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Whether driving lessons online

It is possible to learn to drive the car, without departing from the computer? The question is silly. Of course, on simulators it is possible both to steer plane, and the nuclear submarine and though the ballistic missile. But the speech now not about it, and about real driving of the real car. Whether the computer and the Internet can help with it? Of course, can!

It is natural, for obtaining the driving license you need to pass examination in traffic police, and for this purpose it is necessary to sign up for courses (not virtual, and the most real). However, which - what useful information about driving, rules, courses, etc. it is possible to receive and without leaving in offline. About it today and the speech.

In - the first, the most obvious help which can be received is information on these courses of training of drivers (addresses, phones, the prices, the schedule etc.) It is possible to find it on the website “Pdd. ru“ - training of drivers in Moscow.


collected reference information about the Moscow driving schools, the list rubritsirovan on the districts of Moscow and at training cost Here. It is possible to pass an on-line test for knowledge of traffic regulations.

One more place in the Network with similar information - the website “Motorist“. Here you will be able to learn quotations on training, addresses of driving schools and lesson schedule.

the Reference book of driving schools of Moscow can be found

also on the website 77rus. ru.

Even if you will also not pick up the necessary driving school, you will be able to make general idea about the cost of training and to plan the budget. That there is already a lot of. However before moving off in searches of driving school, I strongly recommend to visit two very useful sites: Driving instruction
Here you will find

  1. very interesting councils of the psychoanalyst how to choose school how to communicate with the instructor how psychologically to be prepared for examination and many other useful recommendations. Everything is written in living human language and causes trust.
  2. Councils that who chooses driving school
    of Councils not much the most part from them is rather traditional
  3. , but it is worth getting acquainted with them all the same - it will give to confidence.


Councils for the choice of driving school, certainly, does not settle that help which you can receive through the Network, having been going to be trained in driving and to take driving test. One of the most important components of examination in traffic police is the test for knowledge of the Traffic Regulations (TR). On the Internet of such tests a dime a dozen, and you can improve the knowledge to full automatism. However, first of all it is necessary to study these traffic regulations. it is the simplest to p to Find

them on the website GIBDD. INFO, it is GAI. RU. Besides, here you will find data on traffic police (the code of the Russian Federation about administrative offenses, posts of traffic police), information on technical inspection and a technique of carrying out examinations for receiving the rights. On the website it is possible to try to pass examination online. It passes simply: offer you a question and versions of the answer. In case you gave the right answer, the green signal lights up, and in a second the following question is automatically set. In case of the incorrect answer the red signal lights up, and the comment automatically is shown.

the Avtostart project - training of car owners is Quite not bad

. Generally it is devoted to reportings from various auto shows. Among other things here it is possible to find useful articles, methodical materials and recommendations on subjects: purchase of cars, receiving rights, traffic regulations, driver`s skill, traffic police and laws.

On already mentioned website 77rus. ru can find Traffic regulations, road signs too, and also to obtain information on theoretical and practical examinations: contents, a carrying out order, system of an assessment and so forth

Practically too you will find

in very popular Virtual driving school on Kulichkakh.

It is unconditional, it is simpler to take tests on the Internet, but to study rules, in my modest opinion, everything is better - according to the book (paper, guttenbergovsky). It can be read everywhere - in transport, on the street, in a bathtub, on a sofa, having taken cover a plaid etc. In a word, of advantages much. By the way, it is possible to order books in the section “Art of Driving of the Car and Traffic Regulations“ of the virtual Mistral bookstore.

the Choice of driving school, studying of rules, is not the most interesting that it is possible to find in the Network on the subject interesting us. These are things, of course, useful and necessary, but madly boring (unfortunately, it so, but without them you will not pass examination). Much more interesting the websites devoted, so to speak, to technology and psychology of driving seemed to me.

the Leader in this category I would call

the website Autodrive. ru. The design of the website is not simply bad, - it is ugly. When I visited the first page, my first desire was to press rather the Back button and never here to come back. However, it is good that I did not make it: substantial part of the website it was very interesting. Let`s forgive to creators lack of taste (or we will tell more softly, - we will ignore a difference in our ideas of good design) and we will consider one after another all sections of the website:

One more resource with rich contents - the website of driving school “Cabriolet“. The section “Methodical Indications and Recommendations about Driving of the Car“ is especially interesting. Here you will find:

Surely visit this site. By the way, there are 12 more references to other materials on driving of the car.

On the website How to learn to drive the car the small regular releases devoted to gradual development of the car come out. So far there were 11. Began with the first acquaintance to the car and so far reached a bibikanye and start of janitors. In a word, you will long harness, but it is interesting to read.

in conclusion, some more references:

of Successful trips!