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You exist

all people have dreams and plans for the future. And sometimes they do not coincide with reality. So occurred also at me. I studied on the 5th course of institute, met the young man (YM). In the middle of January I saw 2 strips on the test, and washing life turned over, all my plans exchanged. I was frightened and delighted at the same time. I precisely knew that I want it, I wanted it always! And very much was afraid that my pregnancy will be wrong. Since in 2 months before I already had a delay and 2 strips... As a result I appeared in hospital with a very tall temperature and the diagnosis pyelonephritis!

on January 30 I rushed in clinic on ultrasonography (I will never forget this day!) and with fear waited for the turn to learn everything precisely.

It is, he lives already in me, I do not know yet who, but it is already the 6th mm!! This news made happy only me. Threw my darling in shock. And since then I began war for life of my yet not been born child. MCh did not want the child and suggested to make to me abortion, in every possible way tried to influence me: from arrangements and stories about how it will be heavy, to a total disappearance and unwillingness in general to communicate with me. Mother told me that I should solve something, and they with the father will make any my decision. After infinite tears in the days and at the nights I made a final decision to give birth even without father of my child.

. But I talked to small and said that I very much love it and I wait. And that only he lived. And he heard me! Threat quickly took place. More than an every day I went with terrible toxicosis on practice to insurance company, it was very heavy, especially in transport. During the lunchtime I left and walked in the nearest park, it was so significantly easier. Nobody called me and asked how I feel as I spent day. I very much wanted that MCh all - thought again and called! I prayed every day on phone waiting for its call. In the dreams I represented the girl with dark hair and brown eyes, swarty skin, as at the Martyr. I talked to small and was sure that it will be the daughter.

When was weeks 12, all of us - sorted out the relations with MCh, he said how he loves me and cannot live without me and that we will be together, and everything at us will be good. And all this time before this conversation I stayed in nervous (if it is so possible to be expressed) a state, it was heavy to realize that I remain one. When there were 20 weeks, I went for ultrasonography together with already with my future husband (it should have imparted fatherly feelings) and knew a sex. Tears were shed by a hail when I left, I did not expect that there it but not it. Silly, of course.

Then, and time began to hang heavy - slowly, appear, that we will never meet. During this time I managed to write the diploma and to be protected on “perfectly“ (besides that my head of the diploma dissuaded to be protected, and asked to come the next year!) Said that I gave birth quietly. My pregnancy did not disturb me at all, and, seemingly, even very much prevented it. All pregnancy I rushed like mad, without feeling the stomach, inflow just of forces some was. And I could not see enough of it, it was such small, accurate, during this time I felt inspired, beautiful and happy!


On the 36th week at me began severe pains and when I came to the doctor, she me slightly did not put in hospital. Said that it very small, premature, it is necessary for you it at least till 37th week to hold on. When I refused hospitalization, told that at home it will be better for me, to me wrote out tablets and registered absolute rest, to rise only that in a toilet to descend. I honestly lay 2 days. Then bothered me, and I decided that if he has to be born, then will be born now. On the 37th week I came repeatedly to reception and asked to calculate approximately the weight of mine of “the premature child“. According to the estimates of the doctor it made 3300! Anything to “premature“! But the doctor promised me that I will give rise to everything - before the term since it fell for a long time and adopted the necessary provision.

Every day I had skhvatkoobrazny pains, I noted time and waited that here - here everything will begin. But pains could be each 20 minutes, 10 minutes and even 5 minutes at most during of 2 - 3 hours, and then disappeared. I began to panic and think: “And as then childbirth will begin at me if constantly fights disappear!“ As a result I departed 42 weeks.

Every day after PDR on September 18 was for me torture, my parents and the husband`s parents, friends and girlfriends called and asked: “Well, you still mother did not become?“ After a week of expectations and thousands of calls I disconnected house and cellular. Also waited, waited, waited. I asked it to leave and get acquainted already with me, told that I prepared everything for its birth and now - that is already possible, but he stubborn waited for something. And I lost hope that sometime it will occur!

in the Evening on October 2 the husband drank

beer and went to bed, and I all could not fall asleep, laid down nearby and began to look for on article Internet about perenoshenny children. As a result to one o`clock in the morning I was tired and fell asleep. And at two o`clock I woke up from terrible pain. Without understanding what is with me, went to a toilet though the word “went“ not that word - I got over small steps, pain was unclear and strong, at the same time there was a feeling that I want in a toilet on - small. In a toilet I so was frightened! I saw blood, at once thought that with the kid something not that. And that it childbirth began I did not even think! So far I left a toilet and thought what to do, from me water went, at first slightly - slightly leaking, lukewarm such, I returned to a toilet, still “sat, thought“. Decided to have a sleep still, laid down, but pain did not leave anywhere.

is shorter than

, reached me not at once. As fights were approximately everyone 5 − 6 minutes and tolerant, I decided to descend in a shower. I directed a water stream to a stomach and stood minutes 20. Under a stream of water to stand so pleasantly, and it is much easier. Waters everything also leaked. When I left a shower and began to be going to maternity hospital, remembered that I did not make 1 report, and it is necessary tomorrow (I also planned it to make tomorrow). I sat down at the computer and during the periods between fights did it. (it in the third - that to one o`clock in the morning!). The husband all this time did not guess anything, pokhrapyvat in a pillow. It was a pity to awake him. But when I prepared everything, put documents in a bag, decided to wake him.


