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Gifts from mother of

Ya I am a good judge of gifts! I will tell everything to you about them now.

the First word which I heard early in the morning on January 1, 2010 was the word “mother“. A silent voice of the one-year-old baby whom we adopted in December of last year. She looked out of a bed and again called me: “Mother!“ Heart was filled with something hot, tears rose to eyes. My child! This gift!

Generally I am a mother, for a long time long ago and repeatedly: 2 son and the daughter, but are another. This child - the fourth - a godsend.

all began

A a few years ago, imagine, from gifts. I very much like to give what I do by the hands. I am not irritated by monotony of knitting, laborious work. I often while away evenings behind a tambour, spokes, sewing. And then I give the masterpieces to friends, members of family, fellow workers. What can be better, than a warm sweater, all in fancy braids which I connected for the husband by the hands. Such you will not find anywhere! The younger son needs a pullover with an amusing kitten. And the adult daughter - the refined shawl connected by a hook. Warmly and fashionably. To the mummy embroidered an exclusive picture - “The angel of happiness“ is called. To the father - a Ssectacle-case, fine it turned out! To colleagues connected motley tacks for kitchen, napkins, podstavochka - any pleasant trifle. Well, there was at me a set of the multi-colored fluffy balls which remained after my creative preparations for a holiday. And then the idea was born: to connect small socks and to carry to Christmas on orphanage.

So I also made

. Collected toys, a kidswear, lots of the connected socks and went to orphanage. The manager told that in clothes and in toys there is no need, there are enough sponsors. And here very much thanked for socks. Children need it. And the truth - in these socks not just warmly, and warm energy of mother`s hands. At parting the manager asked me to tell the name. I was confused. What for? “We will tell children who gave them gifts to Christmas“, - she told. And I, for some reason blushing, uttered indistinctly: “Tell that from mother...“

Several years I by Christmas knitted socks and transferred to orphanage. And in my soul the idea ripened. At someone the ovum ripened. And I have an idea. Is which - that stronger, than all troops on light. It is idea which time came. And my time came. And today my fourth baby, my child, mature not in a belly, and in my heart, blossoms at me in the eyes and happily murmurs: “Mother!“

children from orphanage will receive

But small socks as a gift, as before. If you are able to knit - make it together with me! I call all: you give good and heat. And yes the Lord stores you!