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Forward, to new life!

Rhetorical question: you want to live long, to look young and good to feel? Then start the program of reset: make changes to the life, and the earlier, the better. Especially as the come new year - an excellent reason for updating of a way of life.

It already happened to you, and not once. There comes January, and you decide what in it is that to year, at last, will begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, will play sports, will stop drinking (well unless on a glass for New year and at birthday) and will grow thin for 10 kg...

But should possess huge will power to realize such global plans, and the majority of us, having faced “the material resistance“ - the body, very quickly is given and recedes.

Therefore we suggest you to begin

with little and simple changes which any person easily and without tension will be able to bring in habitual existence. And these useful things will not involve from you special costs - neither power, nor financial, but guarantee you positive changes which you will feel all 12 months of new year.

1. A dream - the major power source

We about a third of life carry out

in a dream. But two thirds from us constantly do not get enough sleep in a night. And the lack of a dream influences our mood and ability to concentrate. Besides, it reduces immunity and increases risk of development of a hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer. Therefore the care of quality of a dream has to become priority, and for this purpose follow simple recommendations:

2. More cellulose

Is an easy way to reduce cholesterol level in blood, risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and also to help you to keep weight under control. 18 g of cellulose are necessary daily a minimum which is simple for receiving: replace “white“ macaroni, rice, bread, flakes or muesli with paste from flour of firm grades of wheat, wholegrain products and not polished cereals, add oat flakes, beans and nuts, eat more fruit and vegetables - and you soon feel positive changes.

3. Serene look on a thing

Three portions of vegetables and fruit daily (the portion is 1 big apple, orange or 200 g of vegetables) will help to prevent or slow down development of a cataract and to reduce risk of an age degeneration of a makula (dystrophy of a yellow spot of a retina of an eye) approximately by 3 times. Retina dystrophy - one of the most common causes of the worsening sight at people of advanced age. Add fat fish, and you will reduce risk of developing of eye diseases by 4 times! Researches prove that at people who eat a lot of fat fish rich with valuable fatty acids the Omega - 3, the risk of a degeneration of a makula is 39% lower.

4. Protect the back

In Russia to 30 years about 90% of the population have problems with a back, and it is very serious: if not to take measures, then backbone diseases which almost in half of cases result in disability can develop!

Everyone who is forced to stay long in the monotonous situation causing a static stress of muscles (driving of the car, work at the computer, air flights or long bus moving etc.) è / or tests muscular overloads (sports activities, work on the seasonal dacha, heavy lifting), sooner or later begin to feel back pains. Pain - an organism signal of pathological changes in a backbone. Several simple exercises for muscles of a back will help you to strengthen the “muscular corset“ supporting a backbone. If to carry out them gradually and often - 3 times a day and 5 days a week, in one or one and a half months you will feel result.

Easy ways it is real to p to lose weight
  • of Walk in the fresh air. Foot walks will help to dump 8 kg in 3 months. For a start define the basic level - quantity of steps which you take in a day. For this purpose you carry with yourself a pedometer within three days. Then share the received quantity on 3, and you learn how many steps on average you take in a day, it also will be your norm. You seek to take in addition 1500 steps over your norm daily, increasing this quantity on 500 steps every week, and your weight will be quickly lost.
  • Stop to have a snack on
  • . Clean from eyes far away chips, crackers, chocolates and other snack which you got used to absorb mechanically in the evenings behind the TV, in the mornings together tea or coffee, at work, having buried in the monitor and mechanically starting fingers in a bag of cookies, and you will cut down the diet at least on 250 kcal a day. And it means minus of 1 kg a month or 12 kg in a year!
  • Reduce liquid calories. This little change in a diet is capable to affect your body considerably. Cappuccinos and coffee of latte (coffee with the hot made foam milk and sugar), milkshakes and ready juice (we do not even speak about carbonated drinks) can add several hundreds of calories to what we consume every day. Replace a cappuccino or latte which average cup contains not less than 200 kcal, simple tea or coffee with skim milk. And dilute juice from a package with water in the ratio 1/1. It will relieve you of excess 300 kcal a day, that is 2100 kcal a week and 5,5 kg in a year.
  • Eat with
  • less salt. It not only helps to reduce risk of development of a hypertension and removes excess loading from kidneys. Reduction of consumption of salt will help to adjust vodno - salt balance and to lose weight on of 1 - 1,5 kg in 3 months.

