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Here such miracles of

My name is Evgenia, to me are 24 years, I am married and happy in marriage. I take fitness, dancing classes, and very much I like to photograph. Now on the 7th month of pregnancy, I wait for the girl, in a week I defend the thesis, I will be a programmer. And still I have a little sonny. Now to it year and five, I carried it in a tummy of 9 months and all this time worked in computer shop as the consultant till last day.

during the first pregnancy I recovered on 28 kg. To me doctors forbade to give birth most since at me, in - the first, very weak sight; in - the second, very large kid; in the third, first negative blood type. But I took all responsibility, and childbirth took place well.

the remarkable kid weighing 3400 gr Was born

. and 53 cm in height. He is very active child, even too active. He went in eight and a half months, already not bad talks. I very much - very strongly love it. When he was nine months old, we participated in a competition which was held in our area. It was called “All the best - to children“. We became winners in the nomination “Smile“. It is our first victory.


Ya that she is pregnant the second time, on the fifth month since nursed the first child till one year and three months. It turns out, 4 months I carried one kid in a tummy, and nursed another. There are such miracles. And until recently I participated in the competition “Ms. of Bikini“. I had five months, but I won...

In general, I always led active lifestyle, loved parties, extreme sports, entertainments, and after the son`s birth at me, apparently, my vigor increased twice. What will be when the daughter is born? Already I want to see rather it. By the way, doctors put the term of childbirth is direct to me on birthday. I will do myself a present.

Yes, it is valid, children are happiness! Children bring feeling of happiness. The life filled with gray everyday life becomes festive fireworks. Children are life. When there is a child, you understand that you live! That life is and that she does not stand still that it develops. I want that each parent at last understood what happiness to be a father or mother what happiness to have such beautiful kid, and is better than two. That who has an experience of education of children I suggest to add my story with the feelings about it.