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Ordinary person. Caesarian

Now to our malyshatena 11,5 months. As well as many mummies, I, having read the next story, decided to add the!

At first the paragraph which I wrote down when the kid was 1,5 months old.

the Ordinary person is because in spite of the fact that it happened for the last year, now I feel quite usually, that is the same as a year ago! I did not become adult, grown wise experience by the aunt, a brood hen or the broken jade.“ Poll of all systems of an organism“ shows that still as was earlier! This fact surprises me most of all! Surprises because I always thought that life after the delivery absolutely another, absolutely unlike that that I was “to“. At once I will justify myself - I am not a blonde. And precisely I am not so “glamourous“. I am a technician, and that says it all! Therefore I did not attach significance to possible change of a figure or a body. The main thing for me and the most surprising - to remain itself! When I read similar stories earlier, I did not understand what happens to girls after the delivery! Therefore if to someone it is important, about myself I can tell surely that in 2 weeks after Caesarian I felt just as before pregnancy! Of course the fact that everything passed like clockwork and that with health I had no problems plays the most important role here, but nevertheless very much I hope that it is not a rarity!

I will tell

everything one after another Now.

everything Began

in March, 2008 when we with the husband submitted the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE. I then was 22 years old, to it 24. The husband was afraid of the child and did not agree to him. I insisted, but could not imagine it! In one and a half months descended in the REGISTRY OFFICE once again, noted and returned back to live further. By then I am already month not a saw OK which to me was appointed from - for hormones, but that after cancellation of tablets something can turn out, I did not think, just did not believe that with me it can be. In 3 days after a wedding the belief was confirmed, there were very painful monthly. I admit, thought that it is the last time, at me slipped, but it is rather with such “cine“ bias, than sincerely. And I in general stopped thinking and to say that “probably, it would be necessary“. And stories on the Internet confirmed that there is nothing to be afraid - less, than in half a year the child is impossible.

For May holidays we went to the dacha. When I pressed a bicycle pedal, gathering the speed, a stomach quietly so zanyl, poorly, as at the very beginning of monthly. And to them at least a week more. I was surprised to such early PMS and went further. In a week of anything, through 2 too. But there was a resistant feeling of the running pain in a stomach bottom... As you will sit down - it you feel all the time! I told mother on what I received “and you are not pregnant?“ . I shrugged shoulders again - a pier, I do not know. But to fears into the account of the fact that something in a stomach not as it should be, also the thought of pregnancy increased.

Arrived to Moscow, bought the test. At once made - 2 strips! Here I was dumbfounded, of course, by it - feelings usual, and I am already pregnant! I don`t think! The husband was approximately in the same mood. Next day I made one more test of the same packing, and then rummaged the Internet on the subject “false positive result“. Still every other day bought the most expensive test in a drugstore. And again rummaged the Internet. In a week went to ultrasonography and received treasured 7 weeks and the small photo. In total!

Pregnancy proceeded more, than well. Not on 5+, but on 5 precisely. There were such problems:

I got sick with
  1. On the 9th week a SARS (cold), and on this background there were brown allocations. I called the doctor, and she to me appointed a “standard“ set of tablets which in this case is put. Passed every other day.
  2. something strongly ached with
  3. On the 20th week about the left pelvic stone or even under it. Well, at the left. I called the doctor, she was frightened and ordered to call “ambulance“. But I did not want, and I asked to wait still a couple of hours. Waited, began to pass. I calmed down and by the evening went to the good person - doctor neurologist and the manual therapist in one person who touched and told that it is not intestines, not appendages, and the uterus presses on something. Corrected, showed exercises to displace a uterus in the center. On it everything, more was ill nothing.
  4. to
  5. On the 32nd week it happened, probably, the most concerning and dangerous - a tone. From it to me wrote out tablets and rest. The task was - to hold on because I was born in 36 weeks. I began to lie. It was unpleasant because one in front of the TV to stay at home simply awfully. On the street the house - darkly and quietly is impossible (already frosts, it is possible to slip), (December). Term to me was put for January 24. So it was necessary to lie still long. Slowly the fear and feelings passed, I started walking, everything rose on the places. I changed for the computer and was engaged in digitization of old cartridges.
  6. me it seemed to
  7. On the 35th week that waters leak. I in general most of all it was afraid from - for mother`s childbirth. Came to the doctor, she looked, sent me to maternity hospital “will lie down days five“. And I terribly did not want it, and outside was on December 22! Arrived to maternity hospital, there looked at me, told that everything is all right, increased a dose of drugs, calmed that till January 11 (the end of holidays) I will not give rise. Also released.

To NG I went quietly, very much wanted to give rise to everything - after NG. In the night of 31 on 1 understood that two numbers in DR of my sonny were already defined. Now he will choose the third.

