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All diseases - from nerves?

Well, if honestly, of course, not all... According to World Health Organization, only 85%. Though, telling the truth, and it is enough.

But the most ridiculous that the population believes that all - from nerves - all 100%. And very quietly continues to be ill! In sense - drinks tablets, goes on doctors (well yet if at first on doctors, and then tablets), complains of the nervous life and does nothing any more!


However, no, I lie: still the population reads a heap of very peculiar literature in which the idea about “a nervous origin“ of all and all diseases gets very curious form. To the reader, for example, it is told: if he, say, has short-sightedness, so just does not wish to see something. Otitis is, probably, about unwillingness to hear, gastritis - about unwillingness to digest something and so on. All these revelations are usually reduced in strict tables - that, most likely, has to add written to scientific character. Sometimes scientific character is replaced with an esoteric shade - say, the author is on direct link with space which also told all this to him.

the Trustful patient with delight reads

- it is necessary what the science reached! - also continues to be ill. Only now he is ill already with confidence that the cause of illness is known to it: it and tranquility adds, and besides the vanity pleases. In general, of course, than the child played if only not the weapon, but... Wise doctors began to send such patients to those to whom follows in recent years, - to psychotherapists and psychologists. Only not everyone will go! One business - most to admit to itself that in a family something not as it should be or ra - the dost somewhere from life disappeared, and then already to go to the psychologist according to own courageous decision. And absolutely another - to believe someone even if also to the doctor that I have something not as it should be in soul, but not in a body. I - do not notice it, - the stomach (heart, kidneys, a throat - to substitute to taste) hurts me!

here we suit

I to very important from the point of view of those diseases which “from nerves“, to the moment. The matter is that such sores, as a rule, visit those people who not too like in to understand to themselves. That is when the person is ready to admit to himself that at him inside something not so, and to deal with it, his organism has no need to deal with it for it.

So, the first conclusion, significant for us: much more often those people who do not consider it necessary to solve the personal problems are ill. If to speak language of science, then the lack of a reflection creates predisposition to psychosomatic diseases - you know that diseases which “from nerves“, actually are called quite so.

By the way, the word “reflection“ for some reason became for a long time somewhat abusive: say, there are people who live and act, and there are those which in themselves dig. And so, a reflection and a heart-searching - not same. The word “heart-searching“ comes from a verb of imperfective aspect “to dig“ which on sense very much differs from a verb of perfective aspect “to dig out“. In other words, the heart-searching at all not necessarily means finding of the constructive answer to any question of itself. And, if to be honest, the heart-searching usually does not assume search of the answer at all: it is just process of continuous determination to itself the question “Well why at Me Everything Is So Bad?“ far more often . The reflection, on the contrary, is surely sent to search for the concrete answer to a specific question - moreover such answer which could be used it is clear in real life. The person who does not want to find the answer is engaged in a heart-searching, - here it - that just and treats group of psychosomatic risk. Respectively, we receive the second a conclusion, significant for us: to help itself to get rid of some psychosomatic sore, it is necessary to find the constructive answer to a certain significant question.


However, so far remains unclear what such magic question itself should be asked that the answer to it helped to become healthy or better still, it not to be the patient? And let`s think.

We with you know that following to common sense is the only and absolute pledge of happy life. And from the point of view of common sense for any action (though external though internal) energy is necessary. Our reason gives us knowledge and understanding of that as as it is necessary to make, our body carries out these actions, and energy for all this remarkable process of activity is provided... guessed? Of course, feelings because it turns out that they in this process have more, it seems, and to be engaged there is nothing. The sports rage helps to win, the pleasure and at all inspires etc.

I if energy of feelings can be enough for writing of the First concerto for a piano with an orchestra or victories at the Olympic Games, then you can imagine how many it at us?! And if your imagination is enough for it, then imagine also what happens to this energy when she has no place to get to... It is unlikely after that you will have doubts that in this case it appears energy more than enough to provide to the owner a two-three of very unpleasant sores. If, of course, it does not attend to attach it to more useful occupation in time.

we Will try to imagine

how it looks in real life. The person has some serious problem. Matter of course that about it feelings there is quite enough. If he lets itself know work that occurs, and will decide on some changes in the life, then energy of these feelings will be spent for constructive actions for commission of necessary changes. And if is not present? Where in that case to disappear to feelings?

the next important conclusion follows

From all this: to live healthy, it is necessary to know and understand own feelings. In other words, the reflexing person needs to be able to ask himself questions: “What do I feel now?“, “What I feel to...?“, “What I feel when I think the lake.?“ - and, of course, to be able to answer them.

when feelings are clear to

A, also our relation to this or that event in our life is clear and, so it becomes clear with what, as why it is necessary to do. And - that is especially pleasant - energy necessary for this purpose becomes available at once. It will be necessary only to take and make. Not the fact that it so will be simple. But unless it is simpler to live sick and unfortunate? And, in general, still nobody proved that it is enough to be healthy to be happy. Perhaps actually all on the contrary - to be healthy, it is necessary to be happy?