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The most important days of

in life Probably, for each mother these memoirs will never die away. And here at me after the delivery there passed nearly a year, and I remember everything as if yesterday was. And it is very pleasant to me to remember it with a smile.

generally, fights began in 6. 00th mornings. Well, I think (I for mothers went to courses), I will note time. Through how many fights repeat? And if between them there are about 10 minutes, then it is necessary to be going to maternity hospital. And time - that early to sleep hunting. So I also fell asleep with a stop watch. Woke up just in 10 minutes from new fight. I think if within an hour intervals do not change, I will gather then. Well, and of course again fell asleep. It here Makar I also slept: 10 minute parts till 9 o`clock.

B 9 I decided to rise, wander on the apartment in addition already there were a wish to eat. But on courses said to us what before childbirth better much not is. It was necessary to eat one banana and on it to stop. Fights repeated in 15 minutes, through 20, again through 10. And I decided to wait until within an hour they repeat exactly every 10 minutes. While wandered about the apartment, remembered what we were taught on courses to, methods of anesthesia and relaxation, swung hips, having leaned on a window sill, rubbed a waist. It seems helped a little, but fights - that repeated, and again it was necessary to think out something. I waited, waited, decided to call the giving birth girlfriend. I call, I ask how to define, it is already time to go to maternity hospital or not, and that I will stay so at home to the last... And what then to do? And she speaks: “From where I know, I already in maternity hospital was with a perenashivaniye...“

Yes - and - and, I was helped by the girlfriend. And she speaks supposedly call “ambulance“ which in maternity hospital is lucky, they have to know there when it is time to go and when it is not time. I ring “ambulance“, I explain a situation, I tell supposedly fights it seems is, it seems regular. And there speak to me:“ Well, so go to maternity hospital, there the doctor will look at you and will solve, to leave you or to send back home“. Here it is cheerful, to do a bit of traveling so - in maternity hospital and back. To me with my huge stomach, and now also fights it would be as a cheerful adventure... Generally, by that moment there were 15 hours. A landau, I think, well, we will go to maternity hospital, let the doctor will look.

Called the friend, that came by the car, and we started on on a way - I, my stomach, the husband and the friend driving. I there, on back sitting, do not know where to put myself, I cannot directly sit, reclining inconveniently, the waist aches. Generally, I think that here and the moment from burden came “to be resolved“. Thoughts run, nerves on a limit, and nothing getting even hungry awfully, after a yesterday`s dinner, except banana, in a mouth was. I lie there, on back sitting, I postanyvat, children ahead are busy with some cheerful talk. Yes, to them - that what to worry?!

Which - as reached by

maternity hospital. We wait in a reception. It appears, and in maternity hospital there can be a turn. Speak to me supposedly wait, here here the girl on “ambulance“ arrived, it without turn. I think as though from it I after it will give rise. It was necessary to wait, I erased all legs there, cutting circles along a corridor. The husband with the friend, I look, too something worry. It is so strange to see sometimes how adult men worry. While waited, I hear conversation of the sister with the girl from turn (it only on the ambulance without turn, and us already two waited in line). And so the nurse speaks to that girl: “We have a work involving all hands, there are no places, the doctor will look at you and if time allows, we will send you to other maternity hospital. Or, if you want, in a corridor you will lie...“

Yes - and - and - and. The prospect to lie in a corridor did not suit me. The thought was only one - why exactly today when I give birth, all rest needed to give birth too?! And here, suffering from disappointment, offenses, and at the same time and for hunger (since morning ate nothing, and 17 hours), I waited for the turn. Filled in documents, the doctor looked at me (to be exact, a vrachikha, and in this situation it suited me more). It turned out that disclosure - already 3 cm, and I should not go home. It, of course, pleased me, but also at the same time forced heart to be hammered quicker, it meant that to give birth all - is necessary to me.

here me quickly changed clothes of

I for this foolish transparent “night dress“, plainly did not say goodbye to the husband, told only that I will call. What I still had to tell? Silly “I went to give birth“ or serial “our kid will be born soon“?

