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The basic rules and standards of the contents of water turtles of

the World of turtles is diverse, along with overland turtles there are also water turtles. Representatives of the seas are not so available to fans of terrariums, and here fresh-water turtles meet on sale often.

Things are changing, habits change, views of people of life change. Still 15 - 20 was difficult to assume years back that they in pet-shops will sell exotic reptiles of all flowers and colors. Now they became a peculiar home decoration, decorating with themselves premises of shops, offices, apartments.

the Family of the Turtle fresh-water (Emydidae) includes about 95 types united in 33 sorts (krasnoukhy, marsh, trionex, box-shaped, spotty etc.) . Representatives of family of fresh-water turtles in America, Europe, Severo - the Western Africa and Asia live. Many species of fresh-water turtles have bright coloring, a beautiful coloring of the head, legs and an armor.

the Majority of representatives of water turtles - water inhabitants though there are types (for example, box-shaped turtles) which passed to dwelling on the land.

We will tell

about the most widespread types presented in our zoomarket - about a krasnoukhy turtle and Far East trionex.

we Will remind

that turtles are reptiles. As well as all reptiles are cool animals and need heat, an ultraviolet, the balanced feeding and it is obligatory in vitamins and minerals.

of Krasnoukhaya the turtle

Is called so from - for couples of yellow, orange or red spots on the head - the “ears“ which are settling down on each side the heads.

Length of an armor fluctuates from 11 cm to 60 cm, depending on age. The armor has okruglo - an oval streamline shape, is covered with horn-shaped plates - guards, on extremities fingers connect membranes, fingers come to an end with sharp claws. The head is covered with soft skin.

we Will begin

with the beginning - from “lodge“. For keeping of fresh-water turtles it is necessary horizontal akvaterrarium as the area, than height is more important for them. Akwa - a terrarium has to be rather spacious that the turtle could move freely in it. Its size has to depend on the animal sizes. The water part has to make about 2/3 areas of a terrarium, its depth depends on the sizes of turtles. The coast of the pool has to be flat as in nature that animals could leave water easily.

Major factors of successful maintenance of reptiles in house conditions: lighting, temperature, ultraviolet, water filtration.

One of the most important factors - lighting.

the terrarium is practically impossible for

of Pereosvetit and to save on lighting inadmissibly. Turtles are children of the sun. The turtles living in house akvaterrariuma need additional ultra-violet radiation as at a lack of an ultraviolet there are various diseases. On sale there is a set of kinds of import UF now - lamps with a different power and the different sizes intended for reptiles.

the Water which is in a terrarium surely has to be filtered by

via rather big and powerful filter. However even at a constant filtration it is necessary to do full or partial change of water.

Each terrarium surely has to have good ventilation. The only thing that it is not necessary to confuse ventilation to drafts. Reptiles are afraid of drafts, they are subject to catarrhal diseases. Water temperature and air have to be approximately equal.

needs to feed with

of Young turtles once a day, and adult turtles - once in several days. It is necessary to feed turtles with either ready-made feeds of import production, or homemade food, but with addition vitamin and mineral podkormok. If you decided to feed the turtle with the food cooked in house conditions, then it has to consist from: low-fat sea fish, shrimps, squids, the gamarusa, a crank, mollusks, small aquarian snails, etc.

of Trioniks

Is a spineless turtle with a long neck and fingers with three sharp strong claws. Features of a structure of such turtles are caused by their purely water way of life. They spend the most part of time, having buried in soft soil - small sand, silt or small stones, watching for the production. Water level has to be such that the turtle could reach air, without getting out of soil.

of Trioniks - a predator therefore do not try to feed him with vegetable food. Always it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to contain different types of turtles in one akvaterrarium.

At observance of all rules of feeding, contents and prevention of diseases your turtle will long please you with health, beauty and good appetite.