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Creation of a holiday

New year - a holiday cheerful, though family, but at the same time it and public. It is not birthday when all attention is paid to one person. It is a holiday at all, and all want if not to surprise the family then to please.

As at the family, many for a role, at least 4 persons (parents, children, friends) will gather, to give some thing like an author`s knife or a smart set of pans to everyone will not be! It is clear, that purses at all different. And about age I in general am silent.

Ya would advise to divide gifts into categories:“ relatives“, “friends“, “good acquaintances“, “colleagues“. For today (the living wage in the country rose, crisis enormously does not influence life of Russians) the sum of funds for gifts increased. The gift to the relative will cost on average 1000 rubles, to the friend - 600 rubles, the good acquaintance - 400, to the colleague - 200 rubles. Of course, if you Jack of all trades, and everything is pleasant what you do, can present the thing made with own hands and nothing will be more valuable than it (though on material it is necessary to fork up too).


Choosing a gift to this or that, I first of all remember about what he ever mentioned. “I would buy...“, “Here to me it...“, “The fact that it is necessary to me...“ etc. The last 2 years I try to write down such “wishes“ in the notebook. Deleting superfluous over time, you understand not only what can be presented for New year, but also that the person on birthday would like. You not only will not be hurt by the head from what to present. to Children (till 14 years) it is the best of all for p to give to

games. Not toys (an exception - toys for a bathroom), namely games, and logical, informative, fascinating. It can be board games (a lotto, dominoes, monopolies etc.), electronic game books, computer games, a twister etc.

For adults... Downhill racing in a zorba, a riding lesson, massage, etc. can be an unusual gift. A standard gift will be what is always spent (means for a shower, for manicure, good socks, towels etc.) . Banal - a suvenirka, relating to the coming year according to the Chinese calendar (a charm on phone, on keys, a calendar, a magnet, etc.).

But the pleasure, good mood of the family to you people is the best of all to receive

as a gift. And who if not you create the atmosphere of a holiday, fun?! Agree, it is boring to exchange stupidly gifts and a network in front of the blue screen to watch at half of the night the next transmission. Stage contests, riddles, sing the song, dance. Use the best efforts not to sit on the fifth point. And then the holiday will be unforgettable.

of Impression of the successful holiday long is stored in soul and memory, subconsciously motivating us on good mood, success and fulfillment of desires next year.