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And weekday turns into a holiday!

So developed that we with the husband work at home, at the computers. Therefore our days off not always drop out on Saturday and Sunday. Ourselves suit them to ourselves in any day of week. It can be as two days running, so Tuesday and Friday, for example. But I always prepare for them in advance.

I try to make

Ya so that all of us derived pleasure from our rest. It is not so simple to make it: we have with the husband different interests, and our kid is not three years old. Besides now the winter, so, the list of visits of interesting places is considerably reduced: neither on the dacha, nor it is impossible to go to the sea, as well as to walk the whole day, to go to shish kebabs and it is impossible to go on a path near the house by the electric car.

Should go on compromises. However I found the way: all of us with pleasure go on the museums. We with the husband stare at exhibits, focusing attention of the child on interesting trifles, and the kid runs on spacious halls (if, of course, employees of the museum allow it). Also we attend exhibitions if they somehow adjoin to children. For example, if it is exhibitions of toys, dolls, machines, children`s books, etc.

in the Winter when we walk in park, I surely take with myself two thermoses. In one of them coffee with a lemon for us with the husband, and in the second - compote or tea with milk for the child there is, more. So pleasantly nabegavshis, having acquired and navalyavshis in snow, to drink on a cup of hot drink.

If I want to make shopping, then all family we go to MEGA: I shop, the child runs on playgrounds and rides a roundabout, the father with pleasure considers novelties of video equipment and asks the price of cameras, the new hobby.

If we spend day off at home, then we play all together and when we stack the child on a day dream, then we put DVD with in advance chosen movie, we pour to ourselves on a glass of wine or beer, I put light meals on a table: salty nutlets or fruit with biscuits, and two hours we watch a fascinating picture.

In a word, I try to consider interests of all family. And here what I want to tell: it is simple to organize the leisure so that all liked the day off spent together. But it is necessary to connect together interests of all members of household. And, of course, to plan everything in advance. Then your days off will become excellent rest for all family! Rest pleasant to you!