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My best present of

the best gift - what it? The most expensive in a money equivalent or a knickknack with all the heart? Whether often we ask this question? Whether often we make gifts?

Everyone can give to

answers on these, simple, at first sight, questions. Here and I decided to answer you them. Honestly and frankly.

It is indisputable, for me in life my long-awaited pregnancy, and then and the birth of my beloved girl became the best present at first! I and always say to the husband that the best today what you made, is our girl! But here question: whether children can be a gift? Probably, “yes“, but it is absolutely other gifts which not to compare to anything. It is a godsend, something spiritual, sacred.

we would like to argue

A about gifts ordinary which we buy in shop or we do by the hands. Also we give to the family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

So, gifts! I adore making gifts! Probably, it in me since the birth. In kindergarten we drew for mothers and grandmothers florets by March 8, did applications to fathers for February 23. Since then I make gifts to all the numerous relatives, girlfriends... And I do itself or I buy them always in advance. I prepare packings. And it so brings me. The gift can be not really expensive, but the main thing that it was with all the heart and in all sincerity. As at me there is a lot of friends and acquaintances, there is also no wish to offend anybody and pleasantly to make, this New year here that I thought up.

and on the other websites I made by

For all the friends on social networks virtual cards with New Year`s subject, implanted the face into Father Frost`s frame, and wrote a congratulation in verses! Also sent to all the virtual friends! How many was positive responses! And it is so pleasant to me.

I bought

For children of friends T-shirts and shorts with tiger cubs, chocolate Santa Clauses. To everyone made the gift packing. Not really expensively but to see pleasure of children - whether happiness is it?


Ya it is not really rich also such gifts as apartments, cars, and other I cannot do fur coats. Though, maybe, it would also be desirable. At me there are so much ideas and ideas! I hope, I will be able sometime to carry out though a couple.

we Will return by New year! I wrote out many gifts by mail - toys, things, New Year`s souvenirs. It is convenient: ordered in advance and it is not necessary to run on noisy shops with huge turns. Though sometimes it gets - all this holiday atmosphere. But now I am mother of the one-year-old baby and to stand in queues to me absolutely once. Here mail also comes to the rescue! And gifts came remarkable, all relatives and friends to whom they intended were glad. But most of all my girl rejoiced!

will be told by me to you honestly: I am “mad“ mother! Bought so many gifts - we sorted them several days! What I thought up. Bought 3 gift boxes of the different sizes and brown paper in advance. Wrapped couple more of boxes! All this was put under a fir-tree, and in boxes I imposed New Year`s, and then and Christmas gifts to the husband and daughter. Sashenka so rejoiced! Opened boxes, got something new! Friends, this indescribable happiness! And to kids gift cost just is also not important, they are equally glad to expensive doll and cheap a brelka with a tiger cub! I so much prepared and did not even think what gift I want to receive. And - it is honest - did not expect a New Year`s surprise from Father Frost in the person of the loving spouse. To me the parcel with the return address “Father Frost`s Office“ came. And I even did not understand at once that it is the husband gave me such gift. And when opened a parcel, saw a colourful box with the nominal letter and other presents, let and inexpensive! It was very pleasant!


So far, remembered one remarkable surprise from the husband, I cannot with you, my dear readers not share. When I gave birth to the girl, to me SMS from the husband came: “Vyglyani in a window“. When I opened a blind in hospital chamber of maternity hospital, at me before a window the huge bouquet from balloons with inscriptions flaunted:“ For you“, “I congratulate“, “I love“, etc. Tears of joy on my eyes, and such simple human happiness! Is the most expensive than expensive gifts.

Here, probably, on this positive I will stop! Make each other gifts! And it is unimportant how many they will cost, not in money happiness!

the Gift - that it for you?
And whether you will remember it when?
It to heart of roads, is lovely to you... his darling presented?
Or perhaps just the person
Which by passed,
the bouquet Handed flowers to you.
Such gift was too!
give Someone Cars, planes.
And here the kid drew
to me on a palm something.
And it is the most expensive
the Gift will be to mother.
And that a gift for you?
Solve it!