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About circles and sections. Part 2

the Beginning
we tried to answer with

In the first part of article a question why it is necessary to send the child to section or a circle. But there are reasons not to write down the child on additional classes.

, of course, also arguments contra Are:

  1. of of Occupation in a circle, section demand an extra time. Should not agree with parents who claim that circles take away time. However it is unlikely the child is able to be engaged in study all day, it all - needs rest. Occupations in a circle - one of possible options.
  2. of Occupation in a circle, section are additional loadings. it is valid, the child has them already considerable. Requirements to school students, quantity of the studied objects, level of complexity of a training material grow. And it needs to be considered. Choosing the child a circle, it is necessary to observe moderation. Do not write down it without special need, in section where daily trainings till several hours are assumed. For the organization of leisure there are quite enough two classes in 40 - 50 minutes in a week.
    do not try to embrace immensity and to write down the son or the daughter at once in many circles. Be limited for a start to one, at most - two. If there is free time, the child can always go still where - nibud.
  3. of Occupation in a circle, section are additional loadings for parents. “The child will be engaged allegedly, and to watch everything (clothes, the schedule) and we will do homeworks with it“, - parents are afraid. Most likely, the child will make attempt to shift to you all unpleasant duties. But here everything depends on your organizing abilities, on determination and persistence.
  4. of Occupation in a circle, section are additional expenses. Unfortunately, it is impossible to dismiss economic factor. As it is prosy, but need to pay money for development of creative abilities of the beloved child - quite real problem. The majority of circles and sections act on the paid basis today. However you should not despair. Having shown due persistence, nevertheless it is possible to find also separate free circles at children`s clubs, and in what a payment for occupations very moderate. Of course, most likely, the monetary economy will be accompanied by some difficulties and inconveniences (remoteness from the house, unsuccessful time of occupations, the insufficient equipment of rooms etc.) . But all this is better, than nothing.
  5. someone has to allocate for
  6. of the Child on occupations, and after their termination - to meet. was lucky Not everyone with children`s club under house windows. Sometimes it is necessary not only to go, but also to reach on public transport. Of course, you will not release one child. Should ask for leave mother and the father from work or to ask for help of grandmothers and grandfathers.

These two last problems quite unpleasant, but nevertheless are in most cases solvable. Adults would have a desire.

So, having weighed everything pros and cons, you decided to send the child to some circle, but do not know yet in what? To choose one and only - really a task not from simple. The range is huge, even eyes run up. Let`s characterize at least the most popular.

Sports sections. Short characteristic:

Sports sections can be the most various: hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, different types of fight, track and field athletics, trampoline, pool. In total also you will not list. At each sport the specifics. For occupation by some certain initial abilities are necessary. Others in power to anyone. The concrete choice depends on the given future athlete, his interests and preferences, other factors (existence of sections near the house, the cost of occupations etc.)

Choreographic circles. Short characteristic:

Art circles. Short characteristic:

Music schools, circles. Short characteristic:

If other circles can be visited at the level of a hobby, then music needs to practise seriously, professionally or not to be engaged in general. Training will involve costs of time, forces. The child should be controlled, sometimes to force. If the son or the daughter do not show ardent desire to devote himself to music, properly think whether it is worth beginning occupations.

Vocal studios. Short characteristic:

the Orientation can be various: opera singing, popular platform, folklore.

Drama schools. Short characteristic:

of the Mug of applied creativity. Short characteristic:

circles of knitting, dressmaking, beadwork, a soft toy, a molding, in particular, belong To this group.

“Scientific“ circles. Under this conditional name we united those circles in which occupations are directed to knowledge of various scientific areas, development of thinking. For example:

What needs to be considered, choosing a circle or section for the child?

to Begin

, perhaps, is worth from the analysis it to what, in your opinion, your son or the daughter has abilities, tendencies that interests them. It is optional that the child had a talent for something. As in most cases we pursue the aim of the organization of leisure of the child, an emotional discharge from tension which collected in a day, it is sometimes expedient to choose a kind of activity to which the child has no abilities, but there is a desire to be engaged. The exception is made by sections in which for occupations it is necessary to possess certain abilities and skills initially. If the child does not have them, then it will not be taken, as if there was his desire. It is natural if you want that the child achieved considerable success in this or that area, it is necessary to be engaged to him in to what, in - the first, it has abilities and that, in - the second, with these abilities is interesting to it.