5. Use a brush

Not only for toothbrushing, and for all body. Mass a body a special brush before a shower - it tones up vessels and intensifies blood circulation. Besides, such procedure helps to support skin in an excellent state and besides strengthens immunity. Use a brush from a natural bristle with the long handle, mass a body, since a foot and moving up - towards heart. Avoid delicate places, expanded veins and sites with the injured skin.

6. Strengthen basin muscles

Practically each woman knows about what muscles of a pelvic bottom - them call still “intimate muscles“ - it is regularly necessary to train and strengthen. But, judging by polls, information on what at every fifth woman is more senior than 40 years from - for weaknesses of intimate muscles there are problems with an urine incontience (a so-called “stressful incontience“), became surprise for many.

it is better for p to Train these muscles often and gradually - let such trainings will become your useful daily habit, same as a shower and toothbrushing. Exercises it is possible to carry out in any time and in any situation: when you speak by phone or stop on transition, expecting until the traffic light switches on “green“ while you wait for the bus etc. If you carry out them regularly, then it will help you to get rid of the most part of the problems connected with weakness of muscles of a basin in only three months. And that who does not know what they it exercises and as to do them, advise to visit any website, having gathered “Kegel`s exercises“ in a search window.

7. The silence - it gold

Loud music has on your ears the same effect as aging on all organism - excessively loud sounds damage tiny voloskovy sensitive cages in acoustical passes which will transform sound vibrations to nervous impulses. Under long influence of loud sounds there are strong fluctuations which flatten voloskovy cages, and they gradually perish. It is impossible to strengthen or replace these voloskovy cages, and the hearing worsens forever. So, the sound is louder, the it is more than harm to your hearing. Power of a sound is measured in decibels. Level of decibels at conversation by normal tone makes 60. Any sound with power over 80 decibels is an approximate noise level on the brisk city street - is already potentially dangerous to hearing. The first symptoms of trouble - emergence of noise and a ring in ears, and more often they appear at fans of earphones. It is more than a half of aged people for 50 suffer from decrease in hearing therefore let`s protect the ears now. It is better “to be bored for a while“ in silence, than to lose hearing in not such to far prospect.

8. Operate the anger

As showed numerous researches, irascibility and irritability at women lead to emergence of a number of problems with health, including a depression, a high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritises, stresses, medicinal and alcoholic dependence and obesity.

of the Woman which are inclined to splash out the anger outside develop a breast cancer twice more often, are most often unfortunate in marriage. It was found out also that the poured-out anger only provokes a bigger anger.

right now, but...
  • of Be realists , estimating the opportunities in achievement of the objectives: existence of free time, operating schedule and house plans - all this should be considered. Also do not try to achieve everything and at once, move to the purpose small short steps. Instead of trying to dump 10 kg in a month and to come to despair because that it is unattainable, begin with 500 g a week. It is absolutely simple, and results will become good incentive.
  • Be prepared by
  • psychologically. Define exact date - a reference point with which you also will begin to introduce these little changes in the life. Psychologists advise to get new habits - rituals which will help you with achievement of the purpose.
  • you Study
  • on the mistakes. If everything went not so, analyse a situation, define what prevented, and it will help to adjust everything quickly.
  • Share the plans with close people to whom you trust. Then they will be able to support you and to encourage in your useful undertakings.

But also suppression of negative emotions can be unsafe for heart and vessels - not without reason the reserved people concealing feelings in themselves are inclined to heart attacks. What to do - to shout or restrain? You learn to switch emotions.

9. Talk to mother

Study and specify history of the family. You have to be informed on a state of health not only the parents, but also grandmothers and grandfathers. Such diseases as cancer, it is warm - vascular, the high level of cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, glaucoma and a depression, can be descended. Exact information on hereditary predisposition quite often is vital - timely prevention will help you to prevent a disease and to protect the health and life.

10. Protect bones