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How quickly to grow hair of

Long magnificent silky hair for many remain dream because are associated with feminity, fragility and romanticism. And if obediently to wait for favor by nature there are no forces, and to do building there are no means, then it is possible to resort to some cunning and to try to accelerate growth of hair.

Should understanding

that miracles do not happen, and in desire to grow hair it is necessary not to torment itself with vain hopes, and to make a start from specific features, type and behavior of hair, head skin, and also to track the general state of health of an organism. If it lacks certain vitamins which you deprive of it from within, then even the most expensive cosmetics will be powerless.

the Emotional state for growth of hair - the major factor. If you are nervous, worry at the slightest pretext, then after a while definitely on a hairbrush it will turn out in day not of 100 hairs as it is necessary normal, and whole koltun. In this case about uskorenny growth and the speech cannot be. Trichologists in this question are unanimous, reporting that the basis of good growth of hair is an absence of stresses behind which the healthy nutrition, enough vitamins and minerals, improvement of microcirculation of head skin which can be reached both cosmetics, and special procedures have to be tightened.

Hair grow at

at all with a different speed. On average at the adult hair grow on 10 - 13 mm in a month. If the help to an organism, then it is possible to achieve increase in growth at of 3 - 5 mm.

should Begin with

similar high-speed race with small - that is, with revision of daily care of hair. It is necessary to wash the head with moderately hot water because high temperature is negatively reflected in a hair follicle, as a result hair can drop out and excessively be salted. Get rid of dandruff, a peeling, guarantee of good growth of hair is, first of all, healthy head skin. Comb hair on several minutes the slow movements by a soft massage brush with rubber cloves or a dense natural bristle - it will improve microcirculation. If the head has to be washed every day, choose soft shampoos for everyday application, and apply special means to growth of hair less often, for example, every other day not to overload with work your system providing growth and development of a hair. Avoid to dry the hair dryer radical area of hair, do not irritate it with staylingovy means from which the head itches and hair drop out.

the Daily diet has to include enough calcium, chrome, zinc, iodine, manganese and magnesium - these minerals are responsible for normal development of a hair. They to you will be brought by grain, nuts, green vegetables and fruit, milk and cottage cheese. Also reception of beer yeast is recommended. If you are going to grow hair as soon as possible, for this time forget about diets.

Mechanical impact on head skin for fast result should not be limited only to combing. You can independently carry out massage, strengthening inflow of blood to hair bulbs, doing it both when washing the head, and as separate procedure. Even more expressed result will be yielded by the cosmetology methods directed to acceleration of growth of hair. Can recommend you mesotherapeutic pricks, an ozonoterapiya, physiotherapeutic procedures, medical massage.

and allow hair grow at

as additional cosmetics which strengthen a bulb more intensively - cosmetics as a part of which there is a menthol, and also sharp substances - arnica, extract of siliculose pepper. At application of these means be careful - effect of them, especially at the pro - brands it is rather expressed burning.

For hyper sensitive head skin and reduction of risk of irritation can use softer means, for example, the checked national. Masks with burdock oil, and also broths of a nettle, a burdock, onions peel are long since known to people as excellent means for stimulation of growth of hair.

do to

At visit of salon a hairstyle not by ordinary, but hot scissors - they solder tips, leaving hair humidified, vitaminized, healthy, and then growth will go rather.