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Feeding of children with a crevice of an upper lip and the sky of

Process of feeding of the baby

process of feeding provides to

For children a set of necessary functions, the most important of which is receiving necessary for growth and development of amount of nutrients.

the children having only a crevice of an upper lip without violation of integrity of the sky usually have no problems with capture of a nipple and suction. Children with a crevice of an upper lip and the sky or with one crevice of the sky demand some modification of a method of feeding as they have a pathological message between nasal and a mouth which interferes with creation of the negative pressure necessary for full sucking. Newborns with a crevice of the sky have to squeeze out milk from a nipple, clamping it between language and the rest of a hard palate and an alveolar shoot of the top jaw.

When milk is squeezed out by

in a mouth of the child with a sky crevice, some of its quantity will get into a nose. Besides, during feeding air in bigger, than at healthy children quantity can get into a stomach. It demands frequent change of position of the child when feeding for ensuring vomiting of air. In the first weeks of life such swallowing air can lead to such violations as gripes, to vomiting by food or even to small vomiting. Usually all these problems the child outgrows within several months as the tone of muscles - zamykatel of a stomach increases and activity of muscles of a digestive tract is coordinated. If some of these symptoms to remain the long time, address the pediatrician.

Feeding of children with a crevice of a lip and/or the sky

For children with a crevice, as well as for other newborns, exists two best ways of feeding: chest and from a small bottle. Feeding of the child from a cup is not a choice method, and in case of normal feeding by a breast or from a small bottle there is no need to resort to such way.


various points of view concerning breastfeeding of children with crevices Exist. Though the fact that breast milk is the best food for the child is undoubted. When the child with a crevice of a lip or the sky for the first time is put to a breast, there can be some difficulties which automatically contact existence of a crevice. Meanwhile feeding of the child demands a certain period of tests and mistakes, normal feeding, necessary before establishment.

the Child who was born only with a lip crevice often has no more difficulties when feeding, than the child without crevice as the breast tends to fill free space, as much as possible adapting and pressurizing a mouth of the child.

Feeding of children with a through crevice of a lip and the sky is also possible

in the absence of other problems. However additional patience and modifying of technology of feeding will be necessary for providing the child with adequate intake of nutrients, reduction of a stress of mother and optimization of responses of the child.

the Following recommendations can be useful to

to you.

Feeding by breast milk from a small bottle

Happens that establishment of normal force of sucking during applying to a breast is impossible, especially at children with bilateral crevices is a lip and the sky at which the child cannot compensate the pathological message between an oral cavity and a nose. In such cases the only way of receiving breast milk is feeding from a small bottle the decanted breast milk. With the milk decanted by means of a milk pump several weeks or if there is opportunity, - are desirable to feed the child longer. Even when your child was nursed, but such feeding was postponed from - for surgical interventions or for other reasons, by means of a small bottle you can feed the child with the decanted milk until is possible to return to normal breastfeeding. Besides, now there are ways of preparation of breast milk for a certain term. Questions of ways and periods of storage of milk need to be discussed with your pediatrician. Besides now there is a large number of milk pumps which considerably reduce time of decantation and provide maintenance of a lactation for a long time.

Artificial feeding

Artificial feeding is simple and reliable replacement to breast milk. For this type of feeding are acceptable the same principles, as for breastfeeding, except for small additions in equipment if necessary. Besides, easier receipt of food at wide crevices of a lip and the sky will help your child easier to compensate the difficulties arising at pathological the message of an oral cavity and a nose. For your kid your pediatrician who is guided by features of an exchange and a gastrointestinal tract of each child can adequately carry out selection of necessary mix. Remember that it is necessary to study attentively the guide to mix preparation which is usually on a label of each packing. For acceleration of an increase of body weight of the child the pediatrician can sometimes recommend to increase concentration of mix. It is a temporary measure as receipt in an organism of the child of water is not less important, than quantity of the consumed food. For children with a crevice selection of a pacifier and small bottle can be required. Usually parents begin with simple types of pacifiers and bottles, and often especially with small crevices of a lip they are suitable for children. If the kid is not happy with the offered devices, it is possible to try to use special orthodontic nipples and soft small bottles. Your main objective is selection of that pacifier and small bottle which will make feeding of the kid easy and full.

Soft nipples it is usually best of all than

, than firm. It is possible to soften a pacifier by means of boiling. In the subsequent with strengthening of chewing muscles of your kid soft nipples can be replaced with soft orthodontic or more rigid nipples.

some children with crevices can have difficulties caused by both very long, and very short nipples. Short nipples cannot provide good contact with language and the sky, and long are capable to provoke an emetic reflex.