I was led in patrimonial. Drudgery is terrible, I go on chamber, periodically looking out in a window, I look at the watch. Yes, fights continue, but same only back pain. Tried to remember what we there on courses were taught to that though to be engaged in something. Again rotated a basin, porastirat a waist. It did not give special relief. Most of all I wanted just to lay down to have a sleep now, but fights did not allow to forget about themselves. Time hung terribly heavy. In the next patrimonial women in labor shouted, shouted quite hysterically. I, listening to them, thought: “And what they so shout, I will definitely not shout so, I will endure everything...“

But my thoughts were prevented by the midwife, I was laid (before to me allowed to go since waters at me did not depart), stuck but - to a shp and again left. Now I had to suffer lying, time was still played...

But here also my turn came, and I had to violate the promise made to itself. Attempts came, and I began to shout, maybe, more loudly than other women in labor. Here then the surrounding reality stopped being connected with hardly creeping hours, everything somehow accelerated, but to me it was unimportant, “broke off“ me. People, the doctor, the midwife ran. They somehow very much dexterously transformed my couch to similarity of a chair, punctured with some long and sharp object an amniotic bubble. That though somehow to collect the thoughts, I remembered courses again, and tried to follow instructions of the midwife when that said that it is necessary to make an effort. Sil by this moment at me practically did not remain (with 6 - ti mornings standing), I and told: “I cannot any more“.

then the midwife just took

I my weak-willed hand and put on almost appeared head of the kid. Yes, it made sober me. My hand touched something soft and warm. My God, really it is my kid? I shocked drew aside a hand, but continued to make an effort. And here, when everything ended, and the kid rubbed off and weighed, I looked at the watch - there were 00. 10, and I told: “The devil, did not manage to give rise to 21 - go.“ the Doctor with the midwife were surprised: “You so wanted to give rise to 21 - go?!“ I answered nothing what to me a difference now - 21 - go or 22 - go, just very much did not want that one my friend appeared the rights, she to me will remember now all life:“ I said to you that you will give rise to 22 - go“.

I here when I, at last, distracted from own thoughts, I already lay one with an ice bubble on a stomach and the baby shouting in all throat on a little table. At last I made out it, she was such beauty... I know, all mothers so speak about these Xing - the red wrinkled lumps, but nevertheless. And I wanted to cry with happiness, but to my organism, it is visible, there is no force left on it. I looked at my baby and felt that I from time to time fail in a dream. Having terribly felt thirsty, to eat and sleep, but at the same time there was a wish to nestle on that small shouting being on a little table. I looked at it, and it was a little a shame to me that in all those hours that I gave birth, I never thought of my baby. I thought of hardly creeping time, of devil`s fights, of a nagging pain in a back, and then and of a crotch, but I never thought:“ Give, the kid, get out, I very much wait for you“. Though I nevertheless think that the few mummies could afford joyful thoughts minutes of tension. But now, when everything ended, I just rejoiced that both of us - I and my daughter - coped.

Two moments about which I will write below directly of process of childbirth do not concern

, but I remember them with laughter when I tell somebody about time spent in maternity hospital.

First happened just at once as I processed documents in a reception of maternity hospital, but before I was examined by the doctor. The nurse who just also processed my documents, speaks:“ Until the doctor approaches, give - I will check your blood type“. And literally for couple of seconds there is a following: she is enough my finger, sticks it with something sharp, drips my blood on some plate marked by a marker on sectors with inscriptions I, II, III and IV carries out some manipulations with a plate and as a result speaks: “You have the III blood type?!“ I speak:“ Yes“. And itself I think that it was. All these manipulations reminded me some vedminsky features over a copper with a potion. But in my state of that time (and I all - gave birth at that moment) I just clapped the surprised eyes. And then (after the delivery) we together with neigbours in chamber in maternity hospital laughed over this case, their this nurse “pricked“ too and too guessed with a blood type.

A the second moment belongs rather to the section “ambush“. With itself in patrimonial it was possible to take a bottle of water and phone, but at me for some reason these two things decided to make friends closely and while they are necessary for me, but separately. It turned out so that phone and water lay in one package, water opened, filled in a package and phone. And in a bottle remained only couple of drinks. And here when I already gave rise and when my throat resembled the desert, and I needed to take a reviver sip, I found out that it is few water. And when I took wet phone to call the husband and to report joyful news (“You became a father!!“), nearly began to cry from disappointment. But to huge happiness (there is someone in the sky there), phone started working, and I made this important call. And next day phone finally choked, and no reanimation helped it though I am not lucky with phones at all. And now, remembering this moment, I think how all - was lucky me that phone “died“ after the most important call.