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And still we are not egoists of

the father Once for some reason upset came from work. He without appetite ate, with a thoughtful air drank tea and sad sat down on a sofa. We at once surrounded it from all directions and let`s inquire in eager rivalry that happened. But the father turned away from us, did a sad look and was silent as if the guerrilla. At the same time it was visible how it is happy that paid it a lot of attention. He, likely, very much wanted that all gasped around and sighed, trying to understand what happened why it suddenly hung, so to speak, spirit. We decided to accompany the father. Danka got to him on knees, I took seat on a sofa back behind a father`s back, mother settled down on the right. Also fuss began.

Three together we bothered the father. Danka fidgeted at him on a lap and knocked cams to him on a paunch, demanding to answer why “ours papusya“ such sad. I fingered the father for the head and shoulders and shouted in one, in other ear:

- Well, tell! Well what is with you? And?

Mother tried to give smacking kiss to the father in a cheek, built ridiculous mugs and pulled it a hand, trying to make laugh, but it did not work well. The father silently and unperturbably waved away from us. Eventually we filled up the father on a floor and took seat on it from above, but all the same did not hear the answer.

- Ah so?! - mother exclaimed and made to us a sign that we left the father alone. - We then will be silent too.

Everyone was engaged in in what he was engaged before father`s arrival: I began to complete the lock from the designer, Danil began to tease Murzik an old glove, mother sat down to read the thick book. At the same time some tension was felt. It seemed, each of us was keen on the business, but imperceptibly we glanced at the father, expecting it reaction.

Tactics turned out

true. The father changed on a sofa and, seeing that nobody pays attention to it, with the exaggerated grief in a voice said:

- I understood why I took offense at you. You are egoists.


I it is proud again became silent.

We exchanged glances with

with mother. Mother puzzly shrugged shoulders:

- Why - egoists?

- And therefore! - the father was brought. - Mother wanted to get a cat - please, runs. The bear with Danil asked two hamsters to buy. How many them now? Six! Both a cage to them, and a wheel, and sawdust - everything bought! Even to Murzik entertainment is - drinks water in an aquarium, frightens small fishes. And I, maybe, a dog want, and some do not resolve.

the father significantly looked at

I on mother. And we with Danil looked at it too.

- Is not present

, only not a dog, - mother of an eye rounded, - from it will stink of a dog. I will not take out it.

- There now, I spoke, - the father fatefully sighed.

to Admit to

, I felt so sorry for him. But than I could help.

there Passed several months.

- Boys, tomorrow at the father are birthday, - mother when was not at home the father told us, - what we will present to it? Offer.

- Perhaps to buy some disks for a computer? - I offered.

- We do not know that it is necessary to it. Especially, it, it seems, has all necessary applets.

- Then for the car something.

- Is not present

, for equipment he to himself buys everything. We do not understand it.

- Means, present it a new modelka.

- Precisely! He recently about “KamAZ - the dump truck“ told something. It is necessary to look. Who with me?

- I, - raised I a hand as at a lesson...

We bypassed almost all children`s shops and stalls. And only in one found the necessary modelka of “KamAZ“ with a red cabin and the rising body. After that went behind cake. On the road discussed how the father will be delighted. And he rejoiced, it is necessary to tell, just like I or Danka when received something desired.

We were not mistaken. The father began to jump from delight at first on one leg, then on another, then rushed to embrace us - to kiss, and after that took seat at a table and the first business disassembled the machine. It always so does. Because begins to tighten, cut, straighten detalk which not always coincide with each other.

in the Evening when the father managed to admire new modelky already much, to try cake with whipped cream and to be indulged with us, called a door. Mother went to a corridor. After a sound of the opened door we were reached by a loud voice of the uncle Seryozhi, father`s friend:

- Where the birthday man? Why does not welcome guests?

Here we, of course, all ran out in a corridor to welcome with

the guest. The guest for some reason looked at mother and asked:

- Well that?

- Give

, - mother shook the head.

- Happy birthday! - solemnly the uncle Seryozha said, vigorously reaped a father`s palm and... pulled out from - for bosoms a small lump which immediately tonenko began to whimper. It was the puppy of a German shepherd whose eyes blinked from bright light.

the Father, apparently, even forgot that he is able to talk. He obviously did not expect such gift therefore was silent.

- Hurrah! - we cried with Danil.

- Well, mamusya, now that`s something like it, - at last the father uttered and strong embraced mother.

to us the puppy was pleasant to

at once. It is interesting whether it will be pleasant to Murzik?