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Storks nest in the Czech Republic

of Achievement of the last decades in gynecology brought to the Czech Republic deserved glory of “a cradle of babies“. Steam is a lot of (especially at the age of about forty), without having managed in the natural way to conceive the child, decide on artificial insemination, in particular, by the EKO method.

Big development was gained also by the program of donorship of ova according to which healthy women give the ovum to those who cannot become pregnant in any way. On such step there are, as a rule, women who already have children whose health allows to present happiness of motherhood and to others. There is a wish to note that such donators are held in respect in the country and similar “help“ is considered honourable.

the Czech centers for treatment of infertility and artificial insemination are not similar

to habitual formal medical institutions. Many centers are in popular resorts, in picturesque places where treatment is combined with rest and everything is directed to establishment of a peace of mind of patients.

It is no secret that the first visit to clinic is stressful for many couples, the solution of their intimate problems is transferred to the public place. Therefore in each hospital try to create the atmosphere of a privacy. At the first visit the doctor obtains full information on a state of health of both partners, a way of life, frequency of the sexual intercourses etc. Before passing of the first tests definition of the diagnosis requires three-day abstention from sexual contacts.

Today in the field of treatment of infertility the technologies allowing the man despite almost total absence of live spermatozoa or their small activity exist, to have own child conceived from it and mature by his wife. Thus, the married couple will not be forced to use sperm of the donor. Many couples come from - for borders to the Czech clinics to use chance to become “the real parents“.

the Course of treatment of infertility is most often free

for the Czech couples because it completely becomes covered by the health insurance. Existence of the PERMANENT RESIDENCE allows to receive 3 free full courses of extracorporal fertilization which success at the moment makes more than 90%. If there is no residence permit in the Czech Republic, but you want to receive medical treatment here and will arrive on a tourist visa, then it is necessary to pay all procedures. But be not afraid of huge expenses. The prices of stay in the reproductive centers of the Czech Republic quite on a pocket to the average Russian family dreaming of the child and saving money for procedure of artificial insemination. For example, this procedure for the healthy woman will cost approximately 75 000 kroner. The sum of surcharge for EKO - fertilization of in vitro (in a test tube) - can make from 4 to 10 thousand kroner. For each concrete couple or the woman dreaming of the child the treatment cost which considers current state of health and need of additional inspection or procedures separately pays off.

the Cost of stay in clinic can be increased by

by the sum of resort treatment. Many Czech gynecologists before accepting the woman on artificial insemination, recommend, at least, the ten-day course of resort treatment directed to a relaxation and restoration of a vitality. For example, many future mothers have a rest before procedure in the resort of Lugachovitsa, near Brno. The most expensive week rest in the resort with placement in number luxury on one person, three meals a day, supervision of the doctor and a complex of standard procedures, costs 16 800 kroner (634 euros). Future mothers (not important, in sanatoria or in hospitals) are in the Czech Republic under fixed supervision of doctors. If the foreigner arrived to the Czech clinic and before procedure of artificial insemination decided to spend week in the resort, then doctors of the resort conduct direct consultation with the gynecologist of the patient and consult on the carried-out procedures. Czechs are sure that what more prepared an organism of future mother, especially quietly she will endure a stress of artificial conception.

One more clinic located out of Prague, but enjoying popularity in the Czech Republic is in Gradtsa Kralov. The town is in 5 hours` journey from Prague by train. Many tourists come behind “the Czech exotic“ here, in the 14th century the town conceded on beauty only to Prague, and do not even suspect that today it is real “cradle“ for many babies. When many doctors are already powerless before infertility, couples come to the local center of artificial insemination which doctors acquired unique experience of the help in the most difficult situations.

should pay Special attention to medical personnel and those differences which are indisputable plus when comparing with medical clinics in the CIS countries. In the Czech Republic it is welcomed when treatment, artificial insemination, pregnancy and childbirth take place with the assistance of the husband. If the woman lays down in a hospital, then there are no habitual “Soviet posts“ on an entrance to clinic and rigid temporary restrictions of visit anywhere. Even if you appeared in a clinic during rounds, can quietly wait in spacious and comfortable halls from where you nobody will begin to drive. As it is strange, there is no hint on a habitual hospital smell even, and vases with the flowers add tranquility to this the period, difficult for all. Visits are allowed all and it is considered that relatives and friends - the best psychological stimulator for tranquility and confidence of future mother. In many clinics the personnel speak not only on - Czech, but also in English. Czechs of middle age “remember“ Russian and patients have no big problems at communication. In big cities, such as Prague, Brno, Plzen meets also Russian-speaking personnel. Especially Russian-speaking there is a lot of among an average medical link. So you should not be afraid of a language barrier. In extreme a case it is always possible to use a translation service.

many clinics provide to

During the prenatal period the special program of physical therapy directed to simplification of childbirth. For example, - over - Labem most of women pass two absolutely different programs of preparation for childbirth in the city of Usti. In term to 32 - x and after 32 - x weeks the nuances of physical therapy and special exercises which help with the future to lower a pain threshold are. Besides, a minimum of times a week future mothers in special groups visit the pool according to the recommendation of the gynecologist. Water helps women to relax pelvic muscles and to learn correctly to breathe in the future, at the time of delivery, to manage to relieve pain. Doctors pay special attention to what loading is received by future mothers on a backbone and joints. The cost of a course of prenatal occupations in the pool - 60 euros. And it is not important who attends these classes - the Czech citizen or the foreigner. The price remains invariable.

the Separate chamber can be at the time of delivery provided by

to clients of clinic for an additional fee. But if you choose clinic not in Prague or Brno where the big flow of women in labor, then quite can turn out so, as in standard chamber on 3 - 4 the person you will be only. Each chamber is equipped with phone for a call of personnel, and beds have buttons of a call of nurses. The same buttons are in a toilet and a bathroom on a case of the emergency call if the patient feels not very well, being in the lonely place. Many regional clinics as, for example, in the same Usti - over - Labem, have at the order in patrimonial chambers of a jacuzzi where it is possible to relax and facilitate fights. If the woman prefers to use epiduralny anesthesia, then this standard procedure takes place without excess questions. Before childbirth tasty and full-fledged three meals a day which remind stay in the resort more, than in hospital are offered to mothers.

Convenience, comfort and tranquility - here the main secret characteristics of the Czech medical institutions. The most important for doctors - the patient. And if you dream of the child, but so far the dream cannot be embodied in any way, then the small country of Czech Republic which became the homeland of much “children from a test tube“ can quite be real chance for appearance of your healthy child.