One of the ways allowing to regulate intake of milk in the child`s mouth is the crosswise opening on a pacifier tip. Such cuts facilitate intake of liquid from a bottle. Crosswise cuts are very convenient as they allow the child to regulate force and speed of intake of milk at an invariable rhythm of sucking, preventing a poperkhivaniye. Simple increase in an opening in a nipple causes stable increase in intake of milk in the child`s mouth that leads to difficulty of control of sucking and violation of interaction of swallowing and breath. On the contrary, the crosswise section provides intake of milk only at the time of a pacifier sdavleniye. It is possible to make a pacifier with a crosswise section by means of a usual shaving edge of any pacifier. If it is required to put a section on an orthodontic pacifier, then it is better to execute it not on the top, and is slightly closer to a lingual surface as it will promote the dosed intake of liquid.

In a different way simplification of intake of milk at conservation of energy of the child is use of soft small bottles. Compression of such small bottle has to be carried out rhythmically and correspond to the frequency of sucking and a proglatyvaniye of food by the child (approximately through each 2 - 3 drinks). Following a rhythm of the child it is possible to be sure that there will be no excessive intake of milk in a mouth and its throwing in airways. The small bottle has to be squeezed, and then is released without continuation of a sdavleniye. It is usually easier to carry out feeding if the small bottle is directed at an angle to side of a mouth, opposite to a crevice, therefore, that the pacifier could contract between language and the remained normal part of an alveolar shoot of the top jaw and hard palate. Your child himself will make necessary changes, adapting to the provision of a pacifier, facilitating itself intake of milk from a small bottle. For this purpose it is only necessary to hold a small bottle in one situation and to give to the child the chance to shift a pacifier from one corner of a mouth in another.


Choosing a feeding method, parents have to understand for themselves some main advantages of feeding of the child from a small bottle:

  1. the most adequate intake of milk in the child`s organism;
  2. economy of the physical energy spent for feeding both the child, and the parent;
  3. the method allows to normalize sucking;
  4. it is the most available, inexpensive and easy way of feeding.
Other recommendations of carrying out feeding

Situation when feeding the child

Is very important

that the parent feeding the child found for himself the most comfortable position. Sometimes for convenience it is useful to use a pillow for support of the child. Also facilitates support of the child a support for legs on which the parent can lean both one, and two legs. As feeding of the child can demand till 30 min. several times a day, the adult feeding the child has to choose for himself the most convenient and weakened position.

the Child has to be supported by

well during feeding, usually in slightly raised situation, or sitting. Such situation allows to prevent hit of milk in a nose and the child`s poperkhivaniye.

during feeding of the child mother can use several provisions which can facilitate process considerably. The first provision when the child sits on a matrasika or a pillow, a back it is supported by mother`s forearm, and the head its brush. In such situation gravity helps a nipple to be placed with a mouth of the child.

It is very important to p to otdavlivat a breast from the child`s nose not to prevent adequate breath.

Other situation when the child sits on a lap mothers, having faced it, and legs of the child are widely placed, covering mother`s stomach. Sometimes it is required to use a pillow to raise the child higher.

effectively to suck, the lower jaw of the child has to be in the situation of stability. If mother supports the child for the lower jaw or a chin, then the kid will not be tired so quickly. It is also useful that during feeding the head of the child was turned at first in one party, and then in another. Such change allows to work evenly to muscles of prirotovy area. When feeding from a small bottle important that the child was supported in the raised situation. The pacifier has to be located to that area where all fabrics are most kept.

How to choose the right time feedings

When the child begins to cry by a loud voice and it seems excited, the high probability that it is very hungry, and it can complicate feeding considerably. It is necessary to feed the child before he becomes too hungry. The child eats better when he is slightly hungry, and does not feel strong discomfort.

Many parents consider that it is possible to study the mode of feeding of the kid, watching certain “signals“ of the child during awakening (the movement of eyes under close centuries, the movements of a mouth or approach of hands to a mouth). However it is necessary to remember that the child does not eat one and too amount of liquid during each feeding. It depends on time which passed between feedings.

the Help at hit of food in a nose

Even when the fed child is in the semi-raised situation, there is a risk of hit of milk in a nose (a nasal regurgitation). Sometimes such regurgitation can be connected with sharp change of position of a body. Parents should not worry excessively therefore to an occasion as hit of food in a nose quite often happens at first. It does not harm the child and to decrease gradually with growth of the kid. When there is a regurgitation, it is necessary to stop temporarily feeding and to give to the child some time in order that he cleared the throat or sneezed. It will allow the child to clear nasal ways, and you will be able to continue feeding. However if at the child the constant regurgitation, cough frequent and heavy takes place, you have to consult at the doctor.

