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Gastric gripes of

the child is hurt by a stomach, probably, it is gripes, cries for 3 hours after feeding. Help any councils what to do? How to eat to mother?

  • is Helped by Espumizan - 40 syrup especially for babies. A little more the following pose of the child kills pain: You bend a hand in an elbow on the 90th hail., you put the child facedown, a tummy on a hand, a head on an elbow bend (to put a head sideways itself turns). It is possible to hold with other hand. Heat plus pressure calms puziko. We so even fell asleep during gripes. Serzov have this pose in the book if you have this book - look.
  • In - the first not to worry. Through gripes there pass all kids, especially boys suffer from it. After 3 - x months will gradually come to naught. (We very strongly suffered from it). What can be made: If you feed with
    1. , then exclude chocolate, cabbage, any shipuchka (Pepsi, lemonades), cucumbers and, naturally, marinated, sharp.
    2. you Watch that the child daily crapped. To help to pokakat and let out GAZ cars it is possible the Q-tip which is plentifully moistened in vegetable or children`s masliyets. To enter on 0. The 5th centimeter in buttocks and to twist clockwise to a strelochka (at the same time to press legs to a tummy). To some children the heat bath helps to prokakatsya.
    3. Surely let`s belch
    4. IN TIME and after feeding.
    5. by
    6. to Some kids situation on a tummy helps to propukatsya (it is possible it to itself on a knee to put).
    7. during gripes it is better for li to hold the child vertically or semi-sitting. In this plan, a swing (swing) and a kengurushka fine rescue.
    8. do not leave to
    9. the child to lie on a back, even in a carriage since. this situation only strengthens gripes (for this reason, the first months, many children cry in a carriage). The best situation - on one side.
    10. to
    11. the Warm diaper, massage on a tummy - all this too helps
    12. Dill water or special drops will facilitate to the kid of colic.
    13. Be checked by
    14. for dysbacteriosis
    15. Let`s the child suck a pacifier or a breast - it eases to it torments.
    16. I Give you a reference where it is still written about gripes: virtualave. net/baby/health/colics. html.
    Galina Kovalenko I consider by
  • Ya that to children of gripes not to avoid, but they can be facilitated considerably! Someone is helped by Planteks, to someone Espumizan (to us, for example) etc. To whom that. But I consider that, first of all, if you nurse, it is necessary to watch the diet. Personally I did not eat in general some black bread (a fermentation product), bean, cabbage. With a tummy almost did not suffer.
    of LubaM
  • A at my children of gripes was not at all. I watched that they had a normal chair several times a day and massed a tummy that there were no GAZ cars. That`s all. To 3kh months I nursed only (on gave neither water, nor juice), and then began to lure mixes (milk fell down), and entered juice only in 4 months. I ate everything.
    of Mama
  • Ya, in - the first, did massage (strokings on a stomach “on the turned letter “U“), GAZ cars were so removed, and Kolka broke wind. Then tried to drink camomile Hippy tea (but it did not help) and tea from fennel (it did not help us too, helped others). Well, and, at last, mixtures of Bebinos (the most weak, on a vegetable basis), Espumizan (we drink still time on 3 - 5 in day on a measured spoon, till 3,5 months) or Sab Simpleks (his substitute). I add or at the end of feeding to dairy mix, or it is possible just to give from a spoon since it is sweet. The result is very good. The baby began to sleep peacefully and not to suffer a stomach.
    the Asterisk
  • I Send you article from the website of the parental center “Lada“.
    “Wants to return to conversation on gripes at chest kids and to tell about how we earned them and as fought with them. Nothing helped - neither massage of a tummy clockwise, nor a heated diaper, nor dancings with the shouting monster on hands. The mother`s diet was powerless too. You take a usual rubber pear, you cut off at it a bottom. Something similar turns out on a funnel. You grease the end of a tubule with masliyets or children`s cream and somewhere on centimeter you insert into buttocks. The child at the same time lies on a back or on one side (as it is more convenient to you). You take legs together and you lift up. Be not frightened baby`s cries - a tummy - that hurts! The inserted tubule can be shaken slightly here and there, at the same time there are both “bunches“, and “kak“. And so several times, until the tummy becomes soft and will return to the normal sizes“.