Take an interest in

in opinion of the child. Perhaps, at it already is in mind some circle to which he would like to go. And maybe, he knows nothing about it at all. Then you should explain what it is necessary for it for and to tell about possible options, having offered the most attractive at choice. You should not write down the child in section, without having consulted. Of course, children are not always able to assess correctly a situation and to make the conscious decision. Sometimes it seems to them that they want nothing at all. Sometimes, on the contrary, as in Agniya Bartho`s poem, “a theatrical circle, a circle on a photo, and me also to sing hunting...“ . Sometimes the child chooses something that to him at all not on forces only because there the schoolmate whom he wants to resemble is engaged. But nevertheless to drive the child against his will there where he does not want, is not necessary: it will not give pleasure to either you, or your child.

If the son or the daughter draw

on the, do not agree with your arguments, then the option at which you concede is possible. The choice of a circle is not so responsible as the choice of school. At worst the child will soon throw that circle in which he was so torn. For it it will be useful life experience: next time he more will estimate crucially himself and more attentively to listen to councils of parents. If the child did not cope with what he aspired to, you should not speak: “Aha, I spoke to you, and you did not listen!“ Better quietly, without reproaches discuss with it the failure reasons. it is expedient to p to take an interest in

where the child`s friends on school, on the yard are engaged. To it will be more comfortable if out-of-school occupations take place in its habitual circle of contacts.

If the child does not have relations with peers, then, perhaps, communication in the neutral territory will help to adjust them. However be careful if the child has obviously negative attitudes with schoolmates, you should not write down him in the same section where his “foes“ are engaged. The conflict “will move“ together with it in new collective, and visit of a circle will become for the child not pleasure, but punishment. All is better to start with a clean slate. Suddenly in new collective to the child will carry more?

Proximity of a circle to the house, school too important factor. The child or should go most there, or accompanied by someone from adults. Visit let the most fine club on other end of the city hardly good idea. The road will take away too much time and will be very tiresome for the child.

From the practical point of view, certainly, value and the price in which similar development and entertainment of the child will cost you has

. Choose a circle which you are really able to pay. Most likely, if you stop the choice on something fabulously expensive, you also will begin to demand the reciprocal victims from the child: that did not skip class that tried very much that there were notable results. And differently, for what you give literally - the last money?! And actually occupations have to bring joy to your child and you. Besides, high price not always corresponds to quality of occupations.

If you approximately decided by

on section (or sections) where you want to give the child, go to investigation to the district. Having come to club, communicate to the teacher, the head of a circle. Consult to parents of children who there are already engaged. If there is opportunity, take an interest in opinion of children. Look round whether it is cozy in club whether there is all necessary for occupations. Surely learn that else you should bring for occupations of the child what is taken a dress code.

If to you everything was pleasant to

, and conditions suit you, attend trial class with the child. As a rule, it is free. After occupation learn whether the head, other children, occupations was pleasant to it. And if it was pleasant, so it is possible to register safely.

the parents who wrote down the child in section have a new problem: affairs became more, and a number of hours in days the same. It is necessary to organize in a new way time of the son or daughter that all - all to be in time.

Time and day of week should be chosen as

get rid of illusions In advance. The child is still rather small and is not able to bear full responsibility for himself. Its interests are unstable. It means that even at the most favorable succession of events you should be aware of when and what occupations at the child that he has to prepare houses that it has to bring with itself(himself). It is necessary to know it not to do everything for the child and to secure him. If he forgets - remind. Not once or twice you should persuade the child to go to classes, even in the most favourite circle. However it is worth doing it in case you are really sure that the unwillingness to go to section at the child is connected with momentary mood, but is not resistant unwillingness to be engaged there in general.

Remember that you care for physical, mental, creative, social development of the child. Unless so difficulties which you meet, in comparison with your purpose are big?