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To find the aroma of

Perfume is your signature. It is correct to pick up a smell which suits you, - art. Whatever it was - flower, chypre or fruit - this smell will accompany you at all seasons of the year and at any your mood. Smell, consider and find a smell which will help to reveal your personality.

All perfume is divided

into 7 types:

In each group the subgroups are:


(citrus): flower chypre, spicy, wood, aromatic

Flower: one flower, lavender flower, flower bouquet, greens, wood, fruit, aldegidny.

Wine glasses: flower amber, amber soft, spicy, aromatic, fruit.


: flower, fruit, greens, aromatic, skin.

Wood: aromatic, spicy, amber, fruit, sea.

Amber: flower wood, spicy, soft, citrus, flower, wood

Skin: flower, tobacco

the Most famous representatives of each group:


(citrus): Eau de Rochas, Eau de Cologne Imp é riale Guerlain, Eau Sauvage de Christian Dior, Eau d “Herm è s.

Flower: L“ Air du Temps de Nina Ricci, Ana ï s Ana ï s de Cacharel, N ° 5 de Chanel, Jardins de Bagatelle Guerlain.

Wine glasses: Jicky de Guerlain, Paco Rabanne pour Homme, Azzaro pour Homme.


: Femme de Rochas, Mitsouko de Guerlain, Yvresse d “Yves Saint Laurent, Miss Dior.

Wood: V é tiver de Guerlain, Kenzo pour Homme, Ego ï ste de Chanel.

Amber: Shalimar de Gueralin, Opium d“ Yves Saint laurent, Poison de Dior.

Skin: Cuir de Russie de Chanel and Tabac Blond de Caron.

Current trends

the Powdery perfumery (it flower) comes back to true aromas of a rose, a lavender, jasmine, patchoulis. Notice presence of more sweet smells, for example, aroma of sour cherry in Nina from Nina Ricci. Or not striking smell of Angel from Mugler with a praline shade. The main tendency is now looked through not at producers, and at consumers: they often change or even mix perfume to create an own bouquet.

What to choose?

Even if some smell to you very much was pleasant to

, you should not buy right there it as we usually buy cake, having hardly seen it on a bakery show-window. It is necessary to learn to be patient. Sometimes to have to smell it is more than ten different aromas to find that which would correspond to your mood and deep desires.

If you cannot resist spirits from the famous producer, the aura of brand so affects your feelings.

to you begins to seem to

that so you will belong to elite.

Buying by

the latest novelty, you concede to fashion whims, than own emotions rather. You risk to remain disappointed.

For whom what perfume?

Fresh notes of a flower perfume, right there will seem to you such pleasant. They are suitable for sociable and courageous people.

East notes bewitch mysterious and sensual women. Powdery are suitable for emotional and narcissistic women, women who in souls remain children, and for “women - mirrors“. Tsvetochno - fruktoy suit optimistical people who are able to try to obtain the. Shipra it are pleasant to ambitious women with character.

For what what moments perfume?

As well as clothes, perfume has to correspond to a season. Sweet smells of ripe fruit are suitable for fall, the powdery aromas caressing a body are ideal for winter. Flower shades please us in the spring, and fresh smells excite skin in the summer.

to alternate pleasures, you can change smells, creating harmonious change of aromas. For example: flower, tsvetochno - east, soft east or fresh smell, aroma of greens and fruktovo - a flower smell.

But you can play

also on contrasts: to begin morning with tsvetochno - a citrus, during the lunchtime to splash with sweet spirits and to finish day, having plunged into sensual east aroma.