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About circles and sections. Whether part 1

needs to be given the child to section or a circle? Whether it will become for it excessive loading in addition to occupations at school? Or, on the contrary, it is necessary to recognize from the fact that activity change - the best rest? Then in what circle to write down the son or the daughter? How to choose that which the child will visit both with pleasure, and with advantage for himself?

Probably, each parent asks these questions once. The definite answer to them cannot be given. The father and mother in each case should weigh all pros and cons.

So, pro:

1. Occupations in a circle or section are:

Switching will help to have a rest of tiresome school day, to cope with the fatigue which collected in a day. After classes in a circle or section the child can start performance of homeworks with renewed strength.

2. Occupations in a circle, section is a way of the organization of leisure of the child. It is one of the most frequent arguments pro adduced by parents. Really, circles and sections quite often are the only way to organize time after school for those fathers and mothers who work and cannot stay at home with the beloved child after lessons. The child attending out-of-school classes has less chances to get to some trouble on the street, to do something the house, to get addictions (for example, to learn to smoke under careful control of the senior companions or to conceive a liking for game on automatic machines which stand at every turn today and invitingly blink multi-colored bulbs). Agree, in a circle under supervision of the head the child in bigger safety.

3. Occupations in a circle, section is a communication. to Parents of the timid, constraining child psychologists often recommend to write down it in some circle. Groups there usually small, so the stress is not so big as, for example, at school, and it is not so terrible to get acquainted with someone. As a rule, children in a circle are more similar among themselves as they have common interests. It facilitates establishment of the friendly relations.

Besides, for all children group in a circle - society model in a miniature. Less formalized situation gives more opportunities to test various behavior models. And need of achievement of a common goal forces children to develop skills of communication, to learn to resolve the conflicts, to defend the opinion and to reach compromise.

4. Occupations in a circle, section promote formation of responsibility, independence. If the child wants to visit a favourite circle, so it has to learn to remember and control a set of things at once. For example:

For the child of seven - nine years it is very complex challenge. It has neither “adult“ will power, nor “adult“ memory, nor “adult“ foresight and judiciousness yet. It should be taken into account that the child will not learn all this if everything for him is done by parents or grandmothers - grandfathers. Here everything depends on adults. It is impossible to perform for the child that work which he is capable to make (let in the beginning and with effort) itself if you want to use the potential of out-of-school occupations. And here to help the kid to learn independence it is just necessary. We will talk about how to organize time of the child attending out-of-school classes later.

5. Occupations in a circle, section promote development of abilities. several options are possible Here.

6. Occupations in a circle, section promote increase of a self-assessment. Visiting section in which to be engaged really interestingly, even the most diffident child will surely achieve success. Let small, but very important for it. This small victory will strengthen faith of the child in itself, in the forces. It will become surer not only in situations of occupations in a circle, but also in life in general.

It is unconditional, achievements in a circle in itself it can appear insufficiently. Parents have to pay attention to its achievements surely. To praise, emphasize that they very much are proud of it. Perhaps, to brag of its progress to people around - certainly, in the presence of the child. To hope, as for the rest he will be the same good fellow now and will cope with everything. It is only extremely important not to overdo. You should not think that, time the child is small, he is not able to distinguish sincere admiration from flattery. Let your praise will be adequate to real achievements of the child. If you, wishing to make it pleasant, are insincerely, the son or the daughter will cease to trust your assessment.

Should note also one more important aspect. Parents in something not really successful children often are so concentrated on these difficulties seeming to them insuperable that just do not see behind them abilities and talents of the child. Here only one case from practice of the psychologist:

Lena, the girl, high with a sports figure, was given on reception by mother. On consultation Lena was silent: it seemed, conversation did not interest her. Probably, everything that was told by mother, the girl heard far more than once.

Mother of Lena was very upset with

. As it became clear, the next two of the daughter on mathematics. Both mother, and the father of Lena studied at school on the five and the fours. Therefore bad progress of the daughter just did not go in at them. “And we are engaged with it. Together we do homework, we explain everything, and I pound any. Only also speaks:“ I do not understand, I cannot, I do not want““.

Having interrupted with

mother`s monologue, the psychologist asked Lena: “You are pleasant to study, to go to school?“

the Girl, without looking at the psychologist, indifferently answered: “No“.

“You have at school friends?“ - the psychologist took an interest.

“Is not present

, - Lena says, - nobody is on friendly terms with me... To me all the same“.

All this time mother of Lena very clearly emphasized

: “Here you see! I spoke to you - is interested in nothing, wants nothing!“ - and obviously waited the moment when it is given an opportunity to tell it aloud.

“Well, maybe, though something is pleasant to you at school?“ - the psychologist at the girl tried to find out.

“Yes nothing is impossible to me. Well, truth... - Lena looked back to mother and indecisively finished: - I love physical culture, especially when we play basketball“.

the Remark caused indignation of mother:“ Basketball is not a useful occupation! Better the daughter would learn lessons! There is no time to be engaged in basketball because Lena already does not cope with the school program! Besides, that took in section, it is necessary to possess data, and Lena never seriously played sports. And in general, Lena all the same will give up occupations in a week because she cannot even remember and make class timetable without ten reminders homeworks...“

the Psychologist was forced to interrupt with

a mother`s monologue because saw that at the girl who is not deciding to object tears in the eyes began to shine.

Having asked to wait Lena behind a door, the psychologist long talked to mother. Explained to her as it is important for the child to believe in himself as it is important that others believed in you, especially the dearest and close people - parents. Told about how important to the child to achieve success, and it is not obligatory in mathematics at all.

Having listened to the psychologist, mother of Lena agreed to try to show the daughter to the coach of the team of school on basketball.

Upon Lena and her mother the psychologist happened a year later. Lena smiled and looked in the face, and her mother did not look such upset any more. The trainer, to huge surprise of mother, agreed to be engaged with Lena. To a bigger surprise of parents, Lena did not miss training. In half a year the girl was transferred to the main structure of school team, and now it protects honor of school at competitions.

“And how with mathematics?“ - the psychologist risked to take an interest.

“With mathematics? - mother slightly was confused. - Yes, frankly speaking, practically still. But we with the father thought that it is not so important. It is possible and to live without mathematics. Especially to the sportswoman. However, daughter?“ At the same time mother had very proud look.

Reflect. Perhaps, you torment with the equations of the talented musician. Or you force to draw the capable chess player. Certainly, it is pleasant to parents when their child successfully studies at school. Certainly, school knowledge is useful in future life. But if something is impossible to your child, stop for a minute and answer yourself a question: can be, it will turn out to live also without it? Perhaps all this does not cost your nerves and your tears of the son or daughter? Look narrowly, at your child it is obligatory to eat abilities of which it is possible to be proud. And it is not less at all, than the five in the diary. Manage to make out these abilities. Find the place where to your child will help to develop them. Believe in it and support. Then he will surely achieve success and will become surer not only in concrete narrow area, but also in life in general.