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the Hot-water bottle for a teapot at us steadily is associated with occupation quite useless nowadays - a tea zavarivaniye in a special chaynichk. Modern people already davny - do not do long ago it, having passed to faster and not less effective ways - a tea zavarivaniye in a circle or use of bags of tea. And judges of tea who all - make tea in teapots, consider it to warm for barbarity. The hot-water bottle for a teapot if at whom remained, then it is rather as an interior subject, but not for regular use.

“But cannot cover a teapot with various heaters at all - small pillows, dolls - nested dolls on cotton wool, etc. In this case tea rots and becomes tasteless as speak, smells of a broom“. V. V. Pokhlyobkin “Tea, its history, properties and the use“
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about what advantage can be in a hot-water bottle for a teapot. For this purpose it is worth looking at raw materials for a tea zavarivaniye from other, not tea party. And from this point the word “tea“ will be meant as drink, infused not on the processed tea-plant leaves, and on absolutely other products.

What principle of action of a felt hot-water bottle for a teapot? She creates the internal “capacity“ isolated from external environment which detains heat exit. Heat-insulating quality of wool is much higher, than at cotton which often fill heaters for a teapot, not to mention various synthetic materials. Therefore the felt hot-water bottle without effort “holds“ heat like a thermos. Within the first minute after in a teapot boiled water was filled in, the teapot wall gets warm. It takes away on itself the top critical temperature of boiled water, lowering it to favorable - of 80 - 85 degrees. At this temperature all useful substances, vitamins and aromas survive and pass from raw materials into water in full. In 40 minutes water temperature goes down to 70 degrees, and it is the lower limit of temperature condition of a steam bath. At the same time an exit of useful substances almost stops. Speaking about 40 minutes, it is right only for a felt hot-water bottle. It is quite enough this time to prepare qualitative infusion from any vegetable raw materials.

Here - use of various seeds, fruits and berries I want to tell

about this remarkable direction of a chayetvorchestvo.

the High content of essential oils in all seeds works with

soothingly and well on zheludochno - an intestinal path. The regular use of drink, infused on seeds, affects stimuliruyushche motor and sekretorny functions of digestion and possess disinfecting action. Fennel fruits, for example, increase appetite, process of digestion of food, release of bile and urine. Fruits of an anise have the stimulating effect on motor and sekretorny functions of digestion, possess expectorant and disinfecting action. Fruits of caraway seeds irritate flavoring receptors, reflex increase function of the digestive device, suppress processes of rotting and fermentation. Infusion of seeds of fennel also stimulates appetite and stimulates digestion.

One more type of tea where for a teapot not to do without hot-water bottle is vitamin teas. The coniferous needles (collected, naturally, in environmentally friendly places), blackcurrant branches, pine kidneys - all this a well of vitamins. It is useful to add to such drink hips, berries of a mountain ash red, guelder-roses, cowberry, an aroniya. All berries contain pectinaceous substances which bring heavy metals and radioactive materials out of an organism, hold and remove different types of pathogenic microorganisms. And it is very actual for residents of the large cities.

Ginger tea - an effective remedy for cold, it promotes an otkhozhdeniye and dissolution of slime at cold and actively strengthens immunity. It not only invigorates, but also possesses pleasant fresh taste and aroma. Ginger - the known antioxidant therefore the use of a cup of such drink in day can be considered as an element of fight against excess weight and a good health at any age. It is very simple to prepare such tea. To grate 2 - 3 a teaspoon of fresh ginger (at a zavarivaniye of a liter teapot), to put a lemon segment, to fill in with boiled water, to close a teapot a hot-water bottle. In half an hour fragrant drink is ready.

Each hostess can create tea which is more on temper to it and her relatives. The combination of various components gives a palette of unique tastes and aromas. Use of spices (spicy teas), exotic and usual fruit (stewed fruit) to show that experiments do not have a limit here is not covered in article. It is important to adhere, however, in all to a measure and to understand that such tea is a pleasant and useful drink, but not medicine. Therefore the initial raw materials should be added in small amounts, then taste will be soft and to bring pleasure. It is possible to draw in a teapot under a hot-water bottle grass medicinal collecting too, but the doctor - the phytotherapist has to recommend structure and quantity of herbs individually. Also we do not forget that there is always a possibility of allergic reaction.

In the conclusion wants to add what the most useful delicacies with which it is worth drinking tea is a honey and dried fruits. Qualitative, correctly dried up, they contain the rich and balanced set of vitamins and minerals. Honey well influences at a nervous tension, helps at heart and gastric diseases, softens mucous membranes and therefore it is recommended at cough and diseases of a throat.

of Pleasant tea drinking! Good luck!