not “Bettie“, “Mary - Ann“ or “Alice“, for example, in honor of the little girlfriend of the writer - the mathematician and the heroine of the fairy tale.

At Lolita Geyz much in common with Alice Liddel: the missing young ladies not without the aid of adult friends Dodo (Dodzhsona) and Gumberta Gumberta go to travel on a wonderland, America and not less strange world of the adult relations.

In March one of the most anticipated movies of next year - “Alice in Wonderland“ of Tim Burton will come out. Though to a premiere some more months, not a secret that this event already considerably affected fashion. Muse of spring collections Alice was called by Donatella Versace, Colette Dinnigan, Daniel Skatt.

the Company Disney ordered a costume jewelry collection based on the movie to the dandyish jeweler Tom Binns. For promotion of a collection the company is going to organize a flashmob with mad tea drinking, but if it is honest, in it there is no special need. There is a lot of solvent admirers at Alice so there will be enough persons interested to buy decoration of Mr. Binns at the price from 100 dollars (usually his works are estimated ten times above).

Be a child

Oksana Zubitskaya is a designer and the owner of the one-and-a-half-year-old Be Baby brand, believes that lol - style can become viable business - the concept. The range of Be Baby shop in Shopping Center Vremena goda on Kutuzovsky dresses, pantalonchik, sundresses, lacy blouses, golfik and other lovely features make the prices of clothes of preschool children, only a dimensional grid adult only and not nurseries at all - from 300 euros for a dress.

In the Moscow history in general all on - to the adult: fabrics send from - for borders, laces if to trust creators of brand, are made in France according to sketches of the designer.

a season Collection the spring - summer of 2010 “Paradise flowers“ was shown to

on RFW. And though models selected according to maidenly character of a brand, it was necessary to represent little coquettes to them on very tall heels and gilded platforms.

Krom classical for an image of the little princess pass - baby dresses - doll was and several dresses length below a knee. However, even the most shameless frills can be put on over volume shorts with a lacy fringe and pockets - nobody forbids to put on - hooligan hands in trousers to “lolita in years“. Among a heap of ruches from sewing, cheerful print drawings and other rural romanticism also charming evening dresses come across.

Also the designer ventured to start a feeler - several man`s ensembles. Their audience is illusive - somehow is not believed that the Russian athletes - men “grew“ to short panties even if from a magnificent imported velvet. On the other hand, a decade ago and the land - bars for Moscow it were a new experience.