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Flu at children of

Flu, and also other sharp respiratory viral infections - the main reason for incidence at children and adults. Statistically, the adult has a SARS on average 2 times to a year, the school student 3 times, the child of preschool age to 6 times. These diseases constitute special danger to children of the first year of life from - for high risk of development of bacterial complications. Therefore to know about what it is possible to help the child in case of an illness, follows each parent.

Of course, it is dangerous to self-medicate, especially if it is about the child of the first year of life, but it is necessary to have an idea of those medicines which are prescribed by the doctor and the nobility that can be made before his arrival.

a flu Virus - one of numerous respiratory viruses. Quite often the word “flu“ also mistakenly call all sharp respiratory viral infections (SRVI). However flu, unlike other SARS, has accurately outlined clinical picture of a disease. Temperature sharply increases to 38 degrees and above. The child becomes whining, is capricious, refuses meal. Children are more senior complain of an ache in bones, muscles, joints, a headache. Slightly later the nose congestion at poor cold appears, irritation in a throat, dry painful cough quite often joins, on the second - the third day arises feeling of a scratching behind a breast. Often children of the first year have lives, flu can proceed is not so expressed, with smaller extent of manifestation of the above-named clinical signs.

Flu and other SARS affect with

airways of the person and are transmitted vozdushno - a drop way. Allocates with a sick sharp respiratory viral infection at breath, sneezing and cough in environment of a droplet of saliva and slime which contain viruses. The healthy person inhales them together with air, the virus gets on mucous airways or eyes - and there is an infection. And the distributor of an infection can be ill benign. On open space these viruses quickly perish, and indoors they keep much longer ability to infect the person.

Also respiratory viruses keep viability on various objects for some time: door handles, hand-rail, writing-materials etc. Therefore it is possible to catch also a contact way. For example, if the healthy kid took a toy after the patient, and then dirty hands rubbed to himself eyes, touched a nose - there is an infection.

For this reason during epidemic recommend not to drive the child to crowded places (theaters, cinema, shops), and also to wash hands more often and not to touch them a nose, not to rub eyes (though, of course, rules of personal hygiene should be followed also out of an epidemiological season).


Treatment of flu

For treatment of flu usually use the antiviral preparations of nonspecific action (interferona) and specific antiviral means which are selectively influencing a flu virus. However application of the last of - for their high toxicity at children`s age is limited. These means are appointed to kids years and only the doctor are more senior.

to Children since the birth can apply nasal drops grippferon. Besides, since six months it is possible to accept anaferon children`s. It is authorized to use homeopathic medicines, in particular, inflyutsidy. Before use of these preparations it is necessary to study the instruction. It is necessary to apply other medicines only after medical examination.


Besides, for treatment of flu use so-called symptomatic means. They do not influence a virus, but help to cope with such unpleasant symptoms of a disease as fever, a headache, cough, cold.

At temperature increase to 38,5 degrees and above the child is given febrifugal (paracetamol, an ibuprofen, etc.) . To kids with a serious illness warmly - vascular, respiratory and nervous systems febrifugal appoint at lower temperature - 38,0 ° With, as well as to children of the first three months of life. But as some febrifugal have restrictions to application at children`s age and can cause side effects, they are recommended to be applied after consultation with the pediatrician. Aspirin is not appointed to children till 15 years with a SARS and flu from - for risk of development of a syndrome to Reja (the dangerous, life-endangering state which is characterized by development of a liver failure and hypostasis of a brain). Also at its application there can be other by-effects: an ulceration of a mucous membrane zheludochno - an intestinal path, nasal bleedings etc.

Will help to reduce temperature of rubdown of the child water of room temperature. Do not forget to give it plentiful drink.


At severe cold apply symptomatic means which by difficult impacts on a vascular wall, reduce allocations from a nose. But the expert has to appoint these preparations. At moderate allocations from a nose recipes of traditional medicine will help. Provided that the child has no temperature, hot foot bathtubs are resolved (it is possible with mustard powder addition). If the kid has no dermatitis and other diseases of skin, it is possible to apply dry mustard plasters to plantar area and to pound gastrocnemius muscles and feet the irritating ointments (also on condition of normal temperature).