    of Anastasius
  • A our kid reacts to weather. If fall of temperature is observed, then we suffer from gripes, and we escape only a tubule - a gazootvodka, long (but not cut off pear), one end is oiled, and other end in the container with water is inserted into buttocks on 7 - 8 cm, and we mass a tummy or we press legs until air does not stop coming out. And at Serzov measures for fight against gripes are very well described. Shanya
  • Ya only alcohol I am afraid to drink
    , and so already and chocolate favourite I hryapat, and even ate a pickle - everything normally. And it seems ate that “by rules earlier“, and the child suffered, the only thing that is valid podeystvovato awfully - stewed cabbage (my darling). I it gorged on decently, so dithat suffered - just horror! :( Here still remembered - after condensed milk at the lad a bum red, so I ceased to add it to tea and everything is normal :) Masha + Sasha
  • Very well helps
    dragging of the child on hands long - long in the late afternoon. Everyone is attracted. Gripes, of course, do not pass, but are transferred easier.
  • A to us very much a kangaroo helped
    of Vick. Pleasure
  • Try
    1. massage of a tummy (on a letter “P“),
    2. a camomile tea (lukewarm drinks better), well, and most important
    3. Espumbzan - 40 syrup - a thing!!!
    Yes, still, a grelochka warm on a tummy and to put purely woolen scarf (grandmother`s down it is possible) on a tummy, sometimes helped. More often let lies on a stomach. At some even children sleep on a stomach, but at me very much does not love it.
    the Asterisk
  • Ya changed () food - and everything very quickly came to an end. I send you the story.
    When hurts a tummy...
    Most of mothers remember time of infantile gripes as a continuous nightmare. I admit, to me too fairly got until I, at last, found out by tyk method that all - can be undertaken. My friends had then no problems. I think that my supervision still can be useful to somebody... Everything began as it is necessary, in 3 weeks. Usually quietly sleeping child cried out to blue in the face, writhed and brought me just to paralysis - I did not know where to run and whom to ask what happens to my best and quietest kid. Neither dill water, nor the massage recommended by all clever books around a navel - nothing helped! Week flew in some waste. At last the come doctor asked me that I eat. And here began... It appears, all products which I so loved, from now on and for three months ahead to me is it is impossible!!! For me who was so liking to eat tasty it was not just the blow... And it was impossible to eat, certainly, the most favourite. But it did not help. And then I began to experiment. Cleaned some product from a diet and tremblingly prepared for evening watch. Did not help long, but I in perfection learned to dance with the child on hands, to watch TV and to talk to guests on the run, to erase and make a dinner with the daughter in a backpack where she was warmed and calmed down. Probably, our case was especially heavy because when my beloved child at last calmed down, it was simpler to list that could be eaten, than the fact that it is impossible. All my diet was reduced to boiled sea fish with greens, to meatless soup, chicken breast, milk and buckwheat cereal. And any fruit (it in August - that month)! My attempt to break a fruit taboo led to cries and rash which did not descend one and a half months. Certainly, all guests came then, and with the concealed horror admired leopardovo - my green mordakhy beloved daughter, hardly nodding on my question: it is such nice, the truth? But in a week of colic came to an end, and one and a half months to three we lived already quietly. And my friends had no such problems at all, they, on the contrary, began with cruelly cut down menu and gradually entered new products, during two - three days observing reaction. If everything was quiet and peaceful, it strongly occupied the place.
    In - the first, any melon cultures! Cucumbers, melons, water-melons - all this leads to gripes, and quite often and to diathesis as it is usually stuffed with any chemical rubbish (if, certainly, they are not grown up on hotly favourite own beds). Certainly, it is impossible to abuse everything that is received as a result of fermentation process: kefir, sauerkraut, fermented baked milk; besides - any canned food, including, and house, mayonnaise and everything that contains vinegar. More carefully with bread, rye it is better to exclude absolutely, from it and at adults sometimes “twists“ a stomach what to speak about kids! The same concerns bean and pearl barley. With fruit and berries it is worth being more attentive too - in particular, with the apples and cultures which are not belonging to our climatic zone - any exotic you should not be fond, it is better to eat cherries, than sweet cherries, under a condition, of course, that in an hour after the berry of your kid eaten on test does not obsypt from legs to the head. But also the fact that the kid did not react to an innovation in any way does not mean that now it can be eaten with kilograms. I also heard council that all “red“ products can lead to diathesis and diarrhea - carrots, strawberry (well, with it - that everything is just clear), tomatoes and so on. By the experience I can tell nothing, but on carrot we had a normal reaction, probably, it is a thing especially individual, besides carrots strengthen a lactation.
