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About “it“, or Intimate hygiene of

Often we are confused to speak about “it“ though “it“ is not simply interesting, and it is very important. We pay more attention to face care though so to do not absolutely right thing. We forget that “it“ demands not smaller leaving and care.

It is about intimate hygiene. The world industry lets out today unique goods of which several hundreds years ago our ancestors even did not dream. Let`s get acquainted with these useful means and the benefits of modern society.

of Means of intimate hygiene

Unfortunately, surveys conducted by physicians say that women not just are not able to use some means of hygiene, but sometimes do not even suspect about their existence. Taking place in shop by shelves with similar cosmetics, do not even reflect that it is necessary. Speaking about hygiene, many mean only soap, the chlorinated water and a towel. And it in a root is wrong! Let`s look what fixed assets are necessary for the woman, and, above all which are available.

of the Napkin

each woman in a handbag has usual tissues and wet towel wipes for hands and a face. And meanwhile there are specialized napkins for intimate places. They are especially necessary to lovers of travel. Doctors claim that the woman can take a shower once a day, however it is necessary to look after intimate places at least two times a day! Health of all organism sometimes depends on it. Therefore if you have no opportunity to take a shower, use similar napkins. They are impregnated with special lotion, contain antiseptics and help to keep skin of healthy. Napkins can help to cope also with an unpleasant smell, prevent its emergence. And that is much important, after their use it is not required to rinse skin. Very useful thing ready to come to the rescue at any time in any place!


Soap for intimate leaving on the structure, certainly, differs in

from that soap that is recommended for the person, hands or in general for a body. It happens usual, firm, in the form of whetstone or liquid in packing to the batcher. Oil of a tea tree can be added to soap. It is used for prevention of a huge number of infectious diseases and inflammatory processes mucous genitals of urinogenital system. Also the calendula and a camomile which are a natural anti-septic tank can be a part. They interfere with emergence of the inflammatory phenomena which are possible when using usual soap.


for intimate hygiene also join extracts from herbs In composition of gels and essential oils. Gels possess the same properties, as well as soap: anti-inflammatory, regenerating and softening. Many gels more possess anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions. Gels are squeezed out on a hand or a sponge and softly applied on mucous. It is obligatory to wash out carefully water those places on which it was applied. Also gel removes an inflammation mucous genitalia, interferes with distribution of bacteria and can remove an itch.

Panty liners For the first time laying was delivered to


on production to the USA. Then women still used special linen or pieces of fabric which rushed repeatedly after the next washing.

laying is Especially necessary for

for women who suffer from the milkwoman or a bacterial vaginosis. However laying can help out also absolutely healthy woman.

In the form of laying happen standard, i.e. direct, or anatomic, narrowed to the middle. Relatively recently there was the third type of “ezhednevka“ - V - figurative, especially for shorts - thongs, and together with it and the fourth - laying “2 in 1“. They can be as rectangular in a form, and to be bent for convenience of fastening to shorts - thongs. On length happen approximately about a palm, but also short sometimes meet. Producers paid attention and that the linen of the woman happens different flowers. Therefore on counters of shops it is possible to meet not only packings with white, but also with black copies. Not so long ago there were flavored hygienic means. For them aromas of freshness and flowers are used.

It is unconditional, the most important in “ezhednevka“ is a safety for health and comfort which depend on those materials that went for their production. Materials have to have hygienic certificates.

women used

In Ancient Greece self-made tampons which represented the fabric curtailed into a tubule or could be from the round wooden core covered with the absorbing material. It is not surprising that such tampons sometimes caused internal damage of walls of a vagina. And here in Ancient Rome women used the soft wool which is slightly greased with fat. It was, certainly, more sparing option of analog of laying.

different opinions concerning use of panty liners Exist. One doctors believe that they are harmful to an organism as together with allocations the fungus gets on laying which is an ideal environment with the ideal temperature created by our body for its development. Others believe that it is possible to use them and it is necessary, however it is obligatory to change in process of pollution and campaigns in a toilet.

Obligatory rules of hygiene

  1. Warm water + clean hands + means of hygiene = compulsory two times procedure in day. Any basts or sponges - they can apply scratches on sensitive skin.
  2. the Water stream when washing and the movements of hands have to take place
  3. in front back. In this way it is worth using also toilet paper.
  4. the Towel has to be individual, soft and surely pure.
  5. during monthly cannot take a bath, it is better to use a shower. Also for this time it is better to forget about sex, at these moments the risk of inflammatory processes of a uterus and appendages increases. Synthetic shorts and too close trousers it is better for li to put on
  6. occasionally. These clothes do not allow skin to breathe, create a favorable environment for harmful bacteria. Underwear from cotton - the most hygienic and convenient in this sense.