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Trip to the city of dream

Well, here my long dream - to see St. Petersburg was also achieved! Decided to go by train, at night since there were only 3 days. In the train I, however, did not sleep at all, got up in the morning all broken, but the thought that I will see the city of dream, gave forces. To St. Petersburg arrived in 11. 22, to the Ladoga station. Drank coffee in “Poppy“ and went to look for hotel (it reserved and paid in advance). The hotel was on Bolshevikov Avenue, and we decided to walk on foot - the benefit, only 1 stop if by the subway.

But GPRS of the husband braked, the card was folding, pobluzhdat a little and decided to go to the subway.

Hotel was found quickly, threw things in number, changed clothes and went to watch the Peter and Paul Fortress. For some reason I was sure that we will quickly look at it and we will be in time a lot where... But there was a heap of the museums, 1 of which was very large. At once bought the subscription on 5 museums, it is valid within 2 days. This day we were in time only in 2. In Peter and Paul Cathedral which is also a tomb of an imperial family and to “The commandant`s house“. Here in it we were late for a long time. Left at 17 o`clock. Since the museums worked to 18, did not begin to go to the third, were afraid not to manage to bypass it.

By the way, in the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress many souvenirs at reasonable price are on sale.

is Sent to look for, where to eat, as a result reached “Quenelles“ on Griboyedov Canal. Quite decent choice, cheap. There also ate. Then went for a walk across night St. Petersburg, at the same time decided to look for “Aurora“. To our arrival a lot of snow dropped out, did not manage to move away him, and in the course of walks of a leg pumped up not bad.

Walked the night streets (darkens - that in the winter early). Passed by a frigate at which opposite to the Peter and Paul Fortress, looked on night Saviour - on - Blood, passed by Kazan Cathedral, Winter. There was a smart laser show. Tried to find “Aurora“, but unsuccessfully.

of Hours in 9 went to hotel. There were already about 10. Drank a tea and went to bed.

I Set an alarm clock on 8. 30. But as in the train almost did not sleep and were tired, walking on the city, rose hardly. There were plans to go by 10 o`clock to the Russian Museum, but since left hotel only at ten o`clock, decided to go to 11 to the Peter and Paul Fortress to opening and to look through the museums in fortress.

the Third museum. Rather interesting museum. When some number of the people gathers, excursion begins (enters already the ticket price). It is possible to come into chambers.

Further. We got about 12 there. It turned out that at this time the gun just shoots that inexpressibly pleased us. Bought tickets and fast rose upward. Managed even to look round a little. Wind was quite strong, and we just walked on perimeter and sight-saw the city from above. Load 2 guns. The second as we understood, just in case.

Stood during walk above, is sent to be heated in “The Nevsky curtain“. This museum of history of the Peter and Paul Fortress. In the museum a wooden floor. Such material was used for a covering of roads, changed its time in half a year.

Can watch the movie how fortress was under construction and changed. It is a lot of interesting models. There is an active model (or how it is called?) . Parts of fortress are signed, you press a button, and this part lights up.

All museums of the Peter and Paul Fortress very much were pleasant to

, I am glad that was begun exactly from there.

Went to the Russian Museum. I was warned, of course, that in Christmas holiday there can be a turn in some museums from - for shortages of places in clothes. But that they will be such big, I did not represent. Time was about 4 hours, the museum this day worked to 5, and we of course would not be in time. Decided to rise a bit earlier tomorrow and to go to opening, to stand even if there will be a big turn.

Till 18 o`clock time still was (and almost all museums work to 18, occasionally to 19), went by Saviour - on - Blood.

On the Sixth of January, just before Christmas, to the people very much. But the line for tickets was small. On an entrance distributed all boot covers. A floor is laid out by marble, and he all - suffers from salty water (plentifully salted sidewalks it is direct on snow). There too was an excursion (enters the ticket price). The Temple is very similar on our, Moscow, St. Basil`s Cathedral. Excursion is very interesting. It is possible to photograph, but without flash.

Decided to find

“Aurora“ nevertheless. At me it was written down that from the subway can be reached by tram and since it was a lot of time, decided that so quicker. About a tram stop asked the woman to what party it is necessary to go. She answered that the tram we will hardly wait and undertook to see off us the yards. And the yards in the downtown closed. Minutes 30 it conducted us the yards, in parallel conducting small tour. Having reached the house, she explained how to go further, and we, having thanked her, said goodbye.

At “Aurora“ we were already late, did not hope for it to get. Well, though to look!

But children who on it keep the watch it was p, earn additionally in the evening - conducting after-hour tours. Fast brought together 8 people and lifted on the cruiser. Of course, it was difficult to call it excursion... Well, let so. Passed to a gun, then went down in hold. Inside made the museum. One room where there lived crew members. Other exhibits - medals, flags, clothes, cuttings.

Ya for some reason thought that we will be led in an engine room. But, alas, it did not happen. Having quickly visited the museum, rose upward. Already included illumination on “Aurora“, and it looked very beautifully, especially against Nakhimov Naval School. On it day also came to the end. Arrived hours in 9 to hotel, a bit earlier went to bed because the third day was planned by quite saturated.

Rose at 8 o`clock, packed things. Since reserved hotel for 2 days, things planned to hand over in a left-luggage office at the station and to sight-see the city further. But to save time in the morning and to drive up to 10 to the Russian Museum, lodged things in hotel till the evening.

At ten o`clock we were at an entrance to the Russian Museum. Turns (hurrah!) was not. The museum is in the Mikhailovsky Palace, in the same place and Benois`s case. It is difficult to describe all magnificence of the palace. Besides an admiring architecture and internal furniture, it is possible to behold great pictures, sculptures and ceramics. Halls very much. It is possible to take the audioguide (it seems this device so is called). I learned it almost at the very end of excursion therefore it was necessary to be content only with survey.

is sent Then to the Mikhailovsky Castle. By the size it less palace, but it does not belittle its beauty.

Following in survey. There was also a fascinating excursion with very pleasant guide. The cathedral is considered the museum, but there on big holidays there are services. Did not begin to rise by a colonnade, there was very severe snowstorm.

was Passed by Bronze Horseman, courthouse. Looked with grief at Cabinet of curiosities - there we were not in time any more.

In St. Petersburg the Planetarium resumed work recently. There it was also decided to go further. There is a Small star Hall, Observatory, Planetk`s Hall, Laboratory of entertaining experiences.

To a session remained time, and we went to a retro exhibition - the cards devoted to New year. It was very pleasant to plunge into this atmosphere and to return to the childhood.

We got on the subject “Walk on the Star Sky“. The hall, to the people was not big a little. Generally there were parents with children. I in general envied Petersburgers since for a long time, probably, will decide on our Planetarium. With pleasure would remain on a session (subjects different), but this was the last.

Went to hotel, took away things, brought them already to a left-luggage office since there were still plans.

Near the station the movie theater - there is and went. Decided to look at “A black lightning“ though comments on him and different. It was pleasant to me. Quite romantic end of day.

To the train remained a little time, and we managed to eat at the station. The train was in 1. 30 nights. It was sad to say goodbye to St. Petersburg, to its fluffy snow, icicles on houses, temples...

On the way back already slept quite tight as were tired thoroughly. But it was the pleasant fatigue.