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My Angel, everything managed

When the test showed two strips, I became puzzled and began to cry: I was not ready to the child though I was already at that time married. And by the evening began to rejoice that I will have a daughter. I thought that it will be precisely the girl, I had no other options.

pregnant everyday life stretched Then, and I thought: “Well, when there will already be 40 weeks?“ Toxicosis was only a weeks two, but there were many other problems and a negative.

I the first time Went to make tests on HIV, hepatitis etc. I come in several days, and say to me that I have a hepatitis C. I went home and cried, thought what the illness and where I picked up it is. Came home, got into the Internet and burst into tears even more when learned that a dreadful disease. The husband came from work, I told everything to him what he answered me that all this dregs. I did not sleep all night long, for the morning the husband carried me to paid clinic. Made the test, and in several days the answer came that I am healthy. To tell that at me the weight off the shoulders fell - it is nothing to tell! Also happy time of pregnancy without any problems began.

On the 37th week I went on preservation to hospital. Then saw what there the conveyor from women in labor... All tried “be delivered“ who came on the 37th week, and I did not want to give birth there: my aunt works in other maternity hospital therefore there was a wish only at it. I wrote refusal. The aunt told that she as will begin, so we will go.


In day of the beginning of my childbirth to me dreamed a dream that I all in blood. I strongly cried and asked to help to stop to me a wound, I am pregnant... On it I woke up.

Went to bank. There I felt that from me some slime flows. I quickly went back home. In several hours at me the waist terribly ached, and pain in a stomach bottom increased then. I decided to note time, it appeared, fights go in three minutes. Decided to go to maternity hospital. We come with the aunt to maternity hospital, the aunt calls the manager, that goes down also me - on a chair. Disclosure was 3 cm (I thought, it is more there, very much was upset). Then to me made an enema, punctured a bubble and sent to prenatal. At first it was tolerant, then it became very sick, and offered me an epiduralka. I, of course, very much was frightened, but fights were very sick, and I agreed at once: if only pain left. It turned out that it is not so sick. Then to me fastened KTG and told that I tried there was no wish to fall asleep, sleep at all: there were some very strong emotions.

Then when there was a wish to sleep, the epiduralka departed, and at once sharp pain. Here the doctor came, looked me, to me made oxytocin, still an epiduralka and measured pressure. It turned out that it is raised. At once brought some tablet and told to put under language. Epiduralka began to depart again, and I think: “Well, when it will come to an end?“ When pain became intolerable, I began to cry stupidly. The doctor opening came to look at my happiness. It turned out that I completely opened, but dithat it is still very far, and we began to make an effort. To lie it became intolerable, I asked to get up. And she laid a diaper on a floor and told that I squated and made an effort, made an effort very long. Then was tired in such pose, kneelt and began to move a bed. And here I feel that at me everything extended. The doctor speaks: “Give on a bed!“ Looked and speaks: “Let`s go to a chair“. I which - as climbed on a chair and began to make an effort, but it turned out too poorly. Then attempts began to pass, and became me all the same, I will give rise or not. Me it is direct some sleepiness took, and to me began to puff something in a mouth... And here I sharply regained consciousness, I speak: “Give, cut, otherwise it so there also will remain!“ And they say that they already cut, and I even did not feel. I began to make an effort very much... Also I feel that it promoted, I was once again extinguished, and it left completely. To me put it on a stomach, and he so loudly shouted that I began to cry together with it. Then he began to be washed, swaddled and put under a lamp. And me pressed on a stomach that there was a placenta. And when it left, here I felt a great relief. Made to me still an epiduralka and began to sew. For 4 seams there was not enough anesthesia, and me asked to suffer though in comparison with childbirth it is not pain any more. Then the chair on which I was was spread out, and I was disconnected.

In two hours me on a wheelchair was brought to chamber, and I fell asleep again. So, fights began on June 4 in 13. 30, and I gave rise on June 5 in 06. 25. My sonny on a head had kefalogematoma from - for long stays in patrimonial ways and a cyst. Thank God, everything managed, and to us now 6 months.

to All I want to wish to

easy childbirth!