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Source of pleasure

in the Winter when hundreds of tourists go to mountains or to the warm sea, we offer you more interesting option - to recover to the region of Italy Aemilia Romagna and to present to ourselves week in the balneological resort. Especially as at this time such pleasure will cost you absolutely cheap.

knows to the Little that Giuseppe Verdi and Federico Fellini`s homeland - Aemilia Romagna - is well-known not only monuments of architecture, fascinating landscapes, cheese parmesan, Parma ham and tremendous wine, but also thermal resorts.

surpasses by

On waters all other Mediterranean countries In the number of thermal resorts Italy.

the First terms appeared in Ancient Rome - in those days baths served not only the place of ablution, gathered here for philosophical discussions and physical exercises which took place in the rooms called by palestras. In breaks between an umoshcheniye oil or bathing people read verses and executed music. Romans understood how the bath is useful to health therefore terms were favourite leisure of exclusive and wealthy Romans. The Roman doctor, the philosopher and the writer Asklepiad for commitment to bathing balneotherapy was nicknamed by “bather“. He wrote that purity of a body, moderate gymnastics, sweating in a bath, massage, a diet and walks in the fresh air are necessary for treatment of the patient. Asklepiad lived more than 70 years, and his techniques are actual to this day.

Subsequently thermal sources of the Apenninsky peninsula became popular

across all Europe, however, only representatives of the nobility could afford treatment on waters. Fortunately, today natural hot springs are available absolutely to all.

Beautiful rest

in the field of Northern Italy Aemilia Romagna 23 thermal centers are. Water, various on chemical composition (from fresh to hydrocarbonate, from hydrosulphuric to sulphatic) works real miracles with an organism. Here go to get rid arthritis, rheumatism, diseases of nervous system, neuralgia, neuritis, muscular pains, gynecologic diseases, infertility and many other illnesses. Balneological resorts are irreplaceable at diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, diseases of the top airways, etc. Well and, of course, thermal sources in combination with dirt and Spa - procedures is the best way to prolong youth and beauty for many years. Not without reason the queen Cleopatra liked to luxuriate in hot thermal water, and she was a good judge of it!

the Town of Forli where 2 times a week (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) fly from Moscow planes of Windjet airline, - the best starting point to begin “beautiful“ travel. If you up to the end did not decide on the program, then can make a route on the place: two days in one thermal resort, three - on another, and between times to see this wonderful region, the benefit here everything is close.

the First point of your appointment. By the way, the word Bagno in Italian means “medicinal waters“. The medieval town of Banyo - di - Romano is the real oasis with the purest air and the untouched nature. The drink of transparent mountain air will instantly restore you after flight, and walk on national park will force to forget about city bustle.

In the territory a term hotels are: Hotel Euroterme (www. euroterme. com/index. php) and Grand Hotel Terme Roseo (www. termeroseo. it/index. php) where it is possible to complete a course of a lymphatic drainage, a hydromassage with natural herbs, to make a facial massage, mud wrappings which are shown even to absolutely healthy person. After the first procedure you will notice that skin became smooth and velvety, and on a face the gentle flush appeared.

in the territory of Banyo - di - Romano settles down one more Spa - hotel - The Hotel Tosco Romagnolo (www. paoloteverini. it). Hotel which building was built at HP boundary - HSh of centuries, operates Taverini`s family today. Domesticity is shown in everything here: the father Paolo fills with kitchen - he personally controls quality of products which appear then at you on a plate. Signora Taverini is the chief manager of hotel - will take care of that your stay was the most comfortable, and their daughter will pick up to you the suitable program of rest - in its introduction there is a zone SPA. Not to get confused in variety of procedures, for a start try the one-day program of beauty. For example, Wellbeing which includes classical massage of a body, a wrapping white clay and a bathtub with mineral dirt. The Sweet Moments program is a chocolate wrapping, Cleopatra`s bathtub and... surprise. In “the menu of beauty“ there are also seven-day programs for every taste and a purse: a course on corrections of a figure, the course “Antistress“ and many other things.

