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New Year`s masterful (part 1) of

That the most pleasant in celebration of New Year? For me, as well as for many - preparation and expectation of a holiday. Of course, it is possible to devote to decoration of a fir-tree and preparation of an entertainment evening on December 31, however is how more pleasant to think in advance of some surprise for members of household, to show the imagination, somehow slightly in a new way to decorate the house and a table.

If in a family children are, expectation of New Year and Christmas gains special character. Long before winter vacation letters are written Father Frost, garlands and small lamps from color paper kletsya. After a quantity of paper Christmas-tree decorations will be made, it is possible to look around fixedly. Perhaps, you will be interested in less traditional, but not less attractive material for production of New Year`s hand-made articles.

Today we will talk about glass jars from under baby food. It is quite possible what at you will be in their house much. If you got used to throw out jars at once after use, then not late to correct a situation. Let`s say in your family the child eats, on one portion of ready food from in day. In this case it is just enough one and a half months before New Year to gather so many empty jars how many it is necessary for all hand-made articles described here. Of course, before their work it is necessary to wash up and dry up carefully.

In - the first, children can make of a two-three of similar jars peculiar candlesticks for small candles. For kids brushes, paints, a ribbon, a candle in the metal case, and, of course, a jar will be necessary for work. Instead of paints it is possible to use multi-colored markers with indelible ink. The technology is simple and transparent as a product. Around a jar neck a bow we tie a ribbon, having receded slightly down from edge that the flame of a candle could not set fire to it incidentally. On glass we draw something New Year`s (a fir-tree, snowflakes, a snowman). We place inside a candle, we set fire to it under control of parents, and it`s done.

we will look at

Now that can be made if you have glue with spangles and artificial jewels (pastes) with a flat reverse side. It is possible just to ornament a jar beautiful glue and to allow it to dry. It is very easy to represent a fir-tree, driving a brush a zigzag from top to down, as on the picture. With other jar it is possible to arrive differently. On its surface it is necessary to squeeze out a little glue with spangles and to press “jewel“ to this place. To make the same several times on jar perimeter. To allow to dry. Then to cover with glue with spangles by means of a brush all surface of a jar around stones, having receded a little from a neck. At desire, it is possible to decorate a finished product with a bow.

we will be engaged in p in work more difficult Now, we will create composition with the falling snow. The jar is required to us the average or large size this time. Except it it is necessary to prepare a little clay, a small figure (for example, from the kinder - a surprise), silver spangles or artificial snow (it is possible to buy ready prepared or to cut a foil). Also waterproof glue like those which are applied in aquariums is necessary. Small plastic Christmas-tree decorations and garlands will be useful.

At first needs to strengthen an igrushechka on cover inside by means of clay. If the figure is small, it is better to stick together for it a support that it looked higher. Then attach to clay “base“ everything that you would like to see in composition (artificial greens, berries, etc.) . It is possible to use glue. One condition: all objects have to be waterproof. Fill a jar with cold water 1 cm lower than a cover. Pour inside a tablespoon of spangles or artificial snow. Be convinced that it is enough this quantity for desirable effect. Ship a figure in water, densely wrap a cover. Leave for the night - a cover up. Then miss the mark a cover junction with a jar glue for full water tightness and attach a decorative ribbon on a cover. It is ready!

ways to improve such “snow sphere“ Are. For example, it is possible to add small floating objects, droplets of the tinted oil to water to observe their movement, it is possible to change color of water by means of food dyes, to use multi-colored spangles, etc. It will allow you to create a thing, unique. The sizes of a glass jar are also defined only by your imagination. Bring yourself and children pleasure!

in conclusion allow to offer you something special. Look at this the unusual glass shining fir-tree! From outside it is almost impossible to guess what served for it as material. Of course, it is jars from under baby food again. To create such miracle, should work parents, kids beyond its powers. But the result costs efforts.

So, to us 33 jars with covers (113 g), 2 motochka of a wire garland with gold asterisks, an electric garland with 35 small bulbs, a bottle of gold or silver paint (spray, it is possible to pick up in autoshops), glue will be necessary for

for glass, nippers, a sharp knife.

At first apply to

paint on outer side of lids. Leave them to dry. Stick together jars among themselves, having them, as on a photo. Nippers cut wire garlands with asterisks on 33 fragments on 15 - 18 cm. Twist each piece of a garland in a ring so that it could enter a jar freely. Place on it a motochka on a bottom of each jar. Turn off lids and make on everyone big V - a figurative cut a knife (see a photo). Carefully! Lids now very sharp!

Twirl all lids into place. Insert the first bulb of a garland through an opening in a lid into the most top jar. Other bulbs place serially, proshnurovyvy ranks forward - back. When you reach the last number of a fir-tree before a trunk, you should place on 2 bulbs in 2 jars to reach the following empty cell. Now you can include a garland in the socket and admire what turned out!