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All truth about home kindergartens of

Increase of level of birth rate in the country about which with pride public servants speak it, certainly, is good. What so long tried to obtain in our country - correction of a demographic situation, at last is realized. However, from what party look how it appeared, our state was not ready to similar events. In other words, have it coming.

the Number of parents and their children who were left without permits in kindergartens so without preschool, I pay your attention, public, educations. In the circumstances, the market of services reacted immediately. Demand gives rise to the offer. Private and house gardens today not a rarity. Someone from parents is not happy with the state educational program, equipment of rooms, to conditions of stay and the attitude towards the child in municipal and public educational institutions and sees an exit for himself only in the child`s device in private or home kindergarten. And for someone it is just an exit in a difficult life situation when the child is 3 years old, mother should come to work, and to leave younger generation for the period of the working day there is nobody.

I as such phenomenon as home kindergarten, gains steam, certainly, there is a need for its analysis and analysis. As I will try to make in this article.


1. To begin any activity in our country it is necessary to undergo procedure of the state registration.

The matter is that according to the current legislation there is no such type of kindergarten - “house“. The list of types of preschool educational institutions is exhaustive and is provided in paragraph 7 of the Standard provision on preschool educational institution:

“Educational institutions of the following types treat preschool educational institutions:


Thus, it is obvious that under the sign “Home Kindergarten“ on the basis of the usual apartment it is impossible to work within the law.

Of course, as well as everywhere, an opportunity to find an opening that all - to work legally exists. It is possible not to be called kindergarten, and in general educational institution. The act of the Russian Federation “About education“ contains concept individual labor pedagogical activity under which sense it is possible to bring also activity of home kindergarten. The developing, educational activity, the organization of leisure do not demand licensing. Besides, circles, sections or studios at educational institutions can also work without license. Here the main thing is successful to choose the name from the list in the all-Russian qualifier of types of economic activity...

Minuses of this opening for organizers of kindergarten are that all this is an opening. And in case of drawing attention to your organization of supervisory authorities, it will not be possible to take cover. In fact, individual pedagogical activity consists in single teaching activity, whether it be lecture, a seminar, training or something like that. As we understand, daily year-round education of several preschool children does not fit into this framework. And the probability that can see illegal business activity in your actions is respectively high. Consequences of such verdict are unfavourable.

Minuses for parents of the children visiting this institution are that at such activity about any responsibility for life and health of your child of the speech does not go. As you understand, documentary, your child listens to lecture or a seminar at this time. Food, a dream, toys both other, and other do not take place at this activity. And respectively and the organizer in this case does not bear responsibility.

2. The order of the organization and activity of preschool educational institution is defined by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 1209. 2008 № 666 “About the adoption of the standard provision on preschool educational institution“. In particular the specified Resolution indicates that the right for conducting educational activity arises at the preschool educational institution registered in the order established by the law after obtaining the license and passing of certification.

However if you decided to organize kindergarten in the inhabited apartment to you it is necessary to know that according to standards of the Civil code of the Russian Federation placement by the owner in the premises of the enterprises belonging to it, institutions, the organizations is allowed only after the translation of such room in uninhabited. Besides the room of the apartment Sanitarno - to epidemiological rules and standards the SanPiN 2 does not answer. 4. 1. 1249 - 03 “Sanitarno - epidemiological requirements to the device, contents and the organization of a working hours of preschool educational institutions“ (utv. Chief state health officer of the Russian Federation on March 25, 2005)

So, the license is necessary for

for legal conducting activity. And for obtaining the license, first of all, it is necessary to coordinate the room. For registration of the room for kindergarten it is necessary to get many permissions and coordination.

the Suitable room is six square meters of the square at the child, separate playrooms and a dream, is sports - an improving complex, existence of medical care, the fire alarm system (which costs expensive absolutely, and firefighters after recent sensational tragedies in child care facilities very strictly ask), special furniture and the equipment. Besides, there is a mass of the requirements concerning catering services.

If all - you got permission from SES and firefighters, then afterwards it is necessary to provide educational and educational programs in License chamber, and also to show highly skilled teaching staff, to receive certification and state accreditation.


It is obvious that for option of home kindergarten of the requirement are impracticable. Such opportunity is simply not provided in the Russian legislation.

other option Exists - it is kindergarten in a separate cottage or a country house. Options to legalize this establishment in this case, certainly, it is more.


