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Enclose as a gift heat of the heart

On the eve of a holiday you reflect, than to please the most favourite and close people. What will give them joy and pleasure? Near subway cost trays with cheap badly painted over or slantwise the stitched souvenirs. You look at them, and the mood spoils. Does not blow from these consumer goods as either a holiday, or heat. It is possible to buy something expensive, but, in - the first, not always and not all have such opportunity, and in - the second - it sometimes becomes just not to think what is loved there by the uncle Volodya what color is preferred by the aunt Masha?

Usually I try to choose by

average option between these two: and at the price, and precisely - taking into account preferences and hobbies of donees.

this year we treated the son differently.

our grandfather loves dogs. The grandson presented it application of own production. On the picture in a frame it pasted in several levels a trunk, paws and the heads of dogs, one of which lives off with a bow, and the second snapped slippers. To the grandmother we made soap (used a set on soap production) three different types and flowers - a heart, a cockleshell, a flower. Thing useful and beautiful.


It is sure, all saw on sale more than once a souvenir where on a support the building or a figure, it is necessary to shake, and inside, under a dome, will go snow. Such souvenir can be made now. The support, a dome, spangles, plasticine and elastic bands enter a set. To other grandmother the kid made a lodge, a tree and a birdie. Itself poured water, poured out spangles, and there was a magic country of its own production. And then we baked shortcake in the form of fir-trees, months and asterisks, decorated it with color glaze, edible beads and asterisks. Also went to visit.

also the set of sets for production of Christmas tree decorations with photos of family members in fir-trees, snegovichok, balls Exists; books with schemes of toys from paper and a cardboard. About cards and there is nothing to speak - their huge number: ready, projects - drawings and you can invent any on the taste.

you can also make by

author`s cards, a framework (with children`s stickers, made old, a decoupage, with a list on glass), to paint a vase or a candlestick, it is beautiful to issue a candle or to make the whole panel or New Year`s composition. It is possible to make a cup or a vase of clay, a list on a tree (plates, nested dolls, boards, spoons). It is possible to paint a silk scarf or a tie. To paint a picture or to make a mosaic panel. The question in that is how many energy and love you are ready to enclose in the gift. Dare!

At desire can add good champagne and candies to these souvenirs. Someone will tell that it is economy on neighbors. But what is economy if at production of a gift you spent the most important: time and warmth.

Think about each other! Love and heat!