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As I plan our days off of

January vacation Here ended with

, there came new year, new plans, new cares, new pleasures. I thumb through the last year`s daily log - it is the witness of our stormy life.

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of At a city festival of board games

In the daily log I at the beginning of a month write out all actions which will be in our city. I scoop information only from the Internet - from the websites of theaters, the official site of a city administration and from a forum of Krasnoyarsk parents. It was necessary to ring round theaters earlier, to look for repertoire in newspapers. Now a lot of interesting information can be found through an electronic map of the city.


When suit days off, I correct plans depending on the schedule of work of the father, from health of the child, from weather conditions. There are approximate subjects which I wrote down in the daily log within last year.

1. Repertoire of all children`s performances for a month. In our city there is an Opera and ballet theater where statements, very interesting and clear for children, - the ballet “Three Pigs“, the opera “Teremok“. And still we have a Theatre of the young viewer, Theatre of the musical comedy, Puppet theater. Recently the repaired Concert hall opened. There are concerts and performances of Literary theater, Musical theater. Sometimes in my list for one day about 5 performances that was from what to choose are written down.

2. Even from cultural actions we visit once a month the children`s subscription of philharmonic hall - it is concerts of the Russian academic orchestra or the program for children in the organ hall. The program is designed for listeners of 4 years and about an hour, works short and very memorable proceeds. Try to visit at least once such action, it is very interesting. Once a year we go to museum of local lore. The skeleton of a mammoth became the most interesting exhibit in the museum for our son.

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of City Day. Procession along the central street.
“City of angels“.

3. City holidays, for example “Farewell to winter“ or “A children`s carnival“. This summer we took part in “A children`s carnival“ together with the Internet - community of Krasnoyarsk parents, prepared suits, learned chants - chants. Is possible to find a lot of interesting on announcements of the official site of the city.

4. Sporting events. In the summer and in the fall we surely go to Columns. Who does not know that he it, explain: so we call the region of fancy rocks. Who was there once, will never forget this beauty of the nature. Usually we pass near of 4 - 5 km, it is the road to the first cordon and back. In the winter with the sledge it is possible to pass also to Columns, the way to 6 km took us about 3 hours there, and back on the sledge rolled down for an hour. And even in the winter in our city build amazing ice towns in each district of the city, and the main city fir-tree - the biggest in Russia! To ride from hills an ice-boat is the most interesting action for our winter evening. Fires on a fir-tree burn, music plays, and from a hill ice sled so cheerfully rush! In this action our father the main responsible.

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of In a zoo

5. Actions in a zoo. Our park of flora and faunae “Swarms a stream“ periodically spends the various holidays devoted to protection of animals, the Russian festivities. The zoo very big, is a lot of animals, it is a lot of flowers. Our favourite - a polar bear who very much likes to swim in the pool and to pour over the audience. In a zoo there is a children`s corner. Here cubs and youngs of wild animal can communicate as equals. To feed with a kid grass, a chicken, a mumps. The shelter is made at the level of the child, the forage can be bought from the administrator. Usually in a zoo in the summer we spend the whole day. I take with myself the book about animals, a coloring, pencils. In a zoo there is an opportunity to have dinner, a rest and draw in an arbor, to play in a sandbox, to rock on a swing.

6. The developing occupations. As we work with the father and at home we appear about 7 hours, visit of circles on weekdays is impossible in the evenings to us. Therefore I try to find occupations in day off. Last year it were occupations in Regional children`s library. Occupations were based on the basis of usual “razvivalok“ for training of children for school, but with instilling of skill of love to the book, to reading. This year I chose occupations at station of young naturalists. Occupations take place in an educational class, in the greenhouse, in a zoological corner, on a personal plot. Generally I a lot of the developing games and occupations take from the Internet or I copy from books. Every evening I try to choose time to work with the child the account or to train a hand on “obvodilka“.

7. Pool. This action at us is planned on every Sunday. In the pool depth small, so to speak “splash pool“. The pool at us is far from the house, but very much it is pleasant to the child in the pool. As soon as bought to it glasses - ceased to be afraid to hang the head in water.