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Prestigious work of

Each woman herself decides that it is more important for it - career or children, but those who dreams of work prestigious and highly paid want to remind that big earnings demand not only iron health, but also practically exclude existence of any free time.

Good work I found

In the field of wonders not at once - newly-baked economists without experience, and with only one passionate desire to develop the domestic industry, nobody was attracted. It was necessary to rise to a counter of commercial shop. Probably, I passed this test adequately because my subsequent life became continuous series of miracles.

to the First was the fact that friends borrowed me money for the certain courses of training of advertizing agents giving a little doubtful, but nevertheless the diploma about education in the field of advertizing. Having armed with the received document, I got a job in department of advertizing campaigns of the known Publishing House. The salary to me was put though modest, but paid it regularly.

by the Following miracle was the fact that one fine day in our department the elegant lady familiar with the President of Publishing House was and ordered campaign for just arisen on light, but very promising firm. Soon some staff of department including I, were invited to work in advertizing department of that promising firm. Our dollar fees increased by one zero on the right and my expenses almost at the same time were considerably cut down: I married and moved to the husband`s parents.

a Year later other firm rich and well-known, practically deprived of me the income, having signed the contract with the company where I worked. Under the terms of the contract our department had any more no right to conclude bargains with partners and remained to exist purely nominally. What right there affected a salary: zero fell off on the right. I began to look for other place for the application of the efforts.

I was followed by the following miracle here. To our office there arrived the President of the company - the competitor and offered me the place. “I was told that you do not want to work for me, - he said. - It would be desirable to know why“. Suddenly it seemed to me that I am a kamikaze and immediately has to lose life. “Money it is necessary to me much, - I told. - And credit for the apartment. We live tightly“.“ Come to office on Saturday, - the President answered. - I will show everything to you. And then we will talk about money“.

you Want to work with

for competitors? Break them the contract!

indeed did not want to work with

Ya in that company. From - behind some nursery of silly offense: took away amount of works, did not allow to develop firm... As though something seriously depended on me.

But wanted

: the office very much was pleasant, the salary was offered twice exceeding that that I had, and let know that receiving the credit for the apartment is quite real.“ I saw how you worked against me, - the President of the company told, - now I want to see how you will begin to work for me“.

It became awkward

that I am, in effect, a person small, dared to compete with such dear, wise, generous professional... What I also hurried to report about. However, without genuflection, extremely frostily.

“I offer you this work because you forced people to doubt my words. You broke to me the serious contract! I want that this energy brought benefit to me“. And I agreed.

Work was monotonous, not demanding creative burning - only limit attention and accuracy. Four months later it became boring for me. I did not take part in decision-making any more, did not risk, did not use the charm and erudition. Quickened only in the pay day. Also began to look for other work what immediately the President of the company knew of. I was hauled up “on the carpet“.

“I will transfer you to client department, - the adored chief told. Also specified: - At the first opportunity“. Really, that opportunity was presented few months later, thanks to leaving to the decree of one lovely lady.

Nobody brought me up to date and acquainted with opportunities of the special computer program. To me appointed three tens clients, gave few weeks on adaptation and fluently carried out once according to the program.“ Now act itself, a crumb“, - one of the senior managers told. And “crumb“ was accepted for good reason. Read instructions, worked on days off and at night in the training mode: entered information, deleted and again entered, did not master the program yet.

For the sake of kopek, green from sweat

the head was broken off by

By the evening from continuous telefonno - a fax ring, shouts of colleagues, operation of the tape recorder and the TV - “upon the demand of workers“. But most difficult it appeared to exist in numerous ladies` collective. Intrigues, a subtle flattery and cool snitching - here that considerably undermined me.

the Nervous system promptly fell into decay. Several months of work later in such conditions upon return home I begged the husband at least half an hour not to address me, not to turn on the TV and the music. If he did not satisfy my request, blew up, shouted and cried - but did not allow even thought of leaving work: in the four-digit dollar fee I wanted to increase figures at the left.

the New personnel potovyzhimalka

Meanwhile the management reformed a control system. Now the adored wise President, and young rigid people worked with personnel not as all any more. They dismissed without regret. For discrepancy of a post. For the personal relations with clients. For the fact that at someone too high salary, and for this sum it is possible to employ at once a little “the people straining to be in action“.

