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What to measure knowledge of language by?

Practically each parent makes many investments that that by all means knew English in the child. Besides school every second (if not every first) is engaged in addition with the tutor or on courses.


But at the same time many parents are tormented by doubts: how to estimate advance of the trainee in language? How to determine preparation level in a situation when the school assessment for many is not criterion? And there is absolutely objective standard international scale on which the level of proficiency in language is estimated.


exist many years the International examinations in English. They can be focused on the American or British norm. The most widespread and recognized - Cambridge.

Developed by hundreds of professors, they are absolutely objective - work examined is sent to Cambridge where it is checked at once by several teachers. And they render the impartial verdict.

Hi, experience foreign!

the Certificate of FCE if who does not know, was a USE prototype. The last, the truth underwent (and continues to undergo) a set of changes - from it, for example, threw out the section of speaking.

I really why also to speak language? The set of other changes following the principle “Ours of anglitskiya anglichy their“ took away our USE farther and farther from the primogenitor. But we can be precisely sure that, seeking for passing an examination of FCE, we unambiguously reach and we block USE. Though let it pass, with USE, at all not all pupils will hand over it. The matter is that, having the certificate of FCE, it is possible to apply for work in prestigious foreign firm. Also it will be appreciated even above the diploma of a faculty of foreign languages: let`s not generalize, but with the advent of commercial higher education institutions graduates with zero knowledge - in the nature of things.

So, FCE - a worthy level for the graduate. But how to it to come how it is correct to choose a way to the first grader who is only going to take the first steps?

of the Step to knowledge

Fortunately, the scale of examinations is multistage.

to the Adult SIBERIAN SALMONS, PET, FCE levels are preceded by children`s examinations of Starters, Movers and Flyers. Also very similar format unites them. Even the first grader who is handing over the first Starter level has to show knowledge of language of the main four types of speech activity - hearing, speaking, reading, the letter. But, notice, you the translation from language on language, rules of grammar from it are asked. Though, it, this grammar, is present absolutely at all sections, even at hearing: texts are made so that without understanding of verbs, for example, you will not understand an essence of the statement.

Everyone, even the smallest text is a food for mind and heart, but not “forced“ educational text from the learned words.

Each section is a fascinating problem on logic, sharpness, attention.

Colourful drawings turn the test into tempting game.


But most of all the section of speaking pleases: all tasks are constructed so that the child is not caught on what he does not know how controllers of “hare“ in the bus“. On the contrary, help it to reveal, get to talking, asking counter questions and carrying away comparison of drawings, the composition of amusing stories according to pictures.

Kids leave from examination, as since a children`s holiday, heatedly cheerful and happy.

Similar and different

A it is training of adult examination in the same higher education institution, for example. The most valuable that I heard from children when they opened the following Movers level, after Starters is “Oh and it same!“ That is children do not even feel strong jump forward. Advance happens up softly as though effortlessly, expanding a lexicon and deepening knowledge of grammar.

As preparation for each following level takes with

, as a rule, 2 years for adult levels and 1 year for nurseries, we can easily draw parallels through these milestones and divide 10 school years into the same proportional pieces.

That is if to hand over FCE to 11 - mu to a class it is remarkable result, delivery of PET - the good 9 level - go a class of the English special school. Movers - the level of the graduate of elementary school. And at this of any equalization! Each certificate has a big scale of points, is much wider, than school “3 - 4 - 5“. Therefore if you want to put the child on the “correct“ rails, to check his true level, you easily are able to do it, having passed examination which corresponds to its age. And as soon as you will set this object - to pass examination in the end of the year, you will create strong motivation, even passion if you want. It is impossible to inspire the first grader words: “Study English! When you grow up...“

Besides, these examinations are taken by children around the world, and, having met on vacation the age-mate from Germany or France, they for certain will find a common language.

How to prepare for these examinations?

it is simple to h2 to try to study at school on “5“? Unfortunately, the school program, especially in “nachalka“, per se has no relation to language if studying of English is based on the translation from Russian.

Fortunately, the whole sea of textbooks of the British editions from which it would even be difficult to call the best - a matter of taste, as they say exists. Only one “but“: the textbook - yet not panacea. It, in - the first, should be able to be used and it is not enough not to translate at all, and in - the second, only the textbook. It as the backbone in a body, makes only a certain percent, gives a support, and the rest - the speech of the teacher at a lesson, literature, verses, songs...

So, and it is possible to find the teacher both in Moscow, and in other cities, and it is not obligatory to go behind the Cambridge certificate to Cambridge.