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Presence of birds at a garden and sounds of their singing bring to most of people huge joy. Even during the gray and sad winter our feathery friends are pleasing to the eye and give feeling of completeness of life, with loud chatter pottering about at feeding troughs. Thus, they introduce life and the movement in a garden at all seasons of the year.


As well as for any other living beings, for birds it is necessary to create favorable conditions to attract them in your garden. It is possible to begin with installation of winter feeding troughs, nesting boxes or bowls for bathing of birds. But it is better to plan initially landscaping of a garden taking into account certain requirements that it was attractive to birds of the most different types.

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, some birds are flying and migrate to warmer regions for cold winter time. Many species, for example, of an oriole, robins and others, have feature to come back to the same places of stay from year to year to nest and bring baby birds. It occurs if the food in these parts suffices, there is a reliable protection against predators and convenient places for creation of nests. All this can be provided, having correctly picked up plants and having planned a garden taking into account basic needs of birds. it is important to p to remember

that different conditions for existence are required for different types of birds, that is each look occupies the certain niche in the nature. One live on the earth, others adapted to life highly on tops of trees. Therefore it is important to understand what birds you want to attract what living conditions are necessary to them, and according to it to plan landscaping. Some types can adapt to various conditions and landscapes, but there are also very choosy.


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it is important to birds to create a new landscape for birds in harmony with already existing garden, its style. For example, natural and natural style of a garden, so attractive to birds, will badly look near a garden with strict forms when in each plant the hand of the person is felt. Now the choice of plants is huge and you will surely find something suitable at the same time both for you, and for birds whom you want to attract.

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of One of basic needs of all living beings existence of protection against predators for them and their cubs is. And birds in this plan are not an exception. Some bird species can use for protection against predators various shelters, others - only very specific. But all types have preferences. The birds living on the earth, for example quails, sparrows, prefer low shelters in the form of decorative herbs and a kizilnik, orioles hide highly in krone of a hawthorn or juniper. When planning a landscape it is necessary to study carefully what conditions are preferred by birds whom you want to attract in a garden.

Should be remembered also - birds and cats seldom get on together in one territory. So even ideal conditions will not attract birds in your garden to life if your family favourite freely walks about on a garden and to behave as the owner.

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feeding troughs for our feathery friends, filling them with various sunflower seeds rich with oils and carbohydrates. Sunflower sunflower seeds are especially good for birds. All this helps the wintering birds to endure cold weather. However their needs for food in a warm season considerably change as birds bring baby birds. Depending on a concrete look, a bird can eat insects, berries, fruit and other juicy parts of plants. Such food is rich with protein and other necessary nutrients which are required for birds for reproduction and bringing up of baby birds. Depending on needs of birds whom you want to attract in a garden, choose and the plants delivering food and places for nesting

Different birds prefer to

various places for creation of nests. Some in the nature settle down in hollows therefore can easily adapt to nesting boxes. Others nest directly on the earth, uniting groups. The third twist nests among branches of trees at various height. Attentively study habits of birds whom you want to see in the garden and try to create the corresponding conditions. By birds various plant material for construction of nests is required. Having put in a plant garden, providing birds with necessary materials, you will create optimum conditions.

Fallen leaves

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how you were upset last fall at the sight of a huge number of fallen leaves on the favourite lawn? More they will not seem to you a problem! These leaves on the earth which we call garbage play very important role for some birds. Fallen leaves are shelter for insects during the fall, winter and spring. It is often possible to observe how sparrows, the titmouses and other birds eating at the Earth`s surface fervently overturn a leaf behind a leaf in search of a juicy tasty bug or other insect. Perhaps, you should not rake up fallen leaves? To solve to you, but leave for birds till spring at least small uchastochek lands with untouched leaves.




the Source with clear drinking water is necessary for birds of all types. If in your garden there is no reservoir, put for birds at least a small bowl with water.

Dust bathtubs

Besides food, maintenance as plumelets is very important

for birds. Bathing in dust bathtubs - hobby for many birds. On the area not less than 1 sq.m fill sand mix with the sifted ashes. Such “bathtub“ can be fenced with a border from a brick, a stone or a tree. Small pebbles and grains of sand are also necessary for birds for digestion.