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Unexpected gift of

New year, probably, the closest and native holiday for each person. This time when all of us wait for miracles... A they happen, just it is necessary to trust in them. To trust sincerely, heartily and never to lose hope for execution of desire. In each of us there lives the child. That, from the childhood, - carefree, with brilliant live eyes and on truth happy. He as nobody else believes from the heart in execution of the desire. It is necessary and to us already to adults will learn to abstract from pressing problems and also tremblingly and feeling to wait for a miracle.

to what I all this write

K? Just I do not want that people shelved the dreams, lowered hands and ceased to trust in fine. There is enough evil and misfortunes in our world, and, as we know, bad things are more often postponed in our memory, such is our human essence... And in life always there has to be a place to a holiday. To a festival of soul!

Ya I will tell you a story which happened to me under last, 2009, new year. She forced me to reconsider many vital values.

on December 24 approximately at 3 o`clock in the morning I woke up from terrible pain. I regained consciousness on a floor - as it became clear later, I fainted. That night I was hospitalized... It were 7 days of hell. The diagnosis was - an ovary apopleksiya, i.e. its gap. And as a result - bleeding in an abdominal cavity.

Medicine at us just any. What I there only did not endure: also confused several times the diagnosis, and incorrectly put droppers (the hand on 10 centimeters was inflated), and forgot to take the analysis on a blood type before operation... Fie - fie - fie, it passed without complications. And as a result, when after operation they decided to define a blood type, guessed to be mistaken.

generally, 31 numbers, next day after operation, took away me home... And for me it was the best gift - to arrive to my home. As they say, houses and walls help. Well, an essence - that not in it... Performed on me operation which I in general could not do: in paid clinic I was told? than I am threatened by this operation... The fact that I will not be able to have children. For any woman there is no news more awfully, than this.

Already the whole year I do not want to be reconciled by

with this fate. My young man me in everything supports, thank him for this big, love as Maxim Gorky told, is a desire to live. We unsuccessfully tried to conceive the whole year the kid. And here a miracle - already now under this New year. Long-awaited delay...

Unexpected gift... From it it is so joyful at heart!! Miracles exist, it is necessary to trust only in them! Simply better the gift cannot be thought up! I wish all execution of your desires! Love each other and be happy!