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Unpleasant feelings in a breast appear from time to time almost at all. Most often it is just failure in hormonal system. But in certain cases the feeling of discomfort can be the beginning of changes and, unfortunately, not always harmless. Anyway, will not prevent to arm with knowledge, our health belongs not only to us, but also our relatives.

Failure of hormonal hours

Hormonal processes in a female organism submit to very thin mechanism of “internal clocks“ which can fail from - for the “grain of sand“ which got to them. The most frequent reason of failure - violation of production of hormones ovaries and a thyroid gland from - for premenstrual a syndrome, pregnancy, unsuccessfully picked up hormonal contraceptive, a stress. Doctors call this dissonance mastodiniy , she can mention both mammary glands or one, and sometimes only the top part of a breast from outer side or the nipple also is considered... normal phenomenon! “During what period of a menstrual cycle there are pains?“ - it is the first question which is asked by the gynecologist. Usually unpleasant feelings in a breast appear in the second half of a cycle when there is a hormonal imbalance (ovaries do not make enough progesterone or emit too much estrogen), and pass from the beginning of periods.

Happens and so that the mastodiniya is not connected with a cycle at all: it appears from - for strong a stress, too close underwear or after a banal, but prolonged illness, such as flu, for example.

nipple Pain - one more consequence of malfunctions in hormonal system. And if it is followed also by allocations, then diseases of a thyroid gland or obstruction of lacteal channels can be the cause of these symptoms. But there is more to come: emergence of dairy droplets from both glands (if it is not connected with pregnancy and feeding) against violation of a cycle speaks, most likely, about violation of hormonal balance and too big production of Prolactinum. This hormone is responsible including for production of milk. If the organism makes Prolactinum in excess quantities, milk at the woman appears even if she is not pregnant. In search of the reason the gynecologist will suggest to make inspection to exclude a hypophysis tumor (which, actually, and produces Prolactinum), and research of level of Prolactinum in blood.

Reddish allocations from one mammary gland? Most likely, it is about a channel inflammation. But the malignant tumor which blocks a channel can sometimes be the cause. In this case the doctor will suggest to make additional inspection: analysis of allocations, channel X-ray, puncture and biopsy of a mammary gland. Always you remember: if the illness is found in time, treatment always yields good results.

, however, one more quite banal reason of emergence of allocations Exists: the inconvenient bra which seam is the share of a nipple and irritates him.

Check according to the list

Can happen so that once, taking a shower, you will feel small painful consolidation under skin. The benign tumor in which emergence not the last role is played by a hormonal imbalance and a stress will be it, most likely. What small knots are? The mammary gland consists of ferruterous, connecting and fatty fabrics. Ferruterous fabric on the structure reminds a grapes cluster. These grapes (alveoluses) are connected among themselves by channels which pass into the dairy courses. Alveoluses especially sensitively react to change of a hormonal background - various consolidations so appear. And now we will talk about them in more detail.

Mastopathy unlike a mastodiniya is already an illness. There is a feeling of weight, and sometimes and mammary gland pain in 2 - y to a half of a cycle, small knots are probed. Young women most often have a diffusion mastopathy: it is a lot of small small knots in both glands. It is curious that at the beginning of the century doctors described mastopathy as “a hysterical breast“. They considered that multiple breast nodules appear generally at the young persons inclined to a hysterics.

Diffusion mastopathy often passes

in itself after a marriage, pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

the Cyst is filled with liquid, it has accurate contours, is elastic and a little painful to the touch. The cyst can resolve and in itself, but if it becomes too big and painful, the doctor will suggest to make a puncture (puncture). It is absolutely painless operation which lasts only several minutes and gives immediate relief.

Fibroma - consolidation not elastic, but elastic and firm.

Adenoma - an elastic small knot which consists of ferruterous fabric. It appears between 15 and 25 years and, as well as the cyst, can be painful. Fibroadenoma - a firm and mobile lump.

Mastitis is not consolidation, and an inflammation of mammary glands, it can begin a breast during feeding. Glands increase in a size, become hot, painful to the touch, firm as a tree.

Should tell

that any consolidation is an occasion to see a doctor. The doctor will watch his “behavior“ and depending on a situation will direct to ultrasonography and mammography (this radiological research, after 35 years it is accepted to do it once a year). If it is necessary, he will suggest to make a puncture, in certain cases a biopsy to be convinced that small knot cages good-quality.

Look narrowly at yourself and... you descend to the doctor

the Small and big, reminding in a form apple or a pear... Mammary glands can be different. Even their fabric happens dense or friable. You are surprised, but even at one woman of glands, identical by the size, does not happen, and they can be at different height. To find out whether so it in your case, you will be able, having looked narrowly at itself. It is worth making it not only of curiosity. Study yourself not to miss emergence of a serious problem. You will not be mistaken in conclusions if you remember that during a menstrual cycle the breast changes.

In the first 14 days (since first day of periods) when production of estrogen gradually increases, the breast does not change in any way. In the second phase of a cycle (it the next 14 days) glands increase (production of progesterone grows), bulk up and become sensitive. During periods the level of hormones decreases, tension disappears and mammary glands become soft again.

arrange with

Upon termination of periods to yourself small examination (it is desirable to do this every month): lay down on a back, put the right hand under the head, and left probe roundabouts at first a mammary gland, and then a nipple. Now the right hand attentively study the left breast.

At the slightest suspicious symptom needs to go behind consultation to the doctor, in - the first to calm down (nine times out of ten education - good-quality), and in - the second in time to find a problem which can give complications. Therefore since 18 years it is recommended to visit the gynecologist in any way at least once a year.

the Unexpected reasons

Unpleasant feelings in a breast can be and are not connected with the processes happening in mammary glands.

  1. Muscular and intercostal pain . This type of pain can sometimes extend to a pectoralis muscle with which the breast is tied. In this case the doctor appoints the anesthetizing drugs, massage and a course of manual therapy.
  2. A if it is back pain? Very often back, shoulders or edges pains become the reason of feeling of a pricking, a pandiculation or burning in mammary glands, and during any period of a menstrual cycle. The matter is that the nervous terminations suitable to a thorax proceed from a back, and even their small irritation can be felt as breast pain.

Several words about treatment

As are the reason of unpleasant feelings in a breast

hormonal, to be exact, estrogen - a progesteronovy imbalance, it means that these problems with the help of hormones, though not always treat. It is sometimes rather simple to replace a way of life to feel more comfortably, to change a diet (less animal fats, exciting products: coffee, chocolate, strong tea, is more than vegetable fats, vegetables and fruit), to play sports, yoga. If treatment by hormones nevertheless is necessary, then depending on each case, intensity of pain, age, results of inspection the doctor appoints the tablets containing progesterone (they are accepted in 2 - y to a half of a cycle) or combined (estrogen - progesteronovy) preparations. It is necessary to tell that for treatment of pains and consolidations in a breast doctors use preparations well familiar to us - those that protect from undesirable pregnancy, namely contraceptives.

At a mastodiniya and diffusion mastopathy an old proven means is iodine: 0,25% solution of potassium of iodine is drunk, washing down with milk, on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after food (with 6 - 28 - y day of a menstrual cycle within 6 - 12 months). Well also treatment by vitamins E, And, With helps 1 .


Marina Shalimova, the obstetrician - the gynecologist
Diana Vinaver, the gynecologist