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Skin in skillful hands of

For certain at each hostess in distant corners of cases and boxes old products from skin lie: belts, gloves, handbags and so forth which and are a pity for throwing out, and where to adapt - unclear. And it is even possible to derive a lot of benefit from absolutely small scraps of skin. As well as how to make it? We will also try to tell about it to you.

For example, from an old leather belt will turn out simple in production, the reliable and not creaking loops for a cover of a box, an easel, a casket.

it is easy for p to make beautiful backs for book covers Of scraps of belts.

the Strip of soft thin skin pasted on inside of a metal bracelet for hours will make by

it more convenient.

If to you were bothered by metal and plastic bracelets, then, having mastered methods of decorative finishing of skin, it is possible to make a convenient and soft leather hour thong on the taste. by

by means of the same receptions it is easy to p to make a convenient and durable book bookmark of skin.

the Strip of thin skin, it is longitudinal folded double or three times and glued, it is possible to sew as a hanger to a coat or a jacket. Such hanger much stronger and is more durable, than the hanger from fabric, and is not so rough as hangers from metal chains.

the Circles of soft thin skin sewed on “palms“ of children`s knitted mittens or gloves where they pronashivatsya most quicker, will make them more original, and, above all, stronger. It is less quite good to sew the same circles on finger-tips of gloves. It much more will prolong their life as here they are torn before everything.


belongs and to thick woolen socks - leather latka will make them is more durable. And the leather soles sewn to such socks will turn them into convenient house-shoes.

Sewing buttons to knitted things, soft jersey, cloth, enclose leather circles from a wrong side, and buttons will keep much more reliably.

A can just fit buttons thin soft skin from a glove. There are no such original buttons in shops, and at you will be. Best of all they will approach clothes of sports style or the clothes connected manually.

obtachny button loops from skin are more practical than

A, more beautiful and stronger. Best of all glove skin will be suitable for such loops.


If wiped or obtrepatsya cuffs of sleeves of a jacket or a jacket of sports breed, they can be edged beautifully skin strips. For this purpose it is necessary to cut a cuff of the glove which remained alone on spirals and the turned-out strip to use as turning. It will already be not a latka, and fashionable finishing. Such measure will rescue also threadbare cuffs of sleeves of a fur fur coat. Pro-carved pockets which began to be unstitched and torn in corners it is easy for p to strengthen

triangular pieces of skin pristrochenny in these parts too. It is quite good to trim with the same triangles the ends of tucks on a coat, a jacket or a skirt from the dense, badly ironed fabric.

the Wiped elbows on clothes will take a decent form if to impose on them square, triangular or oval latka from soft skin.

ready to be torn jeans or knitted sports trousers leather patches will even improve

of the Knee. And children`s things are so often torn and wiped!

Shabby edges of pockets will be updated by a fringing skin. The ensemble will be finished by leather buttons - and here the old, shabby thing began look is accurate and modern. And all thanks to a useless lonely leather glove. However, on full ensemble of one glove it can appear a little...


In all these roles also natural suede, usually same soft and thin as glove skin can act. And here absolutely useless suede torn and in spots - valuable stock for house cleaning. Thanks to abundance of capillaries suede perfectly absorbs moisture therefore napkins and rags from suede are ideally suited for washing of windows, a tile and other smooth brilliant surfaces, they, unlike traditional cotton rags, does not leave fibers at all.

Small pieces of suede should be reserved to wipe glasses. The best material for care of optics in the nature does not exist.

As you can see, even tiny pieces of skin and suede in skillful hands will always find application. And if you master elements of work with skin, then will be able quite to start production from the old leather things rolling houses, fashionable youth jackets, vests, house-shoes.