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Beauty calendar for 2010 of

were going to take care of the own life Long ago, but you do not know what to begin with? Make the schedule of beauty for the whole year! Selecting procedures, be guided not only by age and specific features, but also for a season.


Month of a detoks

New Year`s vacation - excellent time to take care of the own life. However many of us by tradition spend this time in feasts with friends that not in the best way affects appearance. For January plan extensive detoks - the program which will include not only fasting days, but also cosmetic actions. A universal remedy for a conclusion of toxins - a bath. It can be the Russian steam room, a sauna or Turkish to boors with small temperatures and high humidity. Once a week is recommended to visit a bath. Before visit to a steam room process a body and a face a srub, and after a peeling do not forget about a mask as skin.

the course of saloon wrappings will help to Liquidate the accumulated excess liquid and slags. Maximum detoks - effect means on the basis of seaweed, sea salt and green clay have. The result is swept up practically at once - after the first session you feel pleasant ease in all body, and on scales see: minus couple of kilograms. However it is temporary, and through 2 - 3 day the lost weight will return. To get rid of it forever, the course from of 7 - 10 procedures is necessary. the Recommended frequency - once a week.

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Time to do a peeling

So far the sun - still the rare guest in our latitudes, it is possible to use this time to make a peeling. Even superficial programs with application of ANA - acids perfectly tone up skin, give it healthy color, smooth the outlined wrinkles. Such peelings will suit also owners of enlarged pores - alphahydroxyl acids normalize work of sebaceous glands and relieve of characteristic problems at least for several months. The superficial chemical peeling usually is required to repeat 3 - 5 time during two months. Begin in advance that by spring to be fully equipped. At the expressed age changes, flabby skin and serious violations of pigmentation it is possible to resort to a peeling median. As a rule, the trikhloruksusny acid stimulating cell fission and improving exchange processes is applied here. Be ready that on restoration and updating after a peeling skin will need several days. Experts recommend to have a rest at home at this time and to use the professional tools accelerating regeneration.

Opinion of the expert
Ruslan Tazhiyev, an art - the director of Paul Mitchell Russia
In care of hair a seasonal factor plays not the last role. In the winter the head of hear should be supported by saturated nutritious masks, by the way the restoring products with the hydrolyzed proteins, an amino-acid complex and bleskoobrazuyushchy components will have in the spring. It is necessary to place emphasis on protection against an ultraviolet in the summer. For this purpose use conditioners, sprays or a styling with SPF or make lamination procedure in salon. In the fall hair, as a rule, need active moistening - the cosmetics with seaweed, oils, extracts of an avapua and aloe belief will approach. At any time years hair need to be protected from influence of high temperatures (do not abuse laying on irons and do not dry hair the hot hair dryer), And, certainly, if ringlets are already injured, you should not do a permanent wave and clarification, and it is desirable to replace habitual permanent coloring with bezammiachny toning.

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we Pay attention to a face and hair

we Begin to prepare for the veseena - a summer season, having concentrated on “facade“ - a face and hair. It is quite good to indulge dim, tired skin with biorevitalization procedure. Injection introduction of the stabilized hyaluronic acid allows to moisten deeply epidermis and to keep it in such state for a period of up to half a year. Besides, procedure does a face more sculptural, fresh. That to side effects - the organism perceives a preparation as native therefore rejection, the allergy and other troubles meet extremely seldom. Biorevitalization - the “long-term“ procedure directed not so much to instant effect, how many to activization of normal work of cages. Completely you will be able to estimate result through 2 - 2,5 months.

the Hair reconstruction of injections will not demand

, and the ampoules and concentrates here restoring will be necessary for us. They successfully fight against loss and fragility of hair, stimulate their growth, and some means also quickly relieve of dandruff. If hair drop out with a root (that is follicles are weakened), the stimulating ampoules with mint extract, oil of a tea tree, a vitamin complex and proteins will approach. At the breaking-off hair products with mineral salts, lipids, pantenoly are recommended. Ampoules apply a course lasting about a month. Through each washing of the head you apply them on head skin and/or hair and rub before full absorption.

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we Register in a pedicure office

are a month when it is time to include sun-protection means in a daily arsenal of beauty. So far it is possible to be limited to voice-frequency or day cream with SPF. An optimum indicator for the city - SPF 7 - 8, however if you know for yourself tendency to hyperpegmentation, increase it to 10. Many underestimate the spring sun. And an ultraviolet meanwhile - one of the main reasons for premature withering of skin!

