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Night life of the difficult child

it is known Long ago that problems with health amplify at night. Difficult children seldom have no problems with health. And even if doctors say that with the child everything is normal that he this state will outgrow, each mother precisely knows that something not as it should be with the kid who is falling asleep in one or two hours of night and waking up in five - six mornings.

This heartrending experience, perhaps, the most difficult of all that fall to the share of mother of the difficult child. It is good if there are close people who can change mother to allow it to have a sleep. And if they are absent, or the child does not wish to be with anybody, except mother at night? Then all weight of sleepless nights lays down on mother`s shoulders.

Of course, sleepless nights happen in each family where there is a small child. Sooner or later everything is adjusted. But what to do if it is not adjusted? And day does not come to an end in ten, at eleven in the evening... Or begins in three mornings. Gradually mother understands that along with day cares (which, by the way, nobody cancelled), at her instead of a dream the whole night life which also should pay attention is formed, despite fatigue and keen desire to sleep.


it is Much written on a subject as mother of the small child can compensate a lack of a dream. That it is better not to make some household chores and to lie down with the kid to have a sleep in the afternoon. It is obvious to any mother who does not get enough sleep. Also there is a lot of information on how it is possible “to entertain“ the child at night. Many already pass through jumping on a ball, examining of trees in a window and without any councils. And recommendations to leave the child in the bed of one until he falls asleep in order that thus the kid will learn to fall asleep itself, for mother of the difficult child sound as nonsense. The excitable, inadequate and loud kid who, maybe, is even timid and does not get down from handles will never fall asleep one.

Therefore often mother comes by the way, unique for it, to sleep (and not to sleep!) so that to spend less than forces. It takes the child in the bed, and the father passes to sleep to other room. It should go to work, to earn money to provide a family, and for this purpose it is necessary to be fresh and full of strength. it is real to p to begin something change

mother can after the child is one and a half years old. Gradually, firmly, but it is not rectilinear, and taking into account a condition of the child, mother begins to differentiate interaction zones in a bedroom. As the child already got used that mother gets up according to any his requirement (and in infancy it was proved from - for age and, perhaps, from - for a serious condition of the child), it is necessary to let it know that such state of affairs is not pleasant to mother, and the kid should entertain at the nights himself.

the Turning point, of course, will be, but mother can bring to it the child gradually, without scandals, arrangements and failures. By two years the child after systematic preparation practically as self-evident accepts that mother sleeps at night (or, at least, lies blindly) and if the child does not want to sleep at night, then he can entertain himself in the room as it will want to it.

mother can Begin with

preparation with what first not to rise at the request of the child every time, and only sometimes, depending on its state. Mother in this case surely comments on the behavior simple phrases. For example:“ Mother sleeps at night “, “ mother wants to sleep if the kid does not want to sleep, he plays without mother“. The compromise is created. Mother accepts the existing situation and allows the child not to sleep (if to him it is not slept), and the child is brought to the fact that at his mother at night other desires, and it is necessary to respect them the same as mother respects his desires.

Such state of affairs is accepted sooner or later by each child (especially if the mutual respect exists among all family members), he feels that it is loved, do not reject and accept it what it is. Time of a preparatory work is defined by mother individually, being guided by the child. As far as he consciously demands each time that mother entertained him at night how earlier?

Than is become more senior by the kid, especially it is ready to that one night mother firmly told: “Is not present! Mother will not go anywhere! Mother sleeps at night!“ . It will also be a turning point which, perhaps, will even be followed by tears of the kid. But, of course, it does not mean that mother will never rise after that at night if something is required to her child.

As respect between mother and the child mutual, mother it is necessary to organize the place where the child will be able to go about the own business at night. The included night lamp, water in a circle, cookies on a saucer, books, several toys, pencils and paper... Everything that is offered at night, has to be neutral contents and not cause in the child of bright emotions.

In the beginning toys of the kid can be on a bedside table near a bed, so it will be simpler to mother to palm off them, without rising, and it is necessary to explain that there are some rules of “night life“:“ You look at the book, and mother wants to sleep “or“ draw to mother the sun, and I will have a sleep“. Then, as the child becomes more senior, it is necessary to transfer them to other place that the child played not on a bed, and behind the little table, for example.

I though the kid will always invent ways not to give to mother (and then, maybe, to both the father, and all family) to sleep, it will not have such value injuring for mother`s health as though she completely followed the tastes of the child. And maybe, fine time when at night all family sleeps tight will come, but not to lead night life.