Should tell

that I very badly imagined life with the child. I never close saw children, about sleepless nights knew, but did not remember. And of what should be nursed I did not think even after Caesarian.

there Passed NG, we walked, went to MEGA. On January 3 in the evening to me very much was impatient to go on the dacha! Very much! Decided that on January 5 we will go, on a half-hour. There and back at once. On January 4 the whole day with the husband was at home. Day as day, but I very strongly fell asleep. Just failed in a dream, could do nothing with itself. And in the evening the stomach began to hurt. Through some time guessed to mark. Intervals are uneven. The thought “and suddenly will pass“. I call the doctor and so I describe everything that she doubts too. Complexity is that to maternity hospital without traffic jams to go not less than an hour. There passes half an hour more, decide that it is impossible and I go to a shower to wash the head. Washed up, got out, gathered and went. In the car it became more sick. Intervals became equal (did not mark, it was just clear). Reached well. The maternity hospital was at 2 o`clock in the morning. I was accepted, asked everything, changed clothes. Looked, and disclosure - that 3 cm! And all this while I have strict indications on planned Caesarian! Urgently lifted upward (did without enema). There asked questions, by the way, they did not seem to me long and detailed. Connected KTG, made an epiduralka and told that operation will be done hour through one and a half if it is still possible. At them, it appears, turn!! Well, for thanks epiduralka. Lay quietly, shouts were not, only light disturbed. And thought that relatives know nothing and sit there in reception. They - that were told that at once I am carried already to operate.

is sent About five hours for me. By then fights probably became stronger, and I already felt them. But quietly it did not prevent to lie. Disclosure already 6 cm. I was told that could give rise quietly, but indications... I not really - that wanted to give birth (and now I do not want) therefore I quietly signed a consent to operation, and we went. In the operating room there was very amusing table. It is similar to an ironing table. And I - that thought that it is wide. Added anesthesia, dressed sensors. Dropper etc. The anesthesiologist pricked a needle to understand sensitivity. Grew dumb. Blind. The anesthesiologist gave a hand! Thank him for this huge! Other doctors were cold with me, they to me, of course, made nothing bad, did not tell. All skilled, quiet, collected. But only the anesthesiologist made such business which a little goes beyond its direct duties! Thanks once again! Though then I still thought that whether thus it checks “the person still is living“.

to me it was good

. Girls to whom it is necessary Caesarian! Be afraid of nothing! I every minute understood that I am ready to go to it so many time how many it will be necessary. I was in full consciousness, very sober consciousness. You know when small cold and everything aches? Here even it it was also not close! I, naturally, did not see operation. The blind reminded a hotbed. From feelings - only rocking and pressings. It is a little unpleasant, but no more than that. Doctors talk, sensors do something there, the anesthesiologist comments slightly - slightly. You do not feel legs, but it does not disturb, anesthesia does not depart yet.

of the Baby was got, processed. And then speak: “Well, it to show, she sees?“ I speak: “Yes, of course!“ The anesthesiologist removed the sensor from a hand, helped to raise it. I stroked my malyshik! And he already slept. I thought: “Oh, it is the person!!“. Any sense of euphoria was not, tears began to flow, but it was not felt in any way. Then I in general still little understood. Also there was it in 5. 48.

By the way, turned out over time a trick. Speak: “How many there on hours“. Answer: “7. 10“. I speak:“ Cannot be, I here around five was carried“. Anesthesiologist: “And yes, precisely. At me on the mobile phone 5. 48!“

Me was sewn up and about seven hours were brought to the operating room which opposite, it was reanimation that day. Also left. The wonderful aunty who gave me my phone came. Gave a pillow, turned off the light. To fall asleep it did not turn out, the fever beat awfully! But it nothing, passed through a couple of hours. Hours in 10 the new doctor came and allowed to send me to chamber.

brought to

By the evening the child to feed, and in a day I managed to talk, eat with all slightly - slightly, to rise in a toilet and a lot of things on a trifle. Further we got acquainted, learned to eat, learned to change pampers, I learned to go quickly. By the way, for the fourth day removed a bandage from a seam and sent to a shower. On the sixth we were written out. At the same time to me did not prick antibiotics, and anesthetic was pricked by only 2 times. For the fifth day we with the neigbour stirred all day, near our kids. And in 1,5 weeks I forgot about operation!

Summing up of

the result, I will tell that to me with my sight in maternity hospital it was absolutely simple. There all live according to the schedule, all is known. I practically did not remember eyes. Everything was simpler, than I tried to imagine it.

If to whom it is interesting to

, write. With pleasure I will tell even in more detail.

is farther than

A already another story altogether. Perhaps not really simple. At least, it was much more difficult to get used to the son to me, than to take out him and to give rise. Probably, there is a communication. Good luck to you!