From the point of view of business it was correct - another matter that now I lived in constant tension and under the motto “If something is not pleasant, a door - there. Behind it there are hundreds of applicants for your place“.

the Fixed salaries remained in the past. Now on everything there was a coefficient. Delay and early ukhoda (electronic system on an entrance), sick-lists and complaints of clients, knowledge of language and the number of people in submission, education level and length of service in the companies, implementation of the financial plan by department and each employee in particular and much, many other were considered.

the Idea of loading of each worker to a limit and slightly moreover constantly developed. Psychological trainings after work, hour on three were added to the loading which is already existing. Sometimes there came the English partners - they occupied us prior to the beginning of the working day and during a lunch break. Then examinations and certifications followed. Not handed over left.

elementary to stand on feet, sweet tea with milk and vitamins B to a box was necessary to carry

with itself in a thermos. The quantity of dioptries in lenses of my points was increased: eyes did not cope with hours-long contemplation of the picture of the computer monitor. And besides lumbar osteochondrosis was found in me and it was necessary to find opportunities to swim in the pool.

of the Tired-out horses is adjusted

that day when my health has an effect to a large extent Came, than I was able to afford. The doctor told - overfatigue: “To you, the child, in a hospital for few weeks, we will prick vitamins, you will sleep off“.


Ya the head of department, the lady in general understanding and not angry, and received good on hospitalization.

A a week later in department small “velvet revolution“ happened. After it became clear that the understanding chief is pregnant (and it in the company was not welcomed), the mistake made in work became the beginning of its holiday. Unpredictable duration.

Having called the friend, I heard in the receiver:“ It is better for you to recover and be immediately for work because, apparently, you were dismissed: the person already sits in your place“.

Ya dialed number of the new chief.“ And, it you... Well, my dear, it would be desirable to know how often you intend to be ill. We need only healthy employees. And then at your age it is already time to have children. However, such problems are not necessary to us too“. I promised that I will not begin to bring children and I will forget about what is an illness.

No more, than labor unit

However flu happened. Then leg injury. By the way, exactly thanks to this circumstance I did not get up once and did not take care of the appropriate level of contraception. As caused as you already guessed, pregnancy.

the Summer was hot. Perfume aromas discomposed me, and sometimes and in general pulled out from life. After the next faint I was called to account and it was necessary to admit, hand over affairs and to be sent on unpaid leave.

To be fair should tell

that since the foundation laid prenatal holiday, despite of an economic crisis, the firm paid to me quite worthy respect of the sum. Gradually decreasing, they nevertheless existed until when my child was one and a half years old. They say that the decision on the amount of these payments on each young mother was made by that wise President discharged by board of directors of work with personnel for excessive softness.

And again to the machine!


When to the child it was executed two, I appeared in a human resources department and proclaimed desire to work constantly, directing all the efforts and abilities for the benefit of firm.

the Chief did not even begin to talk to me... The head of HR department reminded that, seeing off in holiday, I was warned: in the most exclusive division of firm it is possible not to count on return to work. However in department recruited new employees therefore I risked.

Number did not pass

. Reminded me of the violated promise not to give birth to children, about former rebelliousness, that during so long absence I “dropped out of business“. And finally suggested to call about vacancies.

From the head of HR department I left with the mixed feeling: the disappointment was half diluted with simplification, understanding that all to the best. In response to a question of colleagues of results of interview sadly joked:“ It seems, to me just saved life“.

Coming back home

, I began to think that I, probably, could not maintain former loadings any more. Again having joined in intense struggle for existence, I long would not see the kid, could not give in a due measure to it the love and life experience. I would be eternally tired and angry, and therefore sick and unhappy. Not the woman, not mother - labor unit. Whether so I need prestigious work and a high salary? Whether it is better to moderate ambitions?

to the Child mother is necessary for

. It is desirable, healthy and happy. How grandmothers and nurses were kind, careful and educated how kindergartens were good, there is a law of the nature: a young fox the fox brings up, a puppy - a dog, a duckling - a duck. There are exceptions, but they only confirm the rule: the cub needs the mother.


Ya that since the childhood dreamed to become the writer. Also began to write. I will not begin to dissemble until this occupation brought to me worthy earnings. But I am healthy and happy, I love the son and it is loved by him. And I feel rather strong and active to reach reasonable compromise when material welfare harmoniously would coexist with sincere and physical health.