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You will envy me, but not my son...

our Pregnancy proceeded it is easy, it is heavy. With pleasure from visits of ultrasonography and with tears from analyses (there was a business). And here childbirth was - will envy me, but will not envy my child!

the Estimated term of childbirth at us was on September 25. Prepared, found the doctor. And there was “terrible“ - closed on prevention maternity hospital where we gathered. It was necessary to look for urgently the doctor in other maternity hospital. Found... Went to get acquainted. The doctor examined, told that came with things in a week, the 17th. Let`s lie down, speaks, several days, and we will give birth.

Well, we also went in a week... And we have on September 17 a holiday, a City Day. With all that it implies: traffic jams, roads are blocked, only in a detour. Generally, we arrived to hospital only by a lunch. The doctor already also did not hope to wait for us. Forced to climb on a chair (them to force to polazit to and fro on deadlines for pregnancy). Looked where it is necessary, and asks me a question:

- As you go - that, at you everything is already opened?!

A I that, normally I go, can dance even...

was Put me in prenatal chamber after all corresponding procedures (the description of these actions we will lower - who gave birth, that knows about what I). My doctor left on operation - kesarit someone. And it is boring for me, there is nobody in chamber, I am one. I think, give the book I esteem, took with itself - I not to give birth went, and to lay down. I lie, I read. The doctor nearly fell, having beheld such picture. But nothing, even praised. Again forced to climb on a chair (a tin!) . One more doctor - the obstetrician came. Decided to puncture a bubble - waters - that do not depart. No sooner said than done. It was poured down in buckets.

A in 10 minutes as in advertizing: bent, twisted... Began, I think. Looked at time - 15:50. Also it became terrible so, and it is sick. It is necessary to groan... I wait... Time goes, and pains such that though climb on a wall. Well, the back at a bed iron, and I it would break that, so I seized it...

of Time passed hour two with small. My doctor came from operation, examined and ordered in patrimonial. Bring to a chair, the midwife says that it is necessary to climb, and I cannot, fight just. Nothing, waited, without shouts, abuse and other. On a chair grasped handles, I do not shout - told “do not shout, there will not be enough forces“. And them and so not. Well, I also am silent in a rag. Force to make an effort.

- Yes not in a face tuzhsya, - the midwife speaks, - and down, and that vessels will burst, tomorrow in a mirror it will be terrible to look.

A I think: “What mirror moreover tomorrow, today to endure“. But I make an effort, try. The doctor looks at the watch and speaks:

- 18:00. In ten minutes you will give rise!

I as in water looked. Exactly at 18:10 3250 grams and 54 cm of happiness - mine synulya were born.

In the first fraction of a second after the birth - the silence, and at me in the head promptly rushes thought: “Why he does not shout?“


I distributed a cry here. And me it became so good at once, pains, nothing, only thought “Thank God, we coped!“

U me - two grazes on mucous. When they were sewed, to me was already all the same: I watched how nearby my little son process, considered fingers on handles and legs. In total! Handsome!

of the Child was put to a breast and carried away, and I was left with freight on a stomach. To have a sleep, but I cannot - emotions disturb. At 21:00 transferred to chamber. And at this moment salute is given in honor of a holiday, to us it was heard. But I say to all that this salute was in our honor!

P. S. Childbirth was prompt, successful for me, but not for my son. It had a kefalogematoma at the left on a darkness, and now a constant control at the neurologist. But we coped with everything, and we grow healthy and strong!