If cold plentiful or remains for a long time, surely consult with the doctor.

At body temperature from 39 degrees and needs to cause an emergency medical service above which does not give in to decrease by the means and medicines which are used in house conditions. Especially, when against fever the child pale, he has cold hands and legs. Besides, if cough at the little patient becomes “barking“, there is short wind (violation of frequency and depth of breath which is followed by feeling of shortage of air), then it speaks about stenoziruyushchy laryngotracheitis or a false croup, that is about narrowing of a gleam of a throat. In that case the urgent help is required. Refusal of it can be life-threatening. Children till three years are located in hospital together with parents.

Before arrival of “ambulance“ needs to calm the child, to give it warm drink, to provide access of fresh air (to open a window leaf, to air the room).

But if there is no need to call “ambulance“, all the same it is necessary to see a doctor, not to self-medicate.

When at home the patient appeared, it needs to allocate the certain room, to air the room more often, to surround it with care and attention. Healthy family members for prevention can use nasal drops of interferon.

the Bed rest is recommended to be observed until temperature is normalized. But, naturally, here everything depends on age and temperament of the child. It is unlikely you will force the restless kid whole day to lie in a bed. Try to play with it silent games, to read the book, tell the interesting fairy tale. Perhaps, the child exhausted with an illness soon will fall asleep. By the way, some children at a temperature of 38 - 39 ° With will be sluggish and inactive.


Today in the ways of prevention of flu are vaccination, reception of antiviral preparations and strengthening of immunity.

the flu Inoculation (Split - a vaccine) is allowed

by separate types of vaccines from six-months age. But before immunization surely consult with the expert and study the instruction to a vaccine. There can be contraindications and age limits. It is impossible to do an inoculation at an allergy to protein of egg, in the period of an exacerbation of chronic diseases, at a sharp respiratory infection and some time after it. The live and inactivated vaccines are also contraindicated at bronchial asthma, some diseases is warm - vascular and nervous systems.


After an inoculation collateral reactions can be observed: a general malaise, a headache, temperature increase, in the place of introduction of vaccines - hypostasis, morbidity and reddenings. Seldom, but nevertheless allergic reactions (meet up to anaphylactic shock). Consultation of the doctor will help to minimize risk of the undesirable phenomena.

Be attentive

, vaccination should be carried out in advance, prior to the beginning of a flu epidemic. That full-fledged immunity managed to be developed there have to pass at least 2 - 3 weeks.


it is strictly forbidden to do an inoculation if the kid is sick or at once after recovery.

the Influenzal vaccine contains strains of three epidemic actual viruses (or their anti-genes) which are selected on the basis of recommendations of World Health Organization. Except a virus of flu there are about 200 more types of other viruses. Therefore even if the child is vaccinated from flu, the probability of a disease of flu of other strain or a SARS is not excluded.


for the purpose of prevention of flu and a SARS use preparations: nasal drops grippferon, anaferon children`s and homeopathic remedies.


have to be appointed only the doctor taking into account a clinical state and if necessary after studying of the immune status of an organism.

For natural support of an organism can use folk remedies, to eat garlic, onions. It is useful to accept the polyvitaminic complexes which are especially containing zinc, selenium and iodine. It is impossible to forget about intestinal microflora maintenance also. Include enough fruit and vegetables in the child`s diet. Flour products and sweet should be limited. It is possible to accept the special medicines exerting positive impact on microbic flora (for example, an eubikor). Of course, observance of the general regime recommendations is always useful. It is up to one year better to nurse the kid. The antibodies to viruses which are contained in maternal milk protect it from infections. Therefore the children who are on natural feeding have respiratory diseases less often, and the illness proceeds at them more softly. Besides, it is necessary to spend more time in the fresh air. Besides walks it will also be useful for children of school age to play sports, to become tempered.

during rise in incidence respiratory to infections should be used

less often public transport, whenever possible to avoid places of a mass congestion of people (theaters, policlinics, cafe etc.).