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How to choose a wedding dress of

It is unconditional, all brides in day of the wedding are charming, charming, just fine; however the question how to choose a wedding dress, did not avoid any of them yet. Therefore for future and real brides we will try to give necessary advice at the choice of a wedding dress.

So how to choose a wedding dress?


First of all, it is necessary to be prepared for so important action, namely:

to Determine by
  1. a style and style of a wedding dress.
  2. to Orient with
  3. at the price, search terms.
  4. to Make the list of salons with addresses and phones.
Now about each preparatory stage of the choice of a wedding dress is more detailed than


  1. Before going to salon to choose a wedding dress, it is necessary to be defined what style and style of a wedding dress to you is most nice, without forgetting at the same time about the type of a figure. Be defined in advance what needs to be chosen a wedding dress more to emphasize advantages of the figure and to correct shortcomings. About various styles of wedding dresses, it is possible to find the mass of materials in the Internet.
  2. As the cost of wedding dresses varies in very wide range, with the sum which, you are ready to spend for the dress, it is necessary to be defined in advance, without forgetting to consider costs of wedding underwear, wedding footwear and other necessary accessories, for example, a veil, gloves, a make-up and a hairdress. Not to waste the nervous cages by search of the wedding dress, you should not postpone this search for the last moment as this process of haste does not suffer. We will not specify concrete terms as at everyone the speed and the number of free time, only we suggest to consider several factors:
  3. by
    • in one day to choose a wedding dress it is unreal, even knowing its style, having the list of suitable salons and the estimated sum. It can quite turn out that there will be no size necessary to you or the pleasant model of a dress will demand adjustment on a figure, or a dress it is necessary to order and wait for delivery several days.
    • fitting of a wedding dress takes with
    • a lot of time and forces therefore will try on more 4 - 5 dresses for day very tiresomely and will not give special joy and, as a result, it is possible to choose at all not that dress which you wanted initially.
  4. In advance made list of wedding salons will also save the mass of your time by search of a wedding dress. It is desirable to ring round previously the salons existing in your city with the purpose to learn the cost of the interesting styles of wedding dresses and to eliminate options, both too expensive, and too cheap to you. Besides, it is possible to consult concerning the available sizes of dresses in advance, to learn when there are sizes necessary for you.
is more detailed than

to the question Now how to choose a wedding dress, namely what to pay the attention to. Let`s stop on the next moments:

  1. Colour of your wedding dress Current trends allow to put on a wedding dress practically of any shade, not necessarily snow-white at all. Therefore, it is not obligatory to drive itself into a framework at all if steel color peach or beige or maybe is ideally suited for you, for example. Why not to choose a wedding dress of this shade? In general, the ideal snow-white shade suits women with a winter tsvetotip of appearance. If yours tsvetotip another, maybe, you do not endow a skin shade for the sake of unnecessary prejudices?
  2. Selection of wedding accessories to your dress.

It is selected wedding gloves

Of course, this attribute of a wedding dress can supplement it, and can and is not present. Everything depends on style of a wedding dress.

For the first time women began to use gloves as ornament in the 11th century, then silk or leather white gloves length to an elbow appeared. Since then a variety of models of gloves significantly increased: short lacy or silk long. The main thing - is harmonious to combine material of gloves with material of a wedding dress. Length of gloves is directly connected with length and a form of a sleeve:


as fabrics for a glove are used by chiffon, gas, moire, a chintz, light cotton, laces - such gloves not really are suitable for a winter wedding, but in the summer - just right. It is necessary to choose more dense fabrics in the winter - a velvet, a taffeta, Jacquard, a crepe, fabrics with the beaten-out drawing and various multilayered materials.

Still in the ancient time gloves of kings and the highest clergy were ornated by gold, silver, pearls and jewels, decorated with an embroidery. Today designers try to decorate the products with metal inserts, inlay with small crystalline lenses, intricate patterns in the form of a grapevine and gentle spangles.

Classics which is actual always remain

lacy gloves. In general lace - favourite material of many designers, especially lace of color of an ivory as such shade well emphasizes texture of material. Some designers bring to our attention blue or pink lace, or the lace decorated with a scattering of brilliant teardrops.

Having bought

gloves, do not forget that it not only decoration of your wedding dress, and a special functional accessory. Gloves anyway have to be convenient if you are not going to take off them during wedding ceremony when the groom begins to put on a ring to you a finger. If gloves are made of rather dense fabric, the ring can just not be put on a finger. If fabric for gloves is rather thin, then the glove can just be not taken off, and to put on a ring over them. But then the ring will be put on a finger not up to the end, and you will need to watch that it did not slide off all the time. One more minus of gloves - them should be removed for the period of a wedding feast.

Wedding capes

the Cape needs to select

also carefully, as well as a dress, footwear, decoration of the bride.

Main types of capes is a fur coat, a jacket, a bolero, a shawl. Let`s dwell upon each of them.

the Wedding fur coat

If the wedding is appointed by

in one of winter days then in any way not to do without fur coat. Especially considering our Russian climatic conditions. The most remarkable in wedding fur coats the fact that they irrespective of the length are ideally suited practically to any wedding dress. Wedding fur coats happen shortened, length to a belt, and extended, and also to a hood or without it. It is possible to pick up both a natural fur coat, and artificial, depending on humanity of the attitude towards animals and financial opportunities.


Palatines and shawls


Palatines and shawls are very convenient that it is possible just to throw with them shoulders and, if necessary, to muffle, or, having slightly covered a back, to hold at the level of a breast. Choose warm shawls from fur or warm natural fiber in the winter - pashminas.

the Wedding bolero

Very fashionable is considered to use a bolero as a cape of the bride now. In the winter this accessory will hardly warm the bride, and here for the oseena - spring option quite will approach. The bolero can be carried also with a magnificent wedding dress and with direct. Better than all the bolero looks when it is made of that material, as the dress, or in accuracy coincides with it on a shade, style or elements of a decor. Are very popular among brides of a bolero with finishing from swan`s down.

the Cape it is better for p to measure

of the Rule of selection of a wedding cape by

  1. together with a dress at once at once to pick up completely combined things.
  2. by
  3. Choosing color of a cape, it is necessary to be defined that you want - classics when a cape of one tone with a dress or - a creative when a cape of color, bright, other than a dress. By means of bright color the young bride emphasizes once again the identity.
  4. Should not hire a wedding cape not to spoil to itself all evening, observing whether the fur coat is soiled. Also you should not hope that in hire will not notice a tiny speck from a chocolate or a drop of champagne. It is necessary to pay in that case the penalty, then financial benefit from the hired cape will become absolutely illusive.

Dress or suit?

If you decided to go on the wedding in a suit, in advance report about it to the future spouse not to throw darling in shock, it is known that 99% of men expect to see the darling at a wedding in a dress and most often with a magnificent skirt.

Finally, several little practical advice:

  • with yourself the digital camera and on fitting be surely photographed in each wedding dress which was pleasant to you. It will give you the chance to take a detached view quietly of itself in this or that wedding dress and to really estimate the best option;
  • during fitting on you has to be
  • a make-up minimum, erase lipstick and do not use spirits;
  • tell the seller at once that sum which is ready to be spent for purchase of a wedding dress;
  • take
  • in advisers only those people to whose taste you trust, but no more than two people, otherwise you will easily become puzzled of a large number of various opinions and will not be able to choose the wedding dress;
  • be resolute
  • , trust the intuition: if you felt that the dress which is put on you - what you dreamed of, try on to it wedding accessories, costume jewelry, footwear, be convinced that it is valid yours. And safely buy it!