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We go on gymnastics!

“Today such sport as rhythmic gymnastics, is necessary. Exactly thanks to a combination of sport elements and dance it perfectly assists in it to harmonious development of a fine half of the human race“. Igor Moiseyev, the most great choreographer of the 20th century, the ballet master

Many parents often ask br what sport to choose for the growing-up daughter. What at the same time it is worth being guided by? Let`s dare to glance in a gym where “artists“ train - quite so call representatives of this most beautiful sport.

Under sounds of fascinating music with virtuosity of ballerinas thin long-legged girls carry out jumps, pirouettes, acrobatic tricks, at the same time own objects which literally come to life in their hands. Show worthy even the choosiest esthetes. But the speech not about them, and about what occupations in section of rhythmic gymnastics can give.

Brief information
the Rhythmic gymnastics is the Olympic sport including performance with music, exercises with a hoop, a jump rope, a ball, maces, a tape. Russia - the homeland of rhythmic gymnastics. Subject of national pride.

What occupations by rhythmic gymnastics give? Thanks to fantastic progress of the Russian national team the rhythmic gymnastics became very popular sport. Annually hundreds of thousands of girls cross a threshold of sports schools. For many the gym becomes the second house, one more family for many years.

, owing to its specifics, children come To rhythmic gymnastics early enough. Many begin to train with kindergarten. The matter is that at this age of a muscle and sheaf still very plastic, give in to an extension easier. Process of extension does not bring big joy, but is extremely important and necessary. Watching for the first time competitions in rhythmic gymnastics, you for certain were most of all struck with flexibility and an extension of gymnasts. These are the main physical qualities which develop thanks to gymnastics.

What strikes still? Of course, masterly work as objects - a hoop, a tape, maces, a jump rope and a ball. Gymnasts as if inhale in them life, making throws, catching, filched also other manipulations. Similar exercises promotes development of speed, dexterity and coordination of movements. In general the rhythmic gymnastics is the sport difficult from the point of view of coordination.

For the young sportswoman doing gymnastics the new program, a new small masterpiece annually is formed. It develops ability of children to embody various images. Execution of compositions is filled with grace, musicality and virtuosity. These are results of the choreographic preparation giving base to the perfected balance, brilliant turns, the flying jumps.

Already on the first class in choreography the French speech sounds. And your little daughter will be able easily to translate the terms “plie“, “battement“, “attityud“ soon and to strike all with a proud bearing, the flying gait and beautiful plasticity.

“Choreography introduces in any combinations a lot of new, attractive, effective. And, naturally, helps creation of an image. I would like to tell kind words to representatives of rhythmic gymnastics also because they perfectly serve business of esthetic education of youth“. Maris Liepa, the ballet dancer, the ballet master, the teacher

Since the childhood to gymnasts impart ideas of elegance and taste which are shown in selection of music, a suit for performance, a hairdress and a make-up. Even absolutely little “artists“ know that everything has to be subordinated to the general idea of exercise: color of a suit and a subject, a make-up palette - everything has to be picked harmoniously up. And all skills remain with girls forever that cannot but please parents.

Every year trainings become more often than

and are longer. And skorostno - power qualities not to do without endurance. To shine at competitions, it is necessary to work hard, behind beauty and the seeming ease of movements there is a huge work.

the Gymnastics brings up

at children and morally - strong-willed qualities - commitment, diligence, self-discipline and ability to work in team. These are important factors in sports life. However, not only in it. And it remains forever too.

Many of you will think: “When to the child to manage to do homework, to walk, have a good time?“ In this respect there is a good proverb:“ The one who does nothing is not in time“. Sports activities so will mobilize the child that he becomes beyond the years collected and organized. Statistically, most of the first graders doing gymnastics are honors pupils.

Moreover, they do not get to a cohort of the children which are aimlessly loafing from inaction after school in search of adventures.

What is recommended by doctors?
If you together with the child decided on the choice of section, then before to start occupations, it is necessary to see behind consultation a doctor. To make an electrocardiogram, to check function of external breath, a condition of a backbone. The pediatrician will make recommendations concerning the chosen sport.
What is recommended by psychologists?
the Psychological comfort, feeling that it is well understood, help to overcome difficulties - here that the child right at the beginning has to feel. Occupations have to bring joy, only in this case from them there will be an advantage to health.

Choice of sports school. Motivation


Before choosing school of rhythmic gymnastics, be defined: what you from it wait for? If you see the daughter future Olympic champion, you are attracted by the international competitions, victories, medals - then you need to select serious school and the skilled trainer. But you remember that in this case ahead not only awards and an applause, but also serious regular trainings, considerable loadings and huge work of the child, his trainer and parents.

If you do not have

in plans of “gold“ of the international tournaments, it is possible to select school more simply.

can even “kill with

three hares Here“:

At This Age the Child Is Engaged not for the love of Sport, and for the love of the Person Whom It Meets at Trainings. Irina Winer, the head coach of the Russian Federation on rhythmic gymnastics.

A most important - choose to the child of the trainer with whom occupations will bring joy and pleasure, despite loadings and extensions. It becomes very frequent the trainer one of the main characters in life of the athlete and the real mentor not only on the sports arena.

Regardless of that, or not, it will get a magnificent figure, the proud bearing charming plasticity, strong character, a broad outlook, unique ability to present itself in any situation. In ours time all these qualities, you see, - just a gift is difficult!