At implementation of individual pedagogical activity to which we “adjusted“ activity of home kindergarten does not need licensing, and respectively and coordination of the room for this license. But completely it will not be possible to avoid communication with firefighters and SES all the same. And respectively this fact not in favor of organizers of establishment. At the maintenance of small home kindergarten absolutely a reluctance to pay certain sums in favor of government bodies.

Minuses of such opening for the founder of home kindergarten are also quite predictable

. In case of receipt in supervisory authorities of information on your activity, it should be closed, or to legalize according to requirements of the legislation. Jurisprudence on this subject exists, and it develops not in favor of home kindergartens now.

Minuses in this case are actual

for parents of pupils, more than ever. in the absence of the state control of a sanitary condition of rooms, food, a situation and many other, it is necessary to count only on decency of people. In case your child in the conditions of such home kindergarten gets a serious disease, then supervisory authorities will make a helpless gesture. The decision on leaving of the child in hands of the organizer of establishment causing in you trust is made only by you. You are also responsible for it. Roughly speaking, you will not file a lawsuit against the neigbour to whom you left under supervision of own child, and that got sick with whooping cough? In this case, situation similar. It is possible not to agree as much as necessary with it, but the fact remains.

3. In case owners of home kindergarten were registered as individual entrepreneurs, they do not submit to governing bodies of education.

Respectively activity of home kindergartens is not subject to passing of the checks which are specially provided for preschool educational institutions and does not consist on the account in governing bodies of education, unlike the preschool educational institutions which are carrying out the functions on the basis of the Standard provision on preschool educational institution.

That is in this case the organization it is free in the choice of techniques and programs of educational activity which very and are very various. In it big plus of home kindergartens. The daily walks, visits of the museums, theaters, holidays, birthdays developing the occupations tempering procedures... The thought-over, well organized home kindergarten, where in group not of 25 people, but 10. And where tutors are not the mummies wishing to arrange the children, but professionals. Where work with each child and if it is necessary, a family, individually. This excellent beginning for entry of the child into children`s collective.

in this case for founders of kindergarten is not present

of Minuses. The main thing the imagination and desire to give all the best to children.

However minuses for parents of these children can quite become reality.

If does not have

control of educational bodies, there is no obligatory program, then as far as you can be confident in the literacy offered in this establishment, programs? And whether in general it is conducted? It is a lot of examples when under a sign of home kindergarten activity for the purpose of receiving profit without any serious investments disappeared only. In other words, money from parents took, and children during the day were provided to themselves in one of rooms of apartment rented for these purposes.

As you understand

, in this case, the parent besides just counts on decency of the tutor of this establishment.

Due to stated, it is possible to draw some conclusions:

First what have to take care the organizer / owner / founder of home kindergarten of is kind relations with parents of children and neighbors. Perhaps, it is necessary to pass through quite awkward procedure of “instructing“ of parents. To ask them that they did not say that the child goes to a house garden, and goes to the nurse or the girlfriend. It is clear, that for maintenance of good relations with parents it is necessary to spend forces much more, than it is demanded by maintaining accounts department and other formalities. And the most important - it is necessary to love really the business and seriously to approach it.

I will note

As for the parents who decided to send the child on education to home kindergarten that existence of the signed contract between home kindergarten and the child`s parent, in it is mute trained, nevertheless it is better than his absence, however has no basic value. In case of the serious conflicts and problems, this contract will not be able to protect interests either you, or your child as at today`s legislative level the home kindergarten is, first of all, the child`s entrusting on the basis of trust and “on parole“ to his workers. Remember that responsibility for your child always lies on you. At least regarding adoption of the correct decision concerning educational institution.

as the summary the following would be desirable to note

: system of home kindergartens it is indisputable necessary demanded in our country today and, of course. It is impossible to claim unambiguously that the municipal / state kindergarten - it is good, private / home kindergarten - it is bad, or on the contrary. Both in one system and in another there are enough both conscientious responsible people, and dishonourable and not credible. However, in case of due legislative settlement of activity of the kindergartens other than the state education system, there are obviously more will be pluses, than minuses to all participants of legal relationship. It is necessary to hope that reasonable approach of legislators to questions of private education in Russia will not keep itself waiting long, and teachers, the person interested to bring up the future generations with soul and responsibility, will become more.