Seven sources

In the town of Fratt Terme which is located in mountains in 30 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and in 10 kilometers from Forli, from the earth beat seven sources with water, different in structure, each of which is unique on the content of mineral salts. The best hotel of the city The Grand Hotel Terme Delia Fratta (www. termedellafratta. it/index. php), opened only three years ago, is an excellent place for a privacy and an absolute relax. 13 hectares of excellent parks and the whole system of pools, Spa - the center where do a wrapping by therapeutic mud and warm compresses of the pounded petals of roses - what else is necessary for happiness?

Useful dirt is brought from nearby hills, within several months it is enriched with mineral water, and then is used for wrappings which restore elasticity of skin and rejuvenate it.

Besides traditional massage, it is possible to pass full medical examination here: at your service all main experts - the gastroenterologist, the gynecologist, the dermatologist, the ENT specialist, the cardiologist and even the psychologist. If you in the recent past the smoker or try to get rid of this addiction, week of a detoks will help you to forget forever about cigarettes.

Also in 7 days you will be able to correct a figure considerably: after various massages, baths, peelings, mud wrappings and a lymphatic drainage the result will not keep itself waiting.

day, free from procedures, we advise

B to go to walk to the city of Bertinoro where it is possible to try a traditional cuisine at authentic restaurant, to test local wines in the Museum of wine and to admire boundless pastoral landscapes.

the Bathtub with champagne

to Kastrokaro Terma as the thermal resort, is known more than 150 years. Local waters (gidrokarbonatno - sulphatic - natrivy) and dirt are very useful to treatment of respiratory diseases, diseases of the blood circulatory system, skin and gynecologic diseases, and also diseases oporno - the motive device. The Italian Ministry of Health appropriated to Kastrokaro Terma the I category that confirms once again uniqueness of local waters. The resort is surrounded with two big parks which are intended for walks and sports activities. There are several pools, and also the rehabilitation centers where it is possible to complete a course on improvement of an organism which cornerstone curative properties of local water and modern techniques are. Grand Hotel Terme in Kastrokaro (www. termedicastrocaro. it) - an example of style an art - a sound board, kept original interiors 30 - x years. The building built in 1939 was restored in 2000 - the m Magnificent furniture (marble bathrooms and Murano glass) will be to the taste even to the choosiest lodger. It is interesting that the penthouse in this hotel once was occupied by Mussolini: to rise by excursion in its apartments, you should use the special elevator.

On the first floor is velness - the center where at your service to boors, a sauna and beauty shops, here too it is possible to make first-class Ayurvedic, Swedish, Thai massages or anti-aging procedure for face skin. Pools which here a little, deserve hotel attention. For example, the pool with the iodated hot water which temperature is equal to body temperature +36 ° C. All perimeter of the pool is beaten by keys thanks to which the effect of a hydromassage is reached. From first minute of stay here you will feel how each muscle of your body relaxes, problems pass into the background, and the organism restores forces. By the way, if “to swim“ in such pool it is regular, in a week you will forget about what is cellulitis.

Other pool is intended to

for those who complain of vessels. During half-hour procedure you will not lie, and... to go. More precisely to pass from one superficial pool into another, with water, different in structure, and with the contrast temperature from 26 to 35 ° C. During a movement in a circle there is a massage by a foot of legs. From - for the fact that temperature condition all the time changes microcirculation improves, blood vessels train, and also the increased arterial pressure decreases.

Excellent completion of water procedures, to raise the general tone, to improve health and mood.

If you want something special, local SPA will help you with it. For example, demand for procedures with the local Lambrusco sparkling wine which possesses the fine restoring properties is observed recently.


Irrespective of how many days you will carry out in the thermal resort - one or ten, try to be disconnected from everything and to relax as much as possible. Switch off phone, you do not watch TV and do not think of work at all - try to listen, at last, to yourself. And the picturesque nature of Italy will promote it!