Use of palatal obturators

Some experts who are engaged in treatment of children with crevices of a lip and the sky consider that when feeding children with crevices of the sky it is necessary to use obturators (the special palatal plates repeating curvature of the sky) as they separate oral and nasal cavities that can facilitate feeding considerably. Such obturators tend to damage mucous. More reliable result turns out when adjustment of the obturator is carried out in the first few days life. If you agree to use such adaptation, then it is necessary to contact closely to the expert who will make, try on and adjust the device, periodically replacing it with new.

Most of the children who were born with crevices of the sky and a lip can adequately be raised by

also without use of such device when using by parents of combinations of provisions for feeding, a suitable type of meal (from a small bottle or during breastfeeding) and suitable equipment.

Introduction of firm food

your child has to be ready

to reception of the wiped food at the same age, as other children. The wiped food has to be entered into of 4 - 6 months. Feeding has to be carried out by a spoon, but not a small bottle. This time when the difference of tastes and states begins to interest the child. Besides transition from the raised situation to a sitting position reduces quantity of episodes of a regurgitation. Originally the child has to receive a small amount liquid (without lumps) the porridge from cereals mixed with artificial mix until he not to learn to feel food pieces in a mouth. The wiped food has to be given to the child while he is not really hungry, otherwise the child will refuse food. The child needs to be accustomed gradually to more adult food that demands time and patience. At first the child will try to soak up new food that can lead to episodes of hit of food in a nose again. If it occurred, give to the child to drink a little. As soon as the child learns to swallow food, density of porridge can be increased, making mixing it with smaller amount of milk. Then it is possible to add other feeding up. If the child continues to experience long difficulties with training to eat dense food, it is necessary to address for council the experts who are engaged in treatment of children with crevices of a lip and the sky.

the Recommended feeding stages

of 4 - 6 months introduction of porridge and cream soups
of 8 months give to

liquid, pyureobrazny food, enter more rigid or crushed food

of 12 months give the liquid, more rough cut food, include easily chewed meat food
of 18 months. are given the liquid, more rough cut food, increase quantity of meat food, and increase amount of crude vegetables

the General questions

1. How often the child needs to otrygivat air?

Frequent vomiting arises usually at children who swallow a large amount of air during feeding. The child usually signals about vomiting approach by delay or a stop of sucking. This that time when the child can srygnut, but not at the time of active sucking.

2. Whether it is necessary to clear area of a crevice?

of Companies of the child irrespective of is available or not the crevice, tends to self-cleaning. Some newborns with a crevice of a lip do not need additional cleaning, but you have to come to such decision together with the pediatrician. Removal of small amounts of stvorozhenny milk in the field of a crevice can be carried out successfully if to give to the child several drinks of water. Anyway small accurate wiping by wet towel wipes of the person and oral area of the child can be required. Use of wadded tampons or washings by the syringe is not recommended as it can injure a gentle mucous membrane of the child.

3. How to carry out feedings during the early postoperative period?

the Surgeon who will operate your child, will surely tell about features of feeding of the kid after restoration of a lip or the sky. Mainly parents have to change a way of feeding directly after surgical intervention, and then the habitual way of feeding will be restored. You, undoubtedly, receive recommendations of restrictions and introductions of a new way of feeding several weeks prior to operation that you could get used to such way gradually.

4. When it is possible to enter feeding of the child from a cup?

Feeding from a cup for the child with a crevice can be also carried out by

as well as at other children. Most of children are ready to such way of meal aged of of 8 - 9 months there are many types of cups for children that can reduce considerably the accustoming period as from some cups the child can drink better, than from others. It helps to adjust such way of feeding to plasticity of the sky, especially, if your child is already ready to carrying out operation. Drink from a cup does not exert negative impact on recently operated lip and will allow you to return quicker to a habitual way of feeding after carrying out operation. As feeding from a small bottle is not allowed after plasticity of the sky, the gradual otucheniye of the child from it will allow you to avoid unnecessary whims after operation.

Experience of feeding of the child is extremely important both for parents, and for their child. Newborn children adapt easier, and chest are quicker trained if from parents there is a necessary support, patience and love. Remember that there is a great number of the skilled professionals ready to give you necessary support.