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When virtual becomes real...

Practically all my generation grew, already knowing what it is the Internet.

Once after a trauma I a lot of time spent

at home, lying in a bed near the computer. Exactly there, on various websites, forums and in games I got new loyal friends. Thank them for it. From them I heard the main words of support and care at that time. They the first gave me a helping hand, having learned from mother about my trouble.

One of such virtual friends, Rimas, lives with the family in Lithuania.

We made friends, families visited to each other. New 2006 we met together in Vilnius. All our travel near us there was his family.

our travel on one of the oldest cities of Europe reminded

the Christmas fairy tale.

Lithuania not for nothing is called “The country of wooden locks“. How many beauty and poetry in only one well-known Trakaysky lock! There we saw the real knightly fights. Went to Kaunas. Took a walk in Laysves Alleya Boulevard, call this street “Small Paris“, saw Mikhail Arkhangel`s church and many other things.

For days on end we wandered about quiet small streets of the Old city, and having got hungry, came into numerous national small restaurants with the most tasty Lithuanian cuisine. Ate the well-known Russian cabbage soup in a loaf of bread, the grandma potato with brisket and with onions, fried on fat. We were treated with hunting sausages which could be roasted on a spirit-lamp, the well-known tsepellina, smoked fish, drinks, infused on honey or herbs, and a lot of things are a lot of things. Also drank a lot of tasty beer.

At parting the daughter Rimasa Hristina presented to my daughter Christina a Christmas tree decoration in the form of a heart where in the center the icon with an angel is inserted. It is accepted to decorate with such toys at Catholics house fir-trees.

our children made friends, and there were no special language problems at their communication. Children always find a common language.

Now this toy hangs in my house, on my fir-tree. And I am proud that I have such remarkable friends.

We constantly exchange

parcels. In them Christmas-tree decorations, candles always lie. And this year was not an exception.