Ya, touched it for a shoulder and told:“ Get up, went to maternity hospital“. He opened eyes, looked at me and turned away to a wall to continue the dream. You represent my person at that moment? Hey, at me here the grandiose event is planned, and it to sleep! Pokhodiv even minutes 30 and having understood that more you should not indulge “in vain hopes“, I all - woke him. It was a pity to look at it, he began to panic, did not know what to do, where to call. But I was quiet as the tank. Itself called a taxi, and we went.

Arrived to maternity hospital in the fifth hour. It was sent home, and I remained to sit with the nurse who carried out habitual procedures at arrival of the woman in labor: asked questions, took temperature. To me was even more - less easily, fights did not become frequent therefore it did not enrage me. The most unpleasant at that moment was to sit on a toilet bowl after an enema during fight. When fight began, I sang songs, it was so easier for me (if at that moment somebody was near, I, probably, would not decide to warm up). Then vegetated in soul, water, of course, could be more warmly! The maternity hospital everything is, but not the house of a hardening.

When I rose in a rodblok, the most interesting began. It was so unusual. Dark corridor, silence. Only occasionally someone shouted, intruding upon this leisure. At the end of a corridor there were TVs, I did not understand for what at first. I was led to chamber and told to lie and wait when everything begins. In chamber there were 2 beds, a maternity table and a table for the child, chambers which watch women in labor. About myself I thought: why to me to lie, I do not want to sleep and I will not be able. When the midwife who passed by saw that I sit, came and abused me, told that I will give rise after a lunch therefore it is necessary to go to bed and, to protect forces. I obediently laid down. The doctor came and began to ask the same questions again, as at inclusion in maternity hospital an hour ago. What for? When on the question “When Waters Began to Depart, and through Go How Many Fight?“ I answered that waters departed at 2 o`clock, and fights each five minutes, she did not believe me and told that I exaggerate everything! To give birth - that to me, appears, not soon, I have no fights with such interval also in mention. However, and opening was only 1 finger! And I - that hoped that the more time I will spend at home, the more will manage to open. And fights were, and the truth, also each five minutes, only time of fight increased, and they were already such painful.

When I got ready for childbirth, read a lot of stories. I prepared that fights are slightly more sick, than pains at monthly. And with them I already so was worn out for the short life therefore I thought what to give birth not so painfully. Not here - that was!

B the sixth o`clock in the morning to me was already not that to sit, lie painfully! I was double up in a ball, went, got up on all fours, rested against a maternity table, looked for situation to wait fight, and time so slowly went! Came to put KTG and told that it is necessary to lie and not to move! Aha, not to move! I turned as! And the obstetrician came to each unclear peep of the monitor and shouted at me that she lay quietly, they cannot take readings! The doctor came once again and once again took an interest as there are fights, without having believed me again, put a hand on a stomach, sat several minutes, and again told that I have no fights with an interval of 5 minutes. Well, exposed me the silly woman and left.

A I remained one. When fights smoothly turned into one big fight, I remembered words of skilled women in labor that fights need to be worried, missed through themselves, to take them for granted. Lay and calmed itself and the kid that all this will end soon that it will not be eternal, and very soon we will be together!

to me it became absolutely bad

, sometimes so grew turbid in the head, and it seemed, forces were not absolutely any more! To me was impatient in a toilet, but I could not reach it by own efforts any more. And I called though somebody that told me that to do to me - that now!? The nurse came and gave me the vessel, for the first time in life it was not a shame to me to do all the things here so, in public, since washing a door was open, and people by went. Generally, excuse for sincerity, but it with me never was if I knew that I will be going to give birth, then would not eat some grapes, it even did not manage to be digested. By the way, on the vessel it was much easier, there was even no wish to get down. When I who is already finally exhausted sat and nearly cried, the nurse approached me. I remember how I to it complained: “Well why we get everything, to women, and men as always aside?“, on what she embraced me and answered:“ Therefore we mothers are also called, but not them“. My God, I without 2 minutes mother, mother!

Then I was lost by

in time and called though somebody that helped me to have a rest, I was very tired and dreamed though a little to have a rest before the main event in my life! But nobody heard me. I shouted, shouted!! When I was heard, came and put system with stimulation. Then gave an injection. I do not remember, what is the time I stayed being able “intoxications“. But could have a rest nevertheless a little. When attempts were started, anew nobody believed me, but when looked at beds and told to climb on a chair, to my happiness there was no limit! The first attempts were in vain, I could not be extinguished 3 times for fight, there were not enough forces. But the midwife quickly “brought together“ me, raked me over the coals, and on the following fight I gave all the best, and there was a head. It was most difficult, and then and it appeared all. To me put it on a stomach, I looked at it and did not realize that it is my native person for whom I long waited!

Ya even did not manage to consider it. And when it was taken away and shifted to a little table, I lay, considered it and cried, cried. Constantly asked, whether all with it as it should be why it such black and still set a heap of questions! It seemed to me that it all in black hair to toe! When he was born, I felt such simplification, pain was at once forgotten. Unless it was painful to me?

When I gave rise to a placenta, and carried out all manipulations with me, I did not even feel anything as if all froze! And then brought me it, put to a breast, he watched at me so attentively and seriously that I was confused and did not know what to tell it! We lay and studied each other. So far I did not hear as he shouts! Well, real man`s bass! Here so I became mother of the real athlete weighing 3730 gr. and 54 cm in height in 10 - 45 of morning. I also did not doubt that he will be born in the morning!


Now to it 2 months, and me it is not believed that I could give birth to such beautiful and clever athlete who me pleases every day and surprises. Every day something new. And I began to understand more the mother, now I am a mother too. As it is proud sounds: “I am a mother!!“