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Healing by means of art of

Now and among people of creative specialties, and among the people who are not belonging to the world of art accrues the movement in support of use of graphic creativity for healing of a body, calm of reason and strengthening of spirit.

Distinction between the concept “healing“ and “treatment“ often creates wrong representations. Treatment of some disease is that the medical science by means of surgical intervention does, introductions of chemical preparations or by means of other ways of external impact on the patient`s organism. Healing is an internal process. Any person and any external influence will not be able to cure you. Only you will be able to make it.

on nervous systems we are capable to understand

Thanks to extensive medical researches of influence of emotions at last how this mighty instrument of healing can be used by any person who even does not have any abilities to painting or drawing and as it can introduce the profound changes in life of such person, having put in action at the most deep level healing processes.

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of Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology in the course of which influence of reason and mental processes on the central nervous system of an organism was studied the assumption that negative thoughts and the painful, connected with sensation of fear emotions leading to stressful states provoke the corresponding negative reactions in immune system subsequently and lead to its frustration. And the upset immune system is incapable to protect an organism from abnormal development of the cages and destructive influences coming from external environment such as viruses, bacteria and harmful chemicals.

the Psychological tension remaining during the long period of time can break harmony between an organism and environment when cages healthy before begin to work with failures - and, eventually, it leads to any physical frustration and diseases. Thus, negative thoughts, the painful or based on fear emotions lead to a stress, so, to frustration of immune system. There passes time, and diseases come or there comes functional frustration of an organism.

Knows that art dissolves a veil of fear and gives us pleasure and inspiration. Painting, music, dance and poetry bear in themselves the deep curing beginning. Process of healing and process of creation of a work of art merge together. Figuratively speaking at the time of their connection there is an explosion of creative energy. The person goes beyond the usual perception of space and time, it appears in boundless space and time where begins to see the world absolutely in a different way. It becomes capable to see painful, based on negative thoughts and sensation of fear of emotion which, as we know, weaken immune system, and to get rid of them.

As soon as these emotions become available to the directed visualization, there is an opportunity to get rid of them, “having released“ them from prison, having expressed them in a visible form of drawing, a picture, a sculpture or a collage.

the Simple fact of expression of these emotions by means of this or that art form, called by “expressional“ allows immune system to return to normal functioning.

the Term “expressional art“ means the art reflecting internal state of the person. It places emphasis on creativity process as on means of expression by the patient of the negative, painful emotions of which then it is necessary to get rid. It differs in it from therapy by means of art which is used for diagnostics. Within expressional art works of art are not used as the tool for diagnostics because only the person who created this work can know (and for a start - to learn to understand) that his soul by means of natural wisdom of a body through feelings wants to inform it and to what this message makes for it sense.


to this training - “hearing“ and understanding of information going through feelings of a body - also devoted classes in the curing art.

your body always tells to

the truth - it never lies while the reason can think out justifications, reinterpret apprehended or just deny truth. When you face a dilemma and do not know what of ways to choose or when you have to make a choice which frightens you, you have to just ask leading for suggestions at the body: it will always open for you truth by means of internal signals of feelings and emotions. Our body possesses internal natural wisdom and always knows answers which are expressed through a body by our soul...