    Certainly, categorically is impossible everything that contains preservatives and stabilizers, all that disappears under a badge E with figures since the human body cannot split them, and respectively and to remove. These substances - so-called “xenobiotics“ - collect in a liver and kidneys and renounce in milk that can lead to a heavy allergy. So (and) it is better for other aerated water to forget about sausages, sausages, smoked products and lemonades for a while. Remember
    , everything that you eat, gets to your kid! Actually, everything is much more cheerful, than I wrote. There are still natural products - milk, fast meat and fresh fish, any porridges (by the way, it is better dark - buckwheat, oat, millet), potatoes, a bird, oil, milk, cottage cheese - generally, rather healthy products!
    Besides, absolutely magic action is made by water - gather a heat bath and, having put the kid a paunch on a palm, bultykhat it there until water relaxes tummy muscles (on it about half an hour of the crooked standing over a bathroom or lying in it with the peanut on own stomach leaves usually). Also poses of “pilot“ or “Carlson“ help - the kid “flies“ on the house, lying a stomach on your linked palms. Do not forget also that there are herbs which will a little brighten up to you the most peak moments - it is dill water (1 h l. on a glass of water), tea with fennel and special teas for babies. And the good diet will lead to the fact that intestines of your baby are stabilized before 3 months and your evening vigils will remain in the past!
    of Anastasius When grew at
  • my first daughter - it was the horror! Eternal gripes. What we only did not do - both to a gas-layer, and enemas, and a warm napkin on a tummy. And by 3 months just everything was normalized, and after the 3rd problem this izchezla! with
    of Ritul
  • So, I begin fight against gripes and I go on the most strict diet (the truth, I already eat as the prisoner, practically I afford nothing). Here the list of what I will consume:
    1. of Kashi (on milk, a little bit sugar, without salt) - oat-flakes, buckwheat, a pshenka.
    2. Boiled chicken in broth with potato, carrot and parsley (whether it is possible to put a bulb in this soup?)
    3. the Same soup, but with beef.
    4. Yoghurt without addition of fruit (or nevertheless it is equated to kefir?)
    5. Cheese.
    6. Steam cutlets from beef and chicken.
    7. Macaroni.
    8. Sour cream.
    9. Small loafs dry (or to delete them, there, probably, any stabilizers and E).
    10. Tea with milk without sugar.
    11. Cookies.
    12. From fruit - bananas from a pear.
    13. Children`s mix Aga - from dairy kitchen (a first-class thing, it now for me drug).
    People what you think, maybe, I passed something harmful and forgot to include something useful?
  • Onions, yogurt, fruit juice at me passed
    of Tyulen normally. Potato, fish - too. Cheese - only not smoked and little by little. If you exclude fruit, do not forget to poprinimat vitamins.
    of Mamaoss
  • U us nasty reaction to potato (even very much!) even now, a claw I consider that passed already gripes... And here a pshenka - it is normal. Still twisted it from sour cream :( and both from city, and from rural.
    Masha + Sasha Is suspicious
  • a pshenka, and here yogurts I ate everything, and somehow managed. It is possible to add cottage cheese in all manifestations and something like vegetable marrows, pumpkin. From tasty - it was normal from white fish (sturgeon etc.) . the Bee
  • Ya too already everything poisklyuchit
    . I eat buckwheat, (I hate) porridge, beef, chicken, carrots, green tea. Three months passed, and the stomach has all the same an effect.
  • Potatoes and pears I would delete
    of nina: from Max`s potato to 3 - x months swelled out - kryuchit, even from washed out, I everything three times ate its up to this point; pears fix, by hearsay. I did not eat, on everyone the firefighter. Chicken and a liver can be allergens, but a chicken I ate all the same. And here small loafs to us did not go, it turned out that nothing, except white long loafs, is impossible for me. Still.
    Gala Kolontsova