In addition, it is worth paying attention to legs. If in the winter still it is possible to dare to ignore a pedicure office, then it is desirable to be prepared for a season of open sandals properly. It is necessary to visit salon at least once in a month - to delete the coarsened skin, to correct a shape of nails and to look after a cuticle. At home consolidate result by a “rigid“ srub (for example, with parts of pumice), various masks and the softening creams (products with allantoiny, vitamin F are especially good). If nails exfoliate, break off and in general look not esthetically, get a good basis with the moistening and strengthening components.

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Is begun to improve a figure

the Beach season not far off therefore the body should pay special attention. Nobody cancelled the gym and a balanced diet, however, if you want to receive the fastest and obvious result, pay attention to cosmetic procedures. For fight against cellulitis there is a classical way - a lymphatic drainage. The course from 5 - 7 procedures intensifies the movement of a lymph and a conclusion of excess liquid, will tighten fabrics and will reduce if does not liquidate completely, “orange-peel“. There are both manual, and hardware kinds of massage which by efficiency are approximately identical.

If cellulitis business is not limited to

also excess centimeters in a waist and hips make the life of you miserable, visit esthetic clinic. One of the most modern methods of correction of a figure - a lipotomiya at which special cocktail from the substances splitting fatty cages is entered into problem zones. Further intensive ultrasonic massage is carried out, and you are allowed to go home - to grow thin. The split cages are brought out of an organism through kidneys and a liver during subsequent of 1,5 - 2 months. During this time you gradually lose in volumes, approaching the parameters close to ideal.

are effective

From more traditional modeling methods a miostimulyation and elektrolipoliz. At the heart of these procedures - physical therapy. Under the influence of muscle current in problem zones begin to be reduced, as a result of fabric become elastic, and excess centimeters begin to withdraw. However, to see result, it is necessary to stock up with patience.

Lymphatic drainage: from 550 rub for procedure


: from 19000 rub for 1 zone


: from 800 rub. for procedure

Opinion of the expert
Elena Buyanova, the dermatocosmetologist of clinic “Lantset“
exists a set of methods of the solution of age Now approaches in your case it is possible only on reception at the doctor If you need tightening of a face form, reduction of volume of cheeks and the second chin, increase of elasticity of skin, most likely you will be helped by a deep termolifing (Thermage), Those who is disturbed by texture, OR color pigmentation of skin should pay attention to fractional techniques (for example, Fraxel). Do not forget also about age! In 30 years for ustraneniye of the first age signs peelings are good, meso - and phototherapy, and here closer to 40 it is already possible to resort to laser cosmetology and injection techniques. At the same time what began treatment earlier, especially effective it will appear - nobody cancelled this rule. Do not forget that a number of procedures has restrictions, for example, photorejuvenation and peelings is not recommended to be done before visit of the warm countries and the pain threshold matters, especially if you want to resort to injections or laser rejuvenation.

Intensively we moisten with


Nothing so dries up skin as ultraviolet rays. That in September not to face dehydration, at the very beginning of summer be engaged in active moistening of epidermis. The combination of saloon and home care is the most effective. Professional masks will instantly fill shortage of moisture, the person will become fresher and attractive. It is enough to make 4 procedures with frequency of times a week. Houses within a month daily you put a concentrate or serum with the high content of hyaluronic acid and peptides.

in the Summer at some women the problem of the increased sweating becomes aggravated. If deodorants and talc do not help, it is possible to relieve itself of discomfort by means of Botox injections. Introduction of a small amount of a preparation to a problem zone considerably reduces activity of sebaceous glands and eliminates gipergidroz. One injection is enough approximately for of 6 - 8 months.

question Price:

  • Professional care in beauty shop: from 800 rub for procedure (clarification + a mask)
  • of the Injection of Botox at a gipergidroza: from 13000 rub for procedure

July - August

we Prepare for holiday

If you want to return from holiday freshened up and got prettier, be carefully prepared for a trip. That suntan laid down exactly, 2 times a week do a peeling of a face and body, using mechanical srubs with synthetic granules (they do not scratch skin). After peeling moisten epidermis with lungs on texture the means which are quickly absorbed and not hammering a time. Several weeks prior to holiday it is possible to begin to accept special dietary supplements with vitamins A, E, zinc and other minerals. They prepare skin for suntan, neutralize its negative consequences, and still facilitate acclimatization process.

