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“Zoo of a name of the Cheburashka“

Hurrah! Days off! It means where - nibud it is necessary to leave. You should not roll on a sofa, especially if the sun shines, the sky blue - blue!

to us was lucky

- I and four my children were born and we live in St. Petersburg. And in this unusual city there is a lot of interesting, fine. Of course, we are frequent guests of theaters, museums, magnificent circus on Fontanka. We like to walk on embankments, to have a rest on Spit of Vasilevsky Island, to consider monuments and to talk about stories. But in our beautiful megalopolis we sometimes very much lack the nature. It is possible to be chosen to the country infrequently. Perhaps, therefore our family has a treasured corner where, having a rest soul and a body, we are ready to spend all the free time. It - “A zoo of a name of the Cheburashka“.

Really you do not know

about such zoo? Then listen. It is in park TSPKIO, on the Krestovsky island. We are included into park. On the right an entrance to the amusement park “the Miracle the Island“ where fans of extreme sports rush on a roller coaster and other stunning mechanisms, children are turned on various roundabouts. There shouts of fear alternately with laughter are heard. Probably, there it is healthy, but we go further.

Marvellous pines along the avenue. Towards to us almost manual little squirrel hurries. Nutlets with? Then there is a chance to feed her from a hand. I read somewhere that these large squirrels whose breed ridiculously is called “teleducks“ were specially brought to our park. The following item of the obligatory program - the swan lake. If warmly, and the lake did not freeze, we go down on the coast. Right there to us birds hurry: stately swans, fussy ducks, drakes with the necks which are poured on the sun. It is time to crumble long loaf. And a gorbushechka - to youngest children. They love a roll too. If you are not afraid, stretch to a swan a roll piece on fingers, and it will accurately take it from your hand.“ Mother! The swan bit me! Here pinched, look, look!“, - shouts synulya, and at the eye happy and enthusiastic.

Once we crumbled a roll on the coast and enticed quite far from water many ducks and couple of swans. They got out, quite quickly ran behind titbits. When the roll came to an end, birds lost to us any interest and returned to water. The meal is ended.

We go further and we see the sign “Zoo of a Name of the Cheburashka“. It is small: several enclosures and lodge for rabbits. There live charming clean and curly lambs who loudly a bass speak:“ B - e - e“. The nanny-goat beats with a leg. In the neighboring open-air cage two ostriches. Sometimes they dance. There are reindeers. Bright chanterelle hides to the box, jumps out as a red lightning. Ridiculous hens, cockerels and surprising turkey-cocks pace on the open-air cage. The burro and a pony keep on the course. And in the center of attention - a lodge with rabbits. You approach it and you attract a rabbit a cabbage leaf. Sometimes a great number of rabbits get out of the lodge, run directly under legs, run up to children, are treated with a roll, carrot, kapustky - everything that was brought by little guests. Here, actually, and all zoo. But the one who visited there at least once will surely want to return to this exclusively pleasant place. By the way, free entrance. But there is a box for donations on the maintenance of a zoo. Do not forget to lower a coin there. Thanks to those who created and stores for citizens this cozy corner where the nature so close, - our darling “A zoo of a name of the Cheburashka“! We will go there to days off again!