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What do microwaves prepare for us?

In spite of the fact that microwave ovens strongly entered our life, at one hostesses the way of cooking by means of ultrahigh frequencies arouses mistrust, others consider that the microwave does not keep useful substances of food, and the third just are not able to use this device. We will try to dispel myths and rumors about the microwave oven - furnaces and we will offer some councils for the correct use of microwaves.

we Explain to

the principle of action

the Microwave way of cooking is an electromagnetic excitement of the water molecules which are contained in products. Instantly getting, let us assume, into depth of a piece of meat, waves are absorbed by the water molecules which are contained in it. From it molecules are excited, their thermal fluctuations amplify, they face with each other. And it is also the temperature increase reason. The same strengthening of fluctuations and collision of molecules happen if it is traditional to put food on fire. With that difference that from fire excitement of molecules is slowly transferred from external layers to internal, and microwave energy instantly gets on depth from 2,5 to 5 cm (therefore it is better to cut thicker pieces).

we Save time and forces

of the Microwave is much cheaper and more compact than plates, and their opportunity performed by various recipes practically same. They are more economic than electric stoves, it is easier to keep them clean. Without speaking about a considerable gain in time. For those who buy the microwave oven as the additional device for defrosting of products and warming up of dishes it becomes the main means for cooking soon. The microwave oven does not create the characteristic kitchen atmosphere with closeness, heat and smells. And during all process of preparation it is possible to open a door, to mix, add ingredients, to check readiness of food without fears of loss of heat and violation of the mode.

we Prepare

without fat and we keep vitamins

Nutritionists claim that use in food of the fats of an animal and even a phytogenesis heated to high temperature negatively influences health of the person. At application of microwave technology products, whether it be meat, fish or vegetables, are processed quickly without use of fat that, certainly, promotes increase of their nutrition and dietary value.

Scientists carried out expertize of the food cooked in the microwave oven. Level of safety of vitamins B vegetable and meat dishes was checked. The result surpassed all expectations: the most valuable vitamin C remained after processing in the furnace for 75 - 98% (to each type of products there correspond the figures). And at traditional ways of preparation the content of vitamins does not exceed 38 - 60%.


It is warmed baby food

the Microwave oven allows to warm quickly jars with baby food. You will only need to turn off a cover about jars and its contents to shift in a plate. After heating check food temperature before giving it to the child. In the same way it is possible to warm milk in bottles. But it is impossible to warm the decanted breast milk in the microwave oven - furnaces.


It is chosen special ware

It is possible to use what already is at your place: usual porcelain, faience, terracotta, ceramics. It is important only that on your ware there were no gold and silver rims and patterns as these paints of an elektroprovodna containing metal and can cause weak electric discharges. In the microwave oven it is possible to prepare even in paper cups (so-called fast soups), to warm ready-made products in paper packages, a wax paper.

the special microwave ware from fire-resistant glass or special plastic is And still most practical


Also we give useful tips

the liquid which is Formed during defrosting can heat up. From - for it defrosting goes unevenly. Delete liquid approximately in the middle of a defrosting cycle.


If in the microwave oven put a product weighing less than 100 g, then on a rotary little table it is necessary to deliver not less than 100 ml of water in microwave ware. Otherwise, without having found enough molecules of water in a chamber, microwaves will return back not dissipated back to a radiator, and there will be a danger of an overload. In general it is desirable to keep constantly in the furnace of a half-glass of water that at casual inclusion not to damage the magnetron.

If you use

the mode of the microwave oven with a grill, put a plate under a grill lattice to collect the flowing-down fat.

If on internal walls of the furnace remained

hard-to-remove spots of fat and the dried-up food remains, put a glass with water in the furnace and boil it within 5 minutes. Under the influence of steam dirt will be softened and will easily be washed away. The rotary little table of the furnace can be washed with means for washing of ware or in the dishwasher.

Five simple “NOT“

we Hope that our councils will be useful to all who decided to get and who should use further one of the last achievements of equipment of life - the microwave oven.