That on the beach not to look the black sheep, you can visit few times “an autosuntan cabin“ where for several seconds your body will be covered with the thinnest veil of a peach or chocolate pigment. Thanks to special system of dispersion, autosuntan is caused evenly on all parts of the body, being shown through of 4 - 6 hours. Such method is much safer, than a sunbed. You will be able to enjoy Svezhepriobretenny suntan of 7 - 10 days. melanin skin it does not interfere with Natural development and, by the way, does not cancel use of sun-protection means on the beach!

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we Plan visit to the cosmetologist

After long stay for the sun skin will demand intensive leaving. To cope with a peeling, small wrinkles and enlarged pores the mesotherapy course at the skilled cosmetologist will help. The method allows to deliver strict substances necessary for epidermis to the address. It can be as anti-aging complexes with collagen, the molecule Pro - Xylane and hyaluronic acid, and antibacterial cocktails with bisabololy, plant extracts, sulfur and zinc. Be adjusted that the result will appear only through of 5 - 7 sessions. For those who do not transfer injections the bezygolny mesotherapy where deep penetration of active components provides the electromagnetic field or pressure of air exists.

the Trip at the sea can negatively affect a condition of your hair. Sea salt hammers their structure, and the ultraviolet extends moisture and promotes fast burning out of color. Procedure of deep clarification where high-alkaline shampoo is applied will correct a situation. Such products quickly delete all superfluous - including parts of salt, chlorine and silicones from laying means. However, keep in mind, they strongly dry hair and therefore should not be used more often than 1 time a month. After the mask with proteins, lipids and the other restoring components is surely applied. And then it is possible to start coloring or bezammiachny toning of hair for updating of color.

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we Get rid of pigmentation

If on skin there are pigmentary spots, it is a high time to get rid of them. It is quite possible to liquidate insignificant violations of pigmentation in house conditions. For this purpose optimum bleaching creams and masks with fruit acids, arbutiny etc. approach. If the area of defeat is extensive or spots - result of age changes of skin, it is better not to waste time and at once to address experts. At choice the professional bleaching ukhoda, chemical and laser peelings, cryotherapy are offered. What will suit you, the expert, proceeding from a condition of skin and existence of contraindications will define.

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Is tried by

hardware cosmetology

Month for those who dreamed of total transformation long ago. At this particular time it is the safest to do laser polishings, photorejuvenation and other serious procedures. It is recommended to perform also plastic surgeries in the fall, including a liposuction - the organism is still full of strength after summer abundance, and therefore will be able to be restored in short terms.

For correction of wrinkles and tightening of fabrics it is not obligatory for p to lay down under the surgeon`s knife at all - most often there is enough thermolifting or frakselny rejuvenation. These methods allow to fix the whole complex of problems - to tighten fabrics, to strengthen production of collagen, to get rid of pigmentary spots and to find healthy complexion. The used devices, as a rule, it is equippedy the computer which controls depth and intensity of influence. Thanks to it the risk of side effects is minimum. During a session it is necessary to feel small discomfort, and after to spend several days at home. Reddening and small hypostasis can keep about several days, but the end result remains several years.

question Price:

  • of Termazh: from 35000 rub for a zone
  • Fraksel: from 25000 rub (face)


we Enjoy SPA - procedures

In anticipation of new year better to refuse the procedures demanding long restoration. However, it is possible to correct mimic wrinkles by means of Botox. Injections are recognized safe for a long time if the professional, of course, does them. The effect lasts approximately for half a year.

should Adding leaving with a facial massage in beauty shop - 4 procedures a month will create miracles and at the same time will save means. At home consolidate result by masks for shine of skin and serums with vitamins C and E. Snyat December stress visit of Spa - the center will help. It is possible to be limited to visit in boors and the weakening aromatic massage. Option for extremists - the whole Spa - day during which masters will work not only with your body, but also with hair, hands, feet. Are Still actual various Asian Spa. They are directed not so much to correction of cosmetic shortcomings how many on harmonization of an organism. Supporters of the European traditions will like procedures of thalassotherapy, hydromassage bathtubs and, of course, the classical “Swedish“ massage possessing and weakening, and medical effect.

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