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Days off by the ship

Put Stanislav to bed, and itself sat down to read stories about days off. At all they pass very cheerfully, and at us... That day off that weekday - all one and too. All this because our father works at the sea for 5 months, and we see it very seldom. The sonny, of course, lacks fatherly caress. Now winter, we stay at home, we go outside very seldom. You represent how I bothered it?! But recently ours of fathers came to be loaded to “the South of Russia“, in Rostov-on-Don. And as we live in Bataysk, we gathered and went to the father to the steamship.

we Went with Stasik to port to a taxi. Arrived and came into the port. You would see these amazed eyes! By the way, we are 1 year old and 1 month and as we are not able to speak still plainly, only squeal and laughter was heard. Very strongly Stas when he saw pigeons, and them was delighted there, believe, it is a lot of.

all of us Here passed innovations, and here before it the type of the steamship was dug out. I think that he from the first did not understand what is it faces him, but as soon as he saw the father who is going down on the bridge, here to voskhishcheniye and pleasure there was no limit. Stas overdrove legs at once, sitting at me on hands that I released him on the earth, and rushed off to the father. Climbed to it on hands and did not get down until came into a cabin. There he already began to accustom gradually, then took the father by hand, mother is not necessary to it any more, and led it on the steamship.

Stas was in such enthusiastic state, I it saw it for the first time. Everything was interesting to it: iron, details about its growth, and even is more, an anchor, screws... He wanted to touch everything, to feel everything. Generally, it was acquired wonderfully well. Also we were glad with the father that met for the first time in 1,5 months moreover and the sonny was not frightened and was not capricious.

Day past

quickly. Stasik as the killed fell asleep. Load in port very quickly therefore next day in the morning we already said goodbye to the father and went home. The sonny had many tears. Well, nothing - time heals, the well-known proverb so says. Now we stay at home and we wait when the father comes in